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 Confession Is Good For The Soul

There are things in life we all have done that we’re not proud of. I’d like to get one of these things off my chest and out in the open finally to atone for my behavior. . I intentionally loitered under a no-loitering sign for well over 18 minutes way back in 1987. . Whew. […]

 Unlocked (a song for her)

Cut and bruised from falling years of blindness thinking I could see Didn’t know Didn’t know my need Lied to everyone but mostly myself that I’m fine I’m fine But there’s this droning buzzing noise inside my head I want to go somewhere Anywhere but here I needed to find the key to the room […]

 A miracle happened to me today

I don’t know really how to even explain this but something truly miraculous occurred in my life today and I just felt like I needed to share it in the hopes that it might inspire someone else who might read this… Relatively ordinary day as I did my chores and got ready for work, but […]

 Once Upon a Train…

A young Technician and his General Manager board a train headed through the mountains on its way to Wichita. They can find no place to sit except for two seats right across the aisle from a young woman and her grandmother. After a while, it is obvious that the young woman and the young tech […]

 How did it get to this point?

We each are free to choose our own path and attribute the wonders of our existence however we see fit. I hope my words are understood here as the last thing I want to do is antagonize. I merely wish to be able to discuss freely what God has done in my life. To me, […]

 A Day In The Life

I was in the kitchen whipping up an egg white and egg yellow omelet when simultaneously, the phone rang and there was a knock on my door. Obviously since the door was closer, I answered the phone. A voice on the other end said, “Someone is knocking at your door!” and the phone went dead. […]