Attempting my first Blog…..Blog, a funny word…

So, after posting this shots of introduction, maybe tell a brief life story...

Born in Croatia, raised in Italy and Argentina, matriculated back in Croatia,,worked a little there , before attending classes of English in Cambridge/England, married in England and migrated to Australia with our two daughters in 1976. Now retired widow , enjoying whatever Life dishes out....

There are many topics that one could write about...., but for this moment , all I would like to say is that I am very happy to have found this Site, where one can communicate safely with other beings. Cheers ! VB

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  1. cappuccino

    Obvious from your tan,Seashell,That you now live in Oz.. 🙂

    I been here ,on and off for nearly 70 years ,and have sprouted a good crop of sun/liver spots,,,,sometimes called “Graveyard Flowers “.

    I,m in Mackay,Qld.

    Oddly,our initials are the same… VB.

    1. seashell Post author

      Lol,lol,lol!!! Interesting comment Cappuccino.
      My daughter does not like me signing with VB initials…, her comment is, that it sounds like beer drink.., lol

        1. seashell Post author

          Alcoholic drinks do not agree with me…Ocasionally will have a shandy or a little wine or a gin and tonic, but always after a meal, and even then , it goes to my head and makes me sleepy…not a nice feeling…! My favourite drinks are cool lemon water and pure fruit juices.
          Here in Australia people drink too much alcoholic drinks…

          1. cappuccino

            Ok,Seashell….So me turning up on your doorstep armed with a pizza in one hand,and a bottle of vino in the other,isnt going to turn into the evening I had in mind… Bugga !

  2. roseinbloom

    Hello, Seashell, congratulations on your first blog. You must be interesting and fun with your world travels. lemon water must be healthy because you look great.
    I hope to see you often and please do more blogs.