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  1. Well that would be me Graham. Not that I’m ‘frightened’, just undergoing treatment at the moment that puts me at risk, so would be foolhardy to mingle. Fortunately I am more than happy in my own company. I have my pets and my son, and of course you lot, if I get really desperate!

  2. We’ve been vaccinated. Times 3. Both vaccines and the booster. So now we’ve decided to live a little. We don’t want to spend the rest of our lives as shut ins. Over here in US we’ve had so much controversy about vaccines and masks. I’ve had people I’ve known all my life just stop speaking because I’m all for the vaccines and the masks. I hope you all are not having these problems

    1. Most people my age have had both doses. They are going for a six month booster. I have booked mine for the beginning of December.
      The regulations for mask wearing is eased, I still put one on in shops.
      The non vaccinated tend to keep that quiet.

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