I’m not sure I like this – getting older thing.

After working full time for all my working life, I have cut down to just 7 shifts a fortnight, perhaps I had better explain, I work in an acute surgical ward.
I am starting to discover that a few health issues are creeping in - things that other people get, not me. Well, I am discovering that me is included. I do not like what is happening to my body. Everybody says " don't worry, live for today, you look fine. Cliche's are all very well and good but they don't help me. I have been ill lately with Vertigo, where did that come from I ask and what is next???? Anybody else have these thoughts?

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  1. cappuccino

    I suppose most of us have these thoughts ,Judeee,specially when health issues creep in,but I look around and realise that though I,m only 76,Iv outlived a good proportion of my contemorarys,,,Im not sure why…much of my life was filled with wine,wimmin,song and cigs.
    I do contemp[late some,on whether there is life after death…if so,I hope I dont get saddled with 72 virgins..Dont think I could handle them Im afraid.
    Carpe Deum,I spose… 🙂

        1. carla-margaret

          I find I enjoy being older. I hate being the responsible one. Was better when I didn’t have to remember my appointments.

          1. janey

            I am enjoying my life now that I’m 80.
            But I am lucky to still be pretty fit. Just very mild diabetes.

  2. roseinbloom

    Judee, I am sorry about the vertigo and hope you discover what is causing it and can be cured. How do we handle getting older can be discovered as you are here with other people. There are disadvantages to getting older, and I try hard to focus on the advantages of more time and more wisdon and more calmness. If ill we try to get it fixed or controlled and then we live with it. Do not ignore symptoms just because you are older. Pld age does come as a shock when you get your first jolt, like vertigo. I do hope you get over that.

  3. starlette

    Hi Judeee,……..well I think it would be a little odd if thoughts of mortality didn’t creep in now and again……….I dislike all the cliques too………Life Begins at Forty and all that stuff……… does it heck……..ok so when we are older we probably have no money worries and are quite comfortably off, not everyone though……but rich or poor the body is ageing, and there is damn all we can do about that except heed the obvious advice that we are bombarded with……….wish I could tell you that you will come to accept it and become content with your crumbling bones ( joking )………but what’s the other words of wisdom………something about changing the things we can, and having the wisdom to accept the ones we cannot…….well words to that effect anyway………seriously though, I tell myself to be thank full for each day, because on this day someone will be breathing their last breath……..and give me enough time and I will think of some benefits of ageing…………Free bus passes……Golden oldie meal deals………Theatre and museum concessions, oh the list is endless, bet you cannot wait……..at least the vertigo is treatable………age gracefully my friend…….I do…….cough cough……..lol…….

  4. geeljay

    Judee, your thoughts gave me a wry smile. I too believe, as you, that most of the ailment are for others, and a shocked, when they touch you. My GP, whenever I see him, tells me “it’s age related.” My usual response is ‘bugger off,. which he finds amusing! And I must admit, what I estimate I will do in a morning, takes me a little longer. I would like to help Capp’ out with some of his virgins, but due to ‘age related’ things, will have to leave you to it, but am happy to advise!!! Regards to you all.

  5. ck

    Hi Judee
    Yes ofcourse I think about age and mortality one of the things I try to do apart from living in the day is to do the next right thing. I hope it doesn’t sound like a platitude it just helps me put my head on the pillow without anxiety each night.
    The other thought is when I see my children and grandchildren , is that I live on in them so I’m just part of an eternal journey.
    I am simply sharing how my thoughts have been recently perhaps you could all share your thoughts on this ?

  6. lani36

    Maudlin thoughts here , just realsied after your blog ,i,m not going to be here forever like I thought …lol age is relative . we are all for certain going to get there if we are lucky enough ….. a few probs along the way for mos tof us .. I do hope though your vertigo is checked .. and you feel much better soon … xx

  7. Drummer

    A simple thought – just thank God you are able to write your thoughts – many others can’t for various reasons – and whatever you do write, dot ir with a smile – Have a great day