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Hi Chatters,

You will have noticed that when you are not-logged into Senior Chatters that the main menu on the homepage, the one at the top is very sparse at the minute, with only a Login button.  Yet, when you login to SC the main menu changes to what you are more commonly used to.  This is deliberate.  Well, not deliberate in the sense of  being sparse 🙂 lol.  but deliberate in serving two different menus…

What I want to achieve is to provide non-members thinking of joining SC more options as to why they should register.  You know the kind of thing, an ‘About Us’ page.  Maybe a ‘Features’ page yardee-dardee-do 🙂

Anyway, I need your help.  I’ve thrown together an ‘About Us’ page already and have added it to the login page.  What do you think? Please put yourself in the position of a newbie thinking about wanting to join.  What should we add, anything?  What needs changing?  What don’t you like about it?  Does it put you off wanting to join or make you want to register?

I figure the more input the better.  As always, I appreciate your valued feedback


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  1. I would be delighted to have a look at the “About Us” section if I could find it. I logged in as usual and have nothing on my screen to give me any indication as to how to access this…. do I need to go back to “basics” and access this page via the web??? as you can tell, i am NOT computer literate, but many of those joining won’t be either, so maybe I can be of some use (somewhere…lol) I don’t mind the new format, though am still getting used to certain aspects..but then I never said I was a quick learner…lol..I personally appreciate the effort you and all those involved put into SC and am enjoying my time here – and the wonderful people I have met………….Lina xx

    1. Hi Lina, you need to logout of SC first. The About Us page is located on the homepage, you know where you see the big sc community photo…

      Also, if you look at the footer of any page, it’s there too

      Or, just go here – About Us 🙂

      1. Rob, see that box with the tiny black almost invisible box with almost illegible printing
        That says “reply”. Look long and hard for it. I have to every time I need it.
        REPLY is very important and needs a larger size and some color. You did say make suggestions and I know you are tinkering as fast as you can and need some rest, but after that will you tinker some more.

      2. Thanks Rob – tried to log out and re-enter via Chrome and came up with the same problem, no access to “About us” I used the shortcut entry you gave me…… I have read what others, so far, have written and agree with Nmod that perhaps we could add a bit more “oomph” as the statement seems a little bland, good, but not as good as the site deserves. …You said the information at the bottom of each page can help us…BUT, how many actually scroll all the way down there and when i did, it was so faint I could hardly read it….( I will admit my eyes are not as young as they were – but I still read without glasses…lol)…………………also, while I’m here, the Avatars on the Blogs are good – but just the avatar without an accompanying name for the person who is posting the blog is no real help…people change their avatars all the time – and I, for one, can’t keep up with who is…..I know the name is at the end of the blog and I’m probably being over-fussy in wanting it attached to the avatar – but you did ask us what we like and don’t .might be sorry you did that…lol…. …………you bring us a great site Rob and i am grateful for the chance to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world….Lina xx

        1. Hey @Lina, thanks for all the feedback. The ‘About Us’ iscertainly there. You may need to delete your page cache (run ccleaner) if you have it to see it on the homepage. This is before you actually login mind.

          I totally agree with you and @nmod it needs more oooph. Anybody up for the job of giving it some more sizzle? I’m sure together we could come up with something awesome.

          Probably being stupid, but I’m not too sure what you mean by “…You said the information at the bottom of each page can help us”? Are you talking about the footer links?

          Good point about the Blog index page. I think it would look better with the Author name with Avatar too. I’ll see what I can do.

          Thanks Linda

          1. @lina, Oh I see what you mean now about the About Me page being located in the footer, which it is. However, that’s not it’s primary location. As explained previously, the About Us page is located at the top along the main menu, but to see it you MUST be logged out of SC. I suspect that you need to clear your page cache to see the changes. Logout of SC and then click on the HOME link. Then hold down the CTRL Key and then press the F5 key to hard refresh the page. That should do it ?

          2. Thanks Rob – you have the right names for things – I often don’t and it can take a clever one to sort out what I mean…lol I am NOT computer literate and giving me multiple things to do with the keyboard is like asking me to suddenly speak Greek!!! and believe me, I have enough trouble with English!! lol…………………….something else I noticed yesterday too – some of the print on site is a grey colour – not easy to read – any chance of this being made black??? Lina xxx

  2. Thanks for lina asking that. I just went to the about us page and although it is short it says everything that people need to know. It sounds sincere, because it is sincere. If I wasn’t already a member I would join. Great job Rob. Perhaps that should be your nickname, ha ha.

  3. I’ve been a member on here such a long time ,I don’t even remember what made me decide to join …
    I think it might have been my own personal situation at the time ! Or perhaps a combination of things .
    I personally think that the “about us ” needs a bit of an oomph ! Specially the first paragraph … A bit of a
    Yeah ! We are proud of who we have become ! No pestering adds ! Clean friendly chatting ! The chance to get involved as much or as little as you need / wish or want to . An amazing community of people who will fulfill all your expectations ! Something like that …

    1. @nmod , I like it! You and @Lina seem to have a knack for this 🙂 Care to put your creative minds together and come up with something truly amazing for the About Us page. Of course everybody wanting to contribute please offer any help to improving things.

  4. Thanks for asking out opinion Rob.
    From the first page, get rid of :
    Home Activity Members Chat Blogs Groups Forums Shop Help
    The first page newcomers see :
    At the top with clearly marked headings :
    ” About Us -Contact Us – FAQ’s – Meet The Team -Privacy Policy -Terms & Conditions”
    These should not hidden at the bottom.
    On the same page beneath the headings, Id like to see your opening Welcoming Statement as on the ‘About Us” page.
    (possibly a larger statement of only 50+ members)
    Beneath this, a key to enter the site.
    The background of the page could be mature friends.

    Page one complete

    1. Many thanks for your feedback @PollyPie I’ve already added ‘About Us’ | ‘Why Chatters’ | FAQ’s to the logged out homepage. I like the idea of a welcoming sentence, too

      Thanks again

    1. Hi Way, sorry to hear that. The new new 🙂 format for comments is now shaded a light-blue and has some box-shading around each comment making it much more legible. If on your screen it doesn’t appears like this, then you will need to clear your page cache. Easy answer is to either run CCleaner, or on this page you could try holding down the CTRL Key and then press the F5 key to hard refresh the page.

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