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 Natural Disasters

I have been unlucky enough to be caught up in two earthquakes whilst I was living in California, you could actually see the roads and trees moving up and down and the houses shaking. Has anybody been involved in any equally terrifying events?

 Nite Owl Room

I have given this great thought, and have some ideas to toss at you. and you may toss them back at me if you like, lol  I seem to be thick skinned, I don’t bleed easily, I’m fairly reasonable, for a woman.  lol  Very open to others ideas, which I would love to hear from […]

 Notice to all my friends and Chatters

I am taking some time for myself at the minute,  i will be  in the music rooms when the music is on and doing my groups  as usual ,  i will be unavailable for Skype , private message and private chat , for a time unfortunately , i am undergoing scans etc . and need […]

 All’s Well With The World?

@roseinbloom asked for some blogs to be written – and rightly so – for many of us have been very neglectful of our Chatters Friends – many in the Northern Hemisphere have been enjoying a great summer while most of us – at least here in New Zealand, have been experiencing a very unpleasant winter […]

 Drongo and Galah……..

Well last evening I ventured into the community room, not been in for a while and must say I had forgotten how enjoyable it can be, very pleasant company and some laughs………..lactating and mastitis just some of the weird and wonderful subjects that were covered……..not forgetting breast pumps and nipple shields…..Oh the joys!!!…….. I guess […]


I have been around the net since the beginning, and l have been on a lot of dating sites and social sites.  The one thing l have learnt is how to spot a wrong one, l can immediately tell when a profile is not from the place they claim it is.  I know when someone […]

 Still here

Hi All – I just wanted to ‘pop-in’ and say that I am still around, but haven’t gotten off to a very auspicious start on here.  Enthusiastic to begin with, but then got hit by the dreaded ‘lurgy’. I currently have the nastiest cold that I’ve ever had; coughing and barking like a blooming dog; […]

 Be Aware – Very Aware

Does this title worry you? I hope not but never-the-less I urge you to read 0n. Like most Chatters I consider myself reasonably aware of possible pitfalls on the Internet. However the fact is that twice in the past week I very nearly fell into the traps that we are all advised frequently to avoid […]

 Inquest into Chat Rooms

Over the last few months it’s been barren fields in the chat room. Where there used to be a vibrant, argumentative, stimulating area there is now a sterile area devoid of life. Why? I have no idea…….well I do, but I suspect a banning might be on the cards if i mention anything. Come back […]

 New to Chatters

Hi everyone, I am new to this chat site and haven’t a clue what I am doing at the moment.  I have joined the group to talk to people of my own age or thereabouts.  I am married and have two grown up children who are now both married and have families of their own.  […]