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 If only Scarlet Poppies could talk……..

Scarlet Poppies Stern, ancient yew trees stand as cynical observers; Enclosed within ancient walls of learning; secret desires: Booming organ peals buried in mazes of silent subways, Echoes of knights battling; clamouring broadswords: Deep wells of mysteries; overflow spent murderous intent. Incense and antiquity pervade this monastery garden, Scattered with scarlet poppies, innocently attentive: Coffee […]

 Whoever heard of elephants in Yorkshire?

As an aspiring writer, I was struggling along, often finding that my stories or poems need illustrating. My friends eagerly assure me that they are absolutely marvellous at drawing. ¬†Great. But, when I set them to work, describing in detail the pictures I have in my head, the end results are nothing like I imagined. […]

 Little Kindnesses

My life overflows with little kindnesses Showered upon me Like glittering stardust From midnight skies: A tender text A caring call Meal lovingly prepared To feed the inner child: Letters stuffed to bursting With concerned caresses; Bear-hugged cards Covered in healing kisses: Helping hands soothing Over persistent perplexities; Willing time-travailed Tools repairing reams of Roaming […]

 Thoughts in the Rain

thoughts in the rain 15. Jul, 2017 Spoilt for choice Saturday rolls around, yet again. Another weekend of choices. Some good, some bad and some totally boring. Should I start on a new painting? Perhaps another design for my attempt at a colouring book for adults? Or maybe a poem about how I am uncertain […]