Drongo and Galah……..

Well last evening I ventured into the community room, not been in for a while and must say I had forgotten how enjoyable it can be, very pleasant company and some laughs...........lactating and mastitis just some of the weird and wonderful subjects that were covered........not forgetting breast pumps and nipple shields.....Oh the joys!!!........ I guess you can say it was a ladies night  but with the absence of a well toned, tanned, six pack hunk of a male stripper.......one can only dream.........anyway on with my story, I met two newcomers in chat, they went under the names of Drongo and Galah..........I and other chatters on numerous occasions asked them to reveal the meanings of their unusual names, but they were very reluctant to give out any information ........they seemed to gel well together but kept their cards very close to their chest.......were they infiltrators into the community room sent to spy ?? who knows.........more research will have to be done on this pair before we can all feel safe once again in chat.....but I did google the meaning of the names and.........Drongo means a dope a stupid person....... and Galah a fool and a silly person...its actually a bird.......I can assure you these two chatters fit none of these descriptions.........so spies they must be going under the cover of fools......be aware folks.......see if you can suss out who these two are....we need to keep the room safe....lol....

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  1. Faye

    haha! I can hazard an educated guess at to who these two people were and they are good mates and so comfortable with each other they exchange complimentary (?) insults with each other all in jest. Both words are common in the Australian vocabulary and when these two get going it gives us all a good laugh as we know there is no insult intemded from either of them….its also a lesson in the Australian language…LOL

      1. Faye

        Guess when one lives a few thousand kilometres from Aus. across a giant ocean, one tends to overhear these things now and again…plus its handy having family living there to….LOL

    1. Faye

      haha Way…those of us who havent been living a sedate and pure life ( hows life in that convent Capp) know exactly who these two are if they have chatted in the same time zone. And if they dont Im sure Capp can find some space…LOL

    1. Faye

      Capp you’ve been in wrong place at wrong time. These two really hype up the chatting when they get going and its a lot of fun.

    2. starlette Post author

      You would be wrong in thinking that capps……..two new words I have learnt…although I will have to very careful who I use them with….

  2. CSweet51

    I am pretty sure I know one now that I think about it with the clues. the other I am still clueless! they were all wild in that room that night! hahahaha

    1. 5mintbreak

      What a bonzer blog! Its a bottler, you may have Buckley’s chance of solving this but if you are fair dinkum and want the good oil? dinky-di?
      Well they are not blokes but sheilas, me thinks bit like dunny rats definitely couple of dags not dipsticks.
      One may be a blow in to oz the other perhaps a cocky, not from the never never or back of Bourke, possibly beyond the black stump.
      Now don’t be like cut snakes its all a load of bull dust so I will rack off, Hoo roo.

  3. rose1943

    All above replies need to be subtitled or some kind of translation, ya’ think? They surely received a lot of attention from many and not even are members. Yikes!

    1. Faye

      All people who commented are members Rose. Its just a little fun mostly aimed at those who have visited the chatroom and come across these 2 ladies (the 2 names mentioned are light hearted insults(?) they have given each other) who tend to liven up the chatroom which is much needed from time to time. With a little help from Google you will even be able to discover where one of these ladies are from and that way find out who the possibilities are. With so many replies it seems most are having fun with this Blog…:-)