My experience as a chatter on the SC

My experience as a chatter on the SC

Before I start, let me say that the acronym SC stands for the Hon’ble Supreme Court in India, it being the Apex Court.
Here it stands for your esteemed site.
Only 3 days are available to me for the free membership. I may have although taken the discounted Premium membership too, (even though prohibitively expensive by the Indian standards) but for the minimal utility, I saw for chatting on your site, especially for an Indian. Unfortunate but true !
I know some of you are not going to appreciate these remarks, but- let it be so. I owe it to my consciousness and to my soul to express what I felt honestly and truthfully, although I failed to do it most of the times in my life, which I regret.
There is a two liner by a Hindi poet which says “Let us respect the critic, let him remain in our proximity because he is the one who shows us our faults and shortcomings. He acts as soap, which washes away the dirt.”
Another Bollywood song says, “The mirror does not lie”. “It speaks whatever it sees.”
As is the custom, let me say the +ves first. In general, the people were transparent, loving, and knowledgeable. Yes! Most of them!
I enjoyed chatting with people like batchairdave and Roshario madam the most. The former for belonging to the same set of writers as I.
The later for being a philanthropist, a social worker and a spiritual person- a 3 in 1.
I treat them as my friends (along with the other 2 viz. Tania and Maize), who accepted me as their friends though they may all remember me as an “also ran” sort of a chatter. So many come and go! True indeed and no complaint about that!
I remember having translated some of my Hindi 2 liners on the demand by bcd who would read his prose in snippets in return!
Unfortunately, I had also to listen to a comment like “Send us the snaps showing how things can be well in India, we will have a long chat on this for a week, Ha, ha, ha (repeated many times)!
{When asked by the chatter: “How are things in India?, I replied : “Good enough!” To this the above remarks with a Ha, ha was made.}
At another point my comment that “Only the God is perfect, men are not”, was termed as the outpourings of yet another religious pervert!
Despite the above, I take this opportunity to thank the chatters who read my blogs and sent their comments. This is going to be my seventh blog in say 11 days period. My special thanks are also for Scotty !
I may continue writing blogs for the site though, if permitted!
With best wishes and warm regards to the Chatter community of the SC !

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  1. tania

    I wish you well Abhilaaj in whatever you do…I will read any blog that you post. Some I may not fully understand, but I still read them. Thank you for being a friend.

  2. Scotty75

    Abhilaaj………..I wish you great success with your writings. I hope I helped you in some fashion . May you always keep the sunshine in your heart and let the clear blue skies be your kindred spirit. Much success to you, my friend.

  3. roseinbloom

    I am sorry that you are leaving, abhilaaj. I and most would benefit from your very different outlook, most of which I like, but I do not like the role of women in India. I love your remark about the critic being like soap. Good luck to you.

  4. Abhilaaj Post author

    I am not there as a premium member but I was told I can write the blogs even as an ordinary member, in which case I may do so if learned people like u like them. Anyway, I have to keep on writing per se.
    In that case I may write an article on the role of the women in India or on other India centric issues which all of you want me to. Believe me, the situation of the women is improving in India tremendously.
    Unfortunately on the one hand they are called the better – half ,on the other they are given a raw hand. Thanks and warm regards.

  5. bathchairdave

    Ships that pass in the night, and only a signal shown, a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak to one-another, only a look and a voice, then darkness again and silence. (Longfellow).
    I really hope you do not remain silent Abhilaaj as you give insight into another culture, such a great asset in todays troubled world.
    You made me think, and I thank you for that.
    I wish you well my friend!

  6. roshario

    thank you for your company in the lobby over the last couple of weeks ..I will miss your intelligent chat …I wish you well in all you do in life and look forward to reading any blogs you post in the future ……keep writing you do it so well.