Memorable Kisses

Recalling our first kiss may have posed to much for some Chatter's memories...when I responded to Diana's blog, it made me think of my most memorable kiss. So how about it Chatters? Care to share - doesnt matter when, only that you recalled it...

Think mine has to do with anticipation. When you wait to meet someone in person, and you have talked and talked and even shared time together on cam; the wondering and hoping continues to grow. Knowing he landed, I felt the excitement building inside me. Seeing him in person for the first time, watching him walk towards me...that first touch, the feel of his lips on mine...will never forget was so much more than I ever expected.

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  1. Lexann

    Excluding my husband of course…my most memorable was when I was 21 yrs old. My friend and I went to Ft Lauderdale, Florida for “party week”. We went to some nightclub and as we were listening to the music, I looked up at the bar because there were a flock of woman standing around, finally I rested my eyes on why they were there. On the bar stool sat, Dan the 80’s he was big on TV, he played Grizzly Adams. Wow, was he cute. I was aahhhing and oohhhing and my girlfriend left the table and went over to him. The next thing I know, he and she were walking to the table. He took my hand, said ” Hello, I’m Dan” then bent over and kissed me smack on the lips, not a peck, but a full blown KISS….I literally almost passed

  2. Roseanne

    helensophie that is exactly what happened to me! We chatted online for ages, we chatted on cam many times, we spoke on the telephone. Then we met, oh my that first kiss……… oh yes definitely a very good memory 🙂 xx

  3. Catraoine

    My first kiss was from my husband, it made my toes curl but as he was wearing a dress and sandals it felt weird too. ( he was training to be a priest so he was still in the Seminary then)yes, he left soon after that first kiss, I was his first kiss too.

  4. annemarie

    My first memorable kiss was from my husband and we had been double dating with his cousin who was my friend and who had talked me into going out with Ed, on a date with her and her boyfriend . I had never let him kiss me on any of our double dates and that summer I went to Atlantic City with my girlfriends and when I came home I went out on a date with Ed alone and when he brought me home he ask if he could kiss me and I said ok . I really can’t remember that much about the kiss as it was 56 years ago but I married him the next year.

  5. johnwharden

    oy yes l remember my first real kiss, it was in a workmans shed, l still see the face of the woman who kissed me, so pretty she was,, l was 14 at the time, that night change my live for ever, guess l became a man, soooo long ago allmost forgotten,thanks helen for reminding me xxx

  6. padraig1

    Ok we r talking about online kisses in my 22 yrs av been to lots of chat meets one in particular stands out been chatting to this lady for yrs online a previously she would never go to meets so i finally got her to come to a blackpool meet wow she was goregous we aint seen each other on cam or anything in those days we didnt have cams etc.(I did Sing Then but not in chat) anway when she arrived imagine my disappointment when she came into our lounge and she was with a guy i bought them drinks gave her a hug and we separated i kept my eye on her the whole night long i went over once to get my pic taken with her but never cuddled or anything anyway at end of the night she crossed the dance floor she took my face in her hands and gave me a fantastic snog or kiss wow i wont ever forget that before she left i said what about ur boyfriend oh Paddy he aint my boyfriend just accompanied me they were in diferent hotels i stood there STUNNED i had wasted a whole nite i never interfere if a girl is with someone else i let her go then life is so cruel at times

  7. beatrice

    My memorable kiss was with a guy I met abroad on a course and he was my classmate, loneliness got us together (lol , no regrets and hope no judgements here I guess). I still recall ……