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Hi Chatters,

A few people, in fact, as of writing, it's just Three!, have reported that Senior Chatters has been a little slow recently.  With pages taking up to 7 minutes! to load in one particular case.  This is obviously not right.  The only significant change that was made recently has been the introduction of the new Private Chat feature, which most members really love.  However, as we have not been able to duplicate the slow site issue ourselves, it is near impossible to work out why ONLY a few members are experiencing really slow page loads on Chatters.

As the issue is likely to do with Private Chat, as of 9am GMT today, we have changed the way that Private Messages are queried to the database.  In short, this has resulted in a significant reduction in server load (not that it was high in the first place mind you).

What Does This Mean For You?

Absolutely nothing, except that your Private Chat Messages with now be sent instantly rather than being polled every few seconds.  And, as the load on the sever is now lower, it will also mean a faster and more enjoyable browsing experience for everybody using Senior Chatters.

I'd love to hear your feedback?  Is Senior Chatters fast enough for you?

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  1. moggy

    Hey Rob,
    Up untill a month ago i was freezing all the time on here,couldnt post things as the type wasent going up,the answer for me was firefox,since i changed i havent had any trouble at all.
    Could u tell me how to be invisable on private chat tho Rob as no one seems to know…Thank you Moggy

    1. Rob Post author

      Hi Moggs, Yeah, I recommend Firefox or Chrome as the best Browsers to work with Senior Chatters.

      To answer your question, all you need to do is to untick the ‘Available to Chat’ option to make your Private Chat session go Offline. To do this, click on your Private Chat Bar and then click on the cogwheel. There you will see the option.

      All the best

  2. waylander

    Thanks for the info Rob. Mind you, as my computer literacy level, if related to reading age, would put me at about 3 1/2, I didn’t understand one damned word, lol

      1. debz

        Hi Rob maybe I’m faster that fast but not quicker than quick!!!…I think, oh who knows ~ lol

        But great site and you do a fantastic job for all of us!!!!

        Thank youuuuuuu!!!

  3. skippy

    All good here thanks Rob. I have found all the little bits and pieces the apple guys like to hide from computer idiots like me and senior chatters is faster than a speeding bullet !

  4. faye

    I still say CRAPPY SERVER….lol Have to admit though it is better this morning Rob but I will be sure to let you know if it isn’t and I will somehow provide video to prove it…haahaa!! (now going to find out just how to video movement on a web site)

    1. Rob Post author

      MMM – at $$$ a month hosting fees for a start-of-the-art dedicated server that includes a quad core processor and enough ram and hdd space to sink a battleship, this anything but a crappy server – you cheeky kiwi.

  5. annemarie

    I have had no problems in private chat so far but haven’t tried the video chat yet and will one day and then will let you know how that works. Thanks for the all you do and for making the private chat faster Rob.

  6. jojo

    Rob, I tried to use the video feature by clicking on the video button on top of private chat, but nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

    But having said that, I love the things you are doing to the site and think it’s FANTASTIC! The best site on the web in my humble opinion! Well done!!

  7. Armand3777

    Hi Rob how are you… I am on here whatever that means… Goodo’s and Kudo’s to you… not sure what to do next but I’l try it… lol

  8. blinker1

    I have never thought of looking for you on fb. Now I have found you just try and get rid of me, if you dare. By the way I hate any changes once I get used to something. Two days after its changed though I can’t remember what is was like before. Could senility be setting in?