Just bought a large home, Am I crazy?

I am 73 years old and I just bought a large two story home with my companion for life. I am in the process of moving in. I just moved out of my previous home yesterday. Boxes are stacked high and the decisions and work seem endless.
I know that I would question the rationality if someone else told me that they did what I have done. Why would a senior citizen upsize instead of downsize? One reason was that we could not find a suitable home that had enough parking and a neighborhood that we liked and one that we could barbecue and smoke meat. My companion has a huge grill and a smallish smoker. We also have 4 vehicles and my grandson lives with us.
Sometimes people may appear irrational but others don't know their motivations. Some seniors sky dive, climb mountains, and run marathons and we just moved into a large home and defied the odds for prudence.
I am pushing the limits. I have always pushed the limits and ventured into uncharted waters. I may regret this but I hope it all works out, but I am planning on living and not just waiting to depart this world.

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  1. annemarie

    Rose , I hope you will be very happy in your new house. It is lovely and can’t wait to see how it looks with you things once you get everything unpacked and put away. I would not have bought a bigger house and when I moved back to Maryland I needed a 2 car garage for my 2 car’s. I wanted a 3 bedroom ranch house in Timonium with a 2 car garages and they were hard to find when I was looking back in 95. There were plenty of ranch house’s with 1 car garages but not a lot of ranch house’s with 2 car garages in the area I wanted to live in here in Timonium. So when Dianne found my house I had seen the same house in the development when I had come home to look for a house but that house needed a lot of work. The ranch house Dianne found didn’t need any work except after I moved in I hired a painted to paint some of the room’s and paint the front door red. I retired in 2001 and bought my condo which had just been built and moved in Nov. 2001.& love condo living. So do wish you and Bob all the best in your lovely 2 story house down there in Louisville .

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      annemarie, Your choices were all good, If I were alone, I would want a condo just like yours. I was not alone when I bought my home and I have added a new family member. My grandson has two more years to complete his Occupational Therapy program and he has his little son part of the time. He also works erratic hours in a hospital and goes to school during the day so we need a quiet corner for him. We all need our quiet ccorners, When I have my surgery, I can have my own downstairs bedroom which will be a guest room also. Sometimes a bad experience can bring people together. I hope you have people around when you have your surgery Marie. Please, let your family and friends know that you want and need support. Knee surgery is a bummer. It is rough. Call me if you feel like venting your frustrations and fears.

    2. Judeee

      No Rose, you are not crazy, I for one do not want to live in a small house – spread your wings and enjoy your new dwelling.

  2. foreveryoung2

    Hey Rose if you are happy that is all that matters, and if it were only you, I would be worried, but you have 2 others living with you and need the room. I did the same, but that was 8 years ago and I have my youngest son living with me, and we each have our own space, which is great. I would not have done this on my own. I hope you get help with the housework 🙂 Enjoy your new home Rose. Take care xoxo

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      foreveryoung, I hope the other two share the housework, but I have done so much cleaning with selling my house, I got into the challenge of it all. It is great exercise.I might need to get some help some of the time. I will be having surgery so the two others will need to do most everything for about 2 or three weeks. Maybe fate will work for me in this. They both can cook and clean quite well and neither wants to. Maybe, they will become a team.

  3. starlette

    Hi Rose your new home seems to suit your needs at this present time so no problem, should things change in the future then there are always solutions, no point in looking too far ahead, enjoy living in the time you are in……and may you enjoy many happy years together in your new house…….

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Star, I mean Aunt Agony. You nailed it. I am living in the present time and hoping for the future with some optimism. I have lived my life that way for the most part, there were days when no wind caught my sails, but for the most part i just sailed through choppy, stormy waters with sails flying. If that is crazy, It feels so good to have wind in your sails and new vistas in the distance.

  4. keeper of dreams

    Each to his or her own in life, whatever the situation,,,,,,,, and I see no reason that you should now becomne a fuddy duddy and sink into oblivion just because you are of a certain age group!!
    Life is for living………………… and some of us have more than others perhaps, but no one knows their cut off point………….so you have followed your dream………. all for perfectly good reasons as you have explained.
    I urge you continue with the same verve and vigour you have shown up to now. I for one am more than happy to raise the flag high, and say well done Rose,I wish you and yours a long and happy life in this lovely large place that you are about to lick into a Home sweet home!!
    May it prove to be all you wish and hope it to be.

  5. goldengirl1224

    Rose – enjoy your new and beautiful home – Live, Love, Laugh – its your time to enjoy your life to the fullest. I hope you enjoy many happy years in your home and create many lovely memories.

  6. sylvestercat

    Hi Rose,good on you and may your happiness be forever.Have no doubts and cast them from your mind,enjoy each moment in the new house knowing that each moment is replaced by an equivelant new moment.xx

  7. Linda

    A house is more than just walls, roof and driveway. It is a place you feel comfortable and meets your needs. It sounds like it has what you were looking for. Be thankful you found it and don’t look back. Get excited about making it your own, don’t worry what others think. Post of photos of how you decorated your new place. Congratulations.

  8. bubby21

    Rose I am so happy for you. Enjoy your space and make each room special to show your creativity and love. I currently live in 2004 square foot home, and it is just my hubby and I. we purchased it when we moved from Philadelphia to Suffolk, Va.
    I am soon to retire and believe it or not I want to move into a tiny home on wheels. It is just my hubby and I along with two dogs and a cat. I want to explore this beautiful country and take my four-legged family with me. It will be big enough for a two bedroom loft along with a half-bath, for my grand children to spend part of the summer with me as we explore the US and they do not have to go downstairs to pee at night. Now if we are talking crazy, I think I have you beat. Good luck and keep experiencing life.

  9. gwynedd

    I think a new large home is wonderful and exciting and by now you might be partially settled in and enjoying every minute of it I hope. My dream has always been a cottage by the seaside but it will remain a dream due to economic limitations barring any sort of miracle that happens my way.

    But I know that moving is considered one of the top stressors and I hope that part of it is over by now and things have calmed down.