Yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor and when I told him what my kidney specialist said, he rolled his eyes and said "I personally hate kidney specialists. They always paint the darkest and worst picture. Listen, I have dozens of patients who have the same kidney function as yours for years, they were all given the same gloom and doom scenario by their kidney specialist, and NOT ONE OF THEM HAS HAD TO GO ON DIALYSIS. And what is more, they've been going for years." Him I trust, that kidney specialist I don't. So now I feel better and far more optimistic about my situation.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful friends who posted their support and encouragement when I posted my first blog - you can have no idea what a comfort and help you were to me. It's at times like these that we learn who our true friends are, and those who don't give a toss. It was a real eye opener - people I thought would've expressed concern didn't, and others I never would've expected to do so did! And I am profoundly grateful to those who cared enough to give me support and encouragement at a time when I so desperately needed it. With all my heart - THANK YOU.

Hugs, Jo

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  1. jojo Post author

    Thanks so much Sunflower, I feel much more relieved and optimistic about the whole situation after my chat with my doctor

  2. morvenna

    Oh Jojo I am so pleased thet you have had your mind set at rest. i can understand that you must have been feeling very anxious prior to that. Hope that you keep well.

    xxxx M

    1. jojo Post author

      You’re right Morvenna, I was terribly upset and depressed when I left the kidney specialist’s office and wrote the first blog about it immediately after. The support and encouragement I got from so many wonderful friends and also reassurances from my own GP have made me feel positive and confident that I will be able to hold my own for years ahead.

      Thanks so much for your support.

  3. bluesky55

    Jojo, You seem to have such a positive attitude, always! I’m sure it will benefit you through this hurdle, also. I hope that your new gets better and better and that you never have to go on dialysis. Blessings!

    1. jojo Post author

      Thanks so much bluesky for your kind words. Can’t tell you how helpful and deeply appreciated they are. I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and that what you put out to the universe is what you’ll get back, so remaining positive and confident is so important.

      Once again, thanks so much.

    1. jojo Post author

      Wow UStom, that’s an incredible feat of courage and endurance! Good for you! I’m sure the success of your transplant was because of your positive attitude – your heart is definitely in the right place, bless you.

    1. jojo Post author

      Thanks so much artist, I am feeling so much more positive about my situation than I was after leaving the “specialist’s” office.

    1. jojo Post author

      I really appreciate your comment Marie – I am feeling very positive about my situation and intend to live life to its fullest. The hell with “specialists!”

  4. macathy

    Jojo ,so pleased that your doctor gave you a lot of good advice.these specialist have no heart sometimes I am sure.I would like to put them on the other side of the desk ,and see if they change their way of talking to patients.

    1. jojo Post author

      I completely agree with you macathy – I honestly believe these “specialists” get a kick out of scaring their patients – it gives them a sense of empowerment I reckon. They should try being on the receiving end of such negativity. Thank God for my own level headed family doctor and for all you good people who have given me such encouragement and support.

      Thanks so much for your comment.

  5. pollie

    jo jo see i told you you weren’t going anywhere didn’t i?!!!! you are needed here and if you don’t stay i will kill you hahahaha!!! seriously…i am so happy for you and i’m sure your doc is correct and you are here for the long haul!!! we love ya hun xxx 🙂

  6. jojo Post author

    Aw Polly thanks for both the comment and making me laugh! I intend to hang on (even if it’s by my fingernails) for a long, llong time! I love you guys too – wonderful friends I appreciate and treasure.

  7. frantzwa

    JoJo…what GREAT news…made my day!! These “doom and gloom” doctors are a pain in the neck!! I am so pleased you have such a caring family doctor…I just knew you wouldn’t be on that “pink cloud” any time soon!!! Wishing you ALL the best, enjoy each day and stay well.! Keep up the wonderful blogs! Hugs, Frantzwa

    1. jojo Post author

      Thanks so much Skippy – I agree with you that some specialists love to throw their weight around and put the fear of God into us! lol Mine surely managed to do that, and thank God for my G.P. who put my mind at ease over this problem.

  8. merryjay

    Jojo, my mom had a kidney removed in 1956, and went on to have 2 more children in 1962 and 1965. Over the years her remaining kidney function has lessened significantly to the point that now she has functional use of 1/3 of one kidney. While she is very careful with what medications she takes, and cooridinates all of her medical care through the doctor following her kidney problems, (her family doctor, not her kidney specialist) she has managed to live a relatively normal life. She will be 84 years old on Sept 26. While her kidney specialist is concerned with her kidney disease, her family practitioner is concerned with her total health. Keep on doing what you are doing to remain healthy and as long as have done everything you can do, you can let go of the worry because after all, worry does no good and can actually make you sicker. I am glad you have gotten good news and I will add you to my prayer list.

  9. jojo Post author

    Wow Merry Jay – your Mom is a truly strong, brave woman, to have had two children when she only had one kidney. I know the strain pregnancy puts on kidneys because it did just that on mine, and I had to take horrendously expensive pills throughout pregnancy, which we could ill afford – four pills per day, 60 cents per pill – back in 1966, that was a lot of money.

    I think it’s wonderful that she’s under such good care, and that her family practitioner treats all of her, not just her kidneys. I wish more specialists did that, to be honest.

    I’m in a happy and positive frame of mind right now and thanks so much for your comment.