” Like broken glaas and old news paper sheets, Who Me ?

The other day when my wife was giving away the old newspapers to the raddi-wala (the old newspaper - buyer ) I told her :
“Handle with care!” Raising her head she looked up at me questioningly , was astounded, but kept quiet.
Later, at the dining- table she referred to the subject again, saying:
“ What did you imply by that remark of yours ? ”
“ You know, there is a similarity between the old- newspapers and us, the senior citizens!”
I quipped with a smile.
“ What is that? ” She asked.
“ Both the old news papers and us will be recycled! ” I said.
Whatever we discussed that day on this subject is described below, though not in dialogue form.
Many of the religions of this globe seem to believe in the immortality of the soul. The one common factor which runs through them: appears to be that the soul after all does survive the death of the physical body.
Some people view this aspect of philosophy that deals with soul’s immortality as an act of fiction, though!
Atheists may not believe, agnostics may be unsure, possibly.
Egyptians believed that after death the soul lived on in an underworld region near the earth. Africans it appears also believed in the soul- immortality.
The Greek philosopher Socrates believed in this.
As he told those around him before drinking the poison given to him by the jail- authorities.
“[After] I have consumed the poison, I shall remain no longer with you ,but depart to a state of heavenly pleasure.”
As far as I can understand, the Bible in very many years ago probably had some portions, which somehow indicated its belief in the concept of reincarnation. The concept of heaven and hell appears to pre acknowledge that it the soul which shall bear the torture of hell or the pleasure of heaven. My advance apologies on this issue if I err !
These portions, it appears were removed later, by the then rulers. The soldiers were told that they had only one life after all !
Dr. Brian L. Weiss MD (author of best sellers like Many lives, many masters and Messages from the Masters ) has spoken about this phenomenon in some of his books.
The Buddhist Tibetan Book of the Dead, discusses the immortality of the soul and also its journey after death. Jewish mystics also speak of the immortality of the soul and the regions beyond this world.
Hindus also believe in the immortality of the soul, which transmigrates from one life to another. The soul it is believed transmigrates through a series of lives until it escapes the cycle and reaches Nirvana or moksha !
I am just laying down the translation of the relevant Sanskrit versions, (appearing in Bhagwat Geeta ) from chapter 2, by Swami Sivananda :
1] Just as in the physical body of the embodied being is the process of childhood, youth, old age; similarly in the transmigration from one body to another the wise are never deluded.
But know that by whom the entire physical body is pervaded is indestructible. No one is able to cause the destruction of the imperishable soul.
2] The soul never takes birth and never dies at any time nor does it come into being again when the body is created. The soul is birth- less, eternal, imperishable, and timeless and is never terminated when the body is terminated.
As a person gives up old and worn out garments and accepts new apparel, similarly the embodied soul giving up old and worn out bodies verily accepts new bodies.
3] The soul is indestructible, the soul is incombustible, insoluble and unwither able. The soul is eternal, all pervasive, un- modifiable, immovable, and primordial.
For one who has taken birth, death is certain and for one who has died, birth is certain. Therefore in an inevitable situation understanding should prevail.
4] In this last verse the cycle of life is clearly revealed. From birth comes death and from death comes birth. Just like in the spring new buds grow which blossom into flowers and leaves in summer and in autumn change to red, yellow and orange in fall and blow away and become dormant in winter to begin the process all over again in the following year.
In the a similar way the soul enters new bodies for its seasons of infancy, youth, maturity and old age and at the end of its cycle of life is born again accepting a new body for another season. This is an inevitable process in the material existence and is the automatic process that governs the birth and death. All beings existing in the material manifestation completely follow this reality.
Our discussion ended with the dinner. We ate brinjal- bharta and chappatis with Punjabi dahi curry and Basmati- rice that day.
As she passed me the water jug made of glass, it slipped away from my hand suddenly and broke into pieces !
I said, “Sorry dear , take care!”
She smiled and remarked,
“You must also be careful, Man, the glass will also be recycled!”
She laughed.
Yes, true! Women have the last laugh always and everywhere !
I thought.

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  1. Abhilaaj Post author

    Thank u so much, it is interesting because I try to pour in my love for all the humanity in my writings. Sometimes I fail too.
    I am glad you liked it .
    Yours is the best compliment I received about my blogs on SC , after the one I received from Tania .You too write very well, rose .
    What can I say, for you ,except:
    ” Whatever be the weather, be always in bloom ! “

    1. teddyted1

      In all things everything comes from atoms and everything will return to atoms to be recycled continuously til the end of time only to start all over again.

  2. Abhilaaj Post author

    Doesn’t your statement that “everything will return to atoms to be recycled continuously ” apply to the human body ? It is also compose of atoms, I believe .
    Thanks ,teddyted !