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 I love my chat friends

I love my chat friends they’re there when you need them They care when you are sad and they’re happy when you are glad They always have a friendly hello and are always sad to see you go and now you know why I love my chat friends so Love & Light


Friendship is a very wonderful experience,something we all strive to achieve . But what is it really ,I wonder sometimes, as it effects the very person we are. i came to chatters for something as I was missing my very best friend ,my husband. This is not about that ,.but the people we meet on […]

 My Great Friends!

This Sunday eve I was sitting here at my desk, reminiscing the last several months of my life. A period of nearly nine months had me in agonizing pain and immobility, at home. Now, I’m a very busy person and stay that way most of my life. I’ve not completed one project before I have […]

 Friends List – My Perception

I think we all could have a different perception of what ” Friend’s List ” is for. When I first came on, I saw a note from Admin that said to welcome new members, so that was how I got my first 50 friends…LOL I asked anyone that came on after me to be my […]


Never really did understand the term ‘blog’ and apparently never will. In any event, it seems not to be my particular arena of expression. I will give this one final try, and then end my short-lived blogging career. To all of you who touch my life here daily through a kind word, a joke, shared […]

 I still love my friends!

I don’t mean to neglect anybody, but I’ve not been on SC for awhile now, I’m running around like a crazy man lately. I’ve been playing “Mr. Mechanic” ad nauseum lately! The leg is finally healed thank the Lord and you all for all your prayers. I was off my feet for six to eight […]


I have just returned home from my friend Marlene’s adorable cottage in Quebec, on Lake St. Pierre. She held a party celebrating her Mother Odette’s 90th birthday today. The house was filled with family and friends, and I was honoured that she’d included my husband and myself for this momentous event. I sat next to […]

 To My Very Special Friends…

Why is it that I am beginning to see so much more of the beauty of our world? Why has my heart and soul been so troubled, so entangled, so sad, so lost that my eyes could not see? Thank God, that for whatever reason, my burdens have been lifted from my heart, regardless of […]