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I have read with interest the various blogs on the subject of what one should do when retired and wonder if my experience might be of interest.
I advanced the date of my retirement because my wife was dying of cortisone poisoning (thought to be a miracle cure at that time) and I wanted to devote the most time possible with her. She stayed with me to celebrate our Golden Wedding.
She left an immense emptiness and to fill this void I decided to study a subject totally different to my profession which was Electrical Engineering with a penchant for mathematics. I chose the subject of Neurology which is well documented on the internet.
Why Neurology? I found that Neurologists and Mathematicians have a completely different mindset: Over the years I have yet to find a mathematician who has any knowledge of neurology or a Neurologist who has any prowess in mathematics, so I consider myself to be unique.
So What? I have no intention of practicing Neurology but I have acquired a knowledge of two subjects that both exist in the same world and if they are both true then they must be compatible.
To prove this to my own satisfaction I am in the process of designing a mathematical model of human behaviour.
I don’t know where it will lead me but the point is that at 98 years I am in perfectly good health in mind and body so it isn’t doing me any harm.

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  1. waylander

    A mathematical model of human behaviour? Best of luck with that.

    Even if successful such model is bound to make quantum physics seem simple, but then if that’s what gives you pleasure you go for it

    1. rodger Post author

      Thank you for your encouragement Waylander: Human Nature is surprisingly predictable so it is not quantum physics. The problem is that the variables can rarely be quantified and the saying goes that if we cannot measure it then we don’t know what we are talking about! Anyway, it keeps me occupied when the weather keeps me from my walk in the nearby woodlands.

  2. trixibell123

    Hello Rodger … I am so sorry to hear of your wife …
    I hope your new found subject occupies your mind and leads you to a very interesting passion that you appear to have for the subject you are embarking on : )
    98 years young ! perhaps tell us about the fountain of youth you secretly have discovered ha ha !

    Good luck .. with what you are doing Rodger

  3. roseinbloom

    You are pretty amazing and impressive. Yours is a good example of using our knowledge in a different way. The idea is to keep busy using you brain and your body. I totally don’t understand what you are trying to do but it is evidently working for you and that is what matters. Good luck.

    1. rodger Post author

      Thank you Trixibell for your sympathy and good-luck wishes. I haven’t found a fountain of youth but I have inherited a good set of genes that I have done my bestto look after. My best wishes to you.

  4. Drummer

    Hello Rodger First my sympathy on the loss of your wife – I know from experience how traumatic it can be. However I must say that you appear to have found something to extend your mind fully – I am only 87 but have been well through the what shall I do no phase. Fortunately I have my computer – friends on Chatters, and a rather worn out Piano
    and I am happy to say that they do occupy the mind somewhat. I wish you continued good health and look forward to reading more blogs from you,
    Kind regards Drummer.

  5. vonMichael

    That’s fact; Neurologists and Mathematicians have a completely different mindset.
    Second sentence; human behaviour can’t be framed in a mathematical model cos
    any behaviour of a human could be predicted. Michael

  6. vonMichael

    That’s fact; Neurologists and Mathematicians have a completely different mindset.
    Second sentence; human behaviour can’t be framed in a mathematical model cos
    any behaviour of a human could be predicted in advance. Michael

  7. elle59

    Hi Rodger; this is my first response here. You’re the lucky one! I find the subject intriguing. I might suggest quantum physics does have some baring. Theories like ‘chaos’ and Carl Jung’s ‘syncronicity’ too. He might not be mathematical, but does bring up some interesting issues for discussion. Personally, I think human behaviour can be predicted and quantified. However, the variables involved could keep you at this forever. It can be subjective.. By the way, I’ve been researching the hypothalamus lately and find the endocrine system in general very interesting.