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Thank you Von Michael and the many others of you who have taken the trouble to reply to my blog From the Hypothalamus..
I should have mentioned that the object of the model is not to predict but the inverse; to find a way to describe/codify a particular behavior in terms of the relative influence of the endocrine system on one hand and that of the neural system on the other hand.
I am fully aware that this project will require a lot of time and effort and that I will feel intellectually lonely at times but I am convinced that it is possible and will be fun.


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  1. PamfromTX

    With all due respect… I am feeling like I am reeling in outer space lately on this site. ūüėÄ

  2. elle59

    Hi again Rodger..sorry I misinterpreted your other blog as being predictive in nature..generally speaking. Specifically though, especially re the endocrine system, there are still many variables that spark my interest. For me, technological advancements re radiation; (thymus/thyroid glands and anything to do with having a ‘screen’ active for instance) has been on my mind of late. Also of interest are radio waves affecting the EMF in animals/humans especially re behaviour. I suffer with symptoms of PTSD so cortisol and adrenaline are important to me too. This of course relates to physical as well as emotional etc. Very interested in this topic!