Daft things we do……..

Daft things we do........

I'm sure at one time most of us have done stupid daft things without thinking.........my most recent....... one of my vacuum cleaners is a Robot one, its disc shaped and covers the floor of its own accord till its clean, they also take themselves back to their charge up point when their batteries are running low, they have what is known as a magic eye which detects the dirt........so what did I do.........I switched on the lights so that it could see where it was going.......wellll!!...... I am not blonde for nothing...hehe

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  1. sylvestercat

    I had something similar but it was a “Handraulic Manual”and it was a lazy bugger of a thing as it would ceaselessly bump into things,was discriminatory as to what it picked up and hid in a corner of the laundry.Its hose was always too rigid to bend round corners,it kept rolling over and made excessive noise,it wouldn`t clean itself and ignored obviously large particles on any floor surface,its power lead was always too short.I consider the machines use as stressful as changing doona covers and cleaning an egg flip.Good luck with your robotic vacuum cleaner Star,i`m sure Isaac Asimov would be proud.

    1. starlette Post author

      Hi Sylvester, he is very well behaved as long as I make sure there are no leads trailing around for it to gobble up, he does a grand job…….but…….I don’t know the reason for this, there is one particular rug he will not vacuum…….he has a female voice, and it tells me Robot cannot clean this surface, please remove to another surface……I am intrigued why…….and you did right to get rid of your bugga of a vacuum…hehe

  2. roseinbloom

    Starlette. Under “Daft thing We Do” I was hoping for a longer list. I Love the word, DAFT anyway and it gets my attention. Your robot sounds like a nifty thing to have around. I had not heard about the seeing eye. I can just see that robot running all over and you sitting back laughing and doing what you can to help which was flipping a switch.
    I still need a longer list of daft things. Blond has nothing to do with it unless the minute a person changes their hair to blond, they just go daft. I will try something really daft, but most of my daft stuff, I am not daft enough to tell. Maybe lightening my hair and expect to be taken seriously was pretty daft.

    1. starlette Post author

      Well there you go Rose……you have joined in the blonde joke……you say you didn’t expect to be taken seriously when you lightened your hair…but you look blonde to me….point in question…….do we get treated any differently because of our hair colour..?