Memorial Day

Across America today we gather in our communities to commemorate Memorial Day, a holiday with a true meaning. It is the day we take a break from our daily routines to honor the men and women in our Armed Forces who died fighting for our country.

Now, many people may have different opinions on the wars America has chosen to participate in. They are entitled to their opinions. That’s perfectly fine. Our military fights to protect a democracy that allows and embraces open criticism of our government. However, today, the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice,deserve our respect and attention. Politics should be put aside, and we should remember they gave their lives in pursuit of a stronger nation and safer world.

Throughout the year, they maybe remembered by family members, but today all of us in America should remember that this is not just the day to kick off the start of summer, clean off the grill and light up the barbecue, or head to the shore. There will be many parades today. As our flag, Old Glory, passes by, remember what our flag symbolizes. At your barbecue give a toast to the brave who gave their lives to protect us and give thanks. Sleep well knowing our Armed Forces are out there in harms way for you.

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  1. Thank you lo1234 for posting this about Memorial Day and let remember all the service men and woman today and thank them for their service .

  2. Well said, Lo. Thanks for that awesome tribute.. Summed up beautifully, we need to remember, honor, and be grateful to our armed forces.. Blessings to them and their families. xo

  3. Thank you Lo,
    So many have given their all for us in this great country to have the freedoms we have. These were and are special people that deserve our up most praise. I am humbled to sit and listen to the Vets tell the wartime experiences. We take far too much for granted today. I am so proud to be an American. May God have mercy on America. This is truly a grand day to honor our fallen HEROES.

  4. Thank you Lo for those fine words.

    We do owe a debt to the military and their families. Life is very precious and should never be considered otherwise. The world is very unsafe and we need to respect those who stand guard against the usurpers of democracy.

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