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The Water Polo Match

Some years ago I went on holiday to Minorca. The resort was Son Bou consisting of a small beach with twin hotels, a very family orientated resort. The hotels were basically one for British tourists and one for German tourists. Of course there were other nationalities there, but that was the basic cultural divide. During […]

Frederick Valentich mystery.

The unexplained disappearance of Frederick Valentich Frederick Valentich hasn’t been seen since. The existence of aliens has been a hot button topic of debate for a long time. While many people can comfortably acknowledge the fact that given the vast expanse of universe around us, alien life is likely, those same people are hard pressed […]

Hero Part I

“Man Crushed by Train”, that’s what the newspaper article said. It then proceeded to describe the gory mutilation details. The victim, Jack Mariano, was a prominent businessman. Statements taken from the people standing next to Jack on the platform, (a grandmother, a package delivery man, and a teenager) corroborated that it was a very hot […]

Hero Part II

Business was great. During the course of the year J&L Vitamins had record earnings. Boston Red turned out to be a gold mine. Boston Red had a unique distribution system and they managed to beat out their competition. The other suppliers seemed to just fade away. Carol couldn’t put her finger on it, but she […]

Loch Ewe

The shoers of Loch Ewe i wonder and roam i still think of my Highland home The sea waves lapping on the shore and listening to sand being washed as it roares Sally at me side she would be, taking a swim when the tide was low At 9 months old we did part, working […]


One day when walking in the hill, i spotted a deer lying still, it got the scent of Sally 4 Months old Up it got and it fled Sally chased i shouted her back she paid no heed,i sat on rock after walking 1/2 a mile, thinking,that is she gone, i started down hill i […]