Many times, in dreams, I go back to a time long ago.

Memories of childhood. Running through the decrepit estate with the other kids. Walking the sewer pipe where it ran 20 feet off the ground. And the woods (we called it a forest, but we were only 7 then) and getting lost in the expanse and following the sun till we got out again.

I think that’s where my love of the open came from.

I remember in my early teens walking the highland ways, the glens and the mountains. Watching the ptarmigan and the deer. Tracking the wildcat and the fox. That’s where I learned to follow tracks. To tell one animal from another.

Later, I put those childhood skills to other purposes, but that is not the purpose of this story.

Day by day this country is being overrun by concrete. Soon there will be no fields, woodland or mountains for the kids to wander. Already it’s not really safe for them to do so alone.

Once the only danger was the weather. Now it’s the preverts.

I remember how free I was as a child. My kids were free too, but I suspect they may be the last generation to be so.

Freedom to run and play. Freedom to learn about the wild first hand is a blessing I had.

Sadly, that, in the main, is no more.

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  1. lani36

    sadly Way, this is what it is like here now , more and more human habitat at the expense of natural habitat, all the trees are being removed more and more for housing developments, wildlife now running across highways to seek food and being killed by cars and trucks,there are so many on the roads, the highways are congested with traffic. pollution is at an all time high and the forests and the Australian bushland is being stolen acre by acre if it,s not by housing developements its for gas or oil or uranium, coal, our prestige world heritage site : the great barrier reef” is being threatened by oil and gas exploration, The mining giants are running Australia now raping the ground for their supplys of greed,.
    The children have artificial playgrounds, where we used to make our own to keep us out of mischief and to run and play, we would go into the bush and pick blackberries and mushrooms , no bush left now close to towns, they have to be purchased days old, we used to run and hiding behind trees, hardly any trees unless one plants them in their own backyards, deaforrestation has taken place at an alarming rate for the darn pine plantations to be cut for human use, when does it stop. we seem to be just a cry in the wilderness, so that mighty developers and mining magnates can line their pockets, as you can see this is a hooby horse subject of mine , nature is being terribly exploited and our grandies and great grandies will wonder what a tree looks like in time.They will never be able to run and climb a tree or smell fresh air. xx

    1. grandmaj

      All depends where you live in Australia though Lani. Lots of trees where I am out bush, and my grandkids love climbing trees and just plain looking through the bush and playing. xxxx

  2. helensophie

    It is a profound truth combined with great sadness, the children of today will never know of the many things that were common to most people’s childhoods. They are almost completely gone. These were priceless things that cannot be bought with money. And no electronics can replace them. Thank you Way, this is a perfect example of how the world is not a better place than before. HS xx

  3. shadow

    Good post Way. I live in a Conservation Area. It’s a beautiful place to live. I always thought it was a protected area until a few weeks ago we saw men with council written on their jackets, i went out and asked them what the were doing? no anwere was the stern reply! But i dont give up easily when my blood is up! It turned out that they wanted to chop hundred’s of tree’s down to make way for office blocks! Get rid of a huge playing erea where many, many children take refuse from the main motorway. I think we will have a big battle on our hands, usually you cant win with the council..but by jove i and a lot more people will do our very best to save our tree’s. 🙁

    1. PollyPie

      I thought there was a law that any proposed buildings had to notify all local residence and businesses for any objection. Has that law been revoked? Im sure you will check into every crevice Shad. Look luck

  4. Dee64

    Interesting post. I remember when younger, playing in the streets and parks, without a worry of getting harmed. Sad for the kids of today, as more and more trees are being torn down, parks removed, for way of cheap housing areas. Things are getting too commercialized nowadays, and it is such a shame. Save our forests, let these kids enjoy nature, as we did!