Enough and Happiness

Today, May 22, 2013, I think I had an insight worth sharing. I decided that having enough and being happy with that is the key to happiness.

Today I decided that I have enough of everything and my unhappiness is caused by the excess in my life, both material and spiritual. My material goods need sorted and decreased. Spiritual issues like concern for others and how much to give can now be considered and choices made.

Example. Today I decided I had enough time and I won't rush or waste it. Naturally, that takes practice. My part of the world is known for rushing about and so am I, or just being stymied by too many decisions. Some might have all this figured out and it may be considered trite and useless, but I don't and I still need to make decisions accordingly and need help with that.

I worry, worry and concern myself about othere near and far without focusing my efforts and resources effectively. Now I can at least get started with a better focus.

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  1. helensophie

    Dearest Rose,

    A great self assessment…Bravo…not always easy to do, or easy to face and act upon. A great exercise in “food for one’s own thoughts.” Think most of us could benefit from this… Thank you for sharing. I wish for you direction and focus and a path filled with happiness and love and contentment. HelenSophie xxxxx

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Thank you Helensophie and I like an agree with everything you said. I thought it was worth sharing and thanks for verification and thank you for the wishes which are needed and appreciated.

  2. Lina

    Well put Rose, and we can all take a leaf off your tree – as I once read somewhere (and it stayed in my memory) “Be still to understand”….. for a long time It didn’t make sense, but it does now. Not that I’m always still, but I know where to go for that stillness – inside my mind….may you find your pathway and may it lead you to happiness and peace….((((((hugs))))))) Lina xxxx

  3. myhurtingback

    Well said.. often we notice the negative and ignore the positive.. our mind and self talk that goes on in there can take control and often we let it when feeling sad and unhappy.. was it Buddha who said “the road ahead is clear why throw rocks in your way””‘ I wish I had your clarity.

  4. roseinbloom Post author

    Thanks for all the comments. All are helpful and all of you seem to understand what i tried to express. Also you all showed insight and gleaned a lot that was not spoken. Amazing.

  5. lani36

    dear bloom remembering at the same time there is a ME in the mix meaning you, who is just as important as all the tribulations surrounding you daily, you will find your feet soon, withyour renovations and such its always chaotic when rejuvinating a home , but do take time for the me)))).xxx.