I have been reflecting on my life. My choices bad and good are about average.
But there was always someone out there to make what they felt were minor choices as a convenience to benefit them, that devastated my future They still bathe wantonly in what they took from me .
After careful consideration i have come to a conclusion................ I WANT A REWRITE!!!!!!!

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  1. starlette

    Rewrite your life Leaf………just not possible……….cannot change the past……….can only refuse to let these people shape your future…….good luck. x

  2. PollyPie

    A rewrite might not turn out the way you want it. It could easily be worse!!
    Sounds like its time for some serious cleaning. Throw out everything, physical and emotional, and start again. Its hard, but worth it. I did it. 🙂 (((hugs)))

  3. lani36

    polly going to take your advice to leaf, sometimes subversive beings who hide and leave one with no answers can cut deep,as I have heard that the best type of revenge is to live well.

    1. leafofgold

      Scars of the MIND do not heal. They are engraved in our psyche forever. Thank you Lani36 for understanding that. If I could rewrite my life I certainly wouldn’t cast myself in such a despairing role.

  4. tessa

    well they say the way you win in such a case is to outlive the B……ds. I did that, but it doesn’t make me feel like I won.

  5. Linda

    You might not be able to rewrite, but you can take a spin on what happened. I want to write a book called “it wasn’t funny at the time”. Using my weird sense of humor, I have taken a lighter approach to some of the craziness in my life. If I can tell it with humor and laugh, then I have beaten the ghost that tries to haunt me. I am a survivor. For those hurt me and others, I have one thing to say……. you must be a very weak person to have had to hurt someone to make you feel better. Blessings… Linda

  6. jackiestone

    Self-esteem and self-perception are in our own mind. If the mind has been damaged by the actions of others, how do we correct our mental picture? It is easy to give advice, but for those of us who are damaged, it is not so easy to do. We may not be able to get a rewrite, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting one. Hang in there, Leaf. You are not alone! Time to write a new chapter. Love you…xxxxx