Anyone Fancy A Party?

Hi Chatters,

It's been a while since I wrote a Blog post, but with so much happening recently I thought now was a good time to give you all an update...

Yesterday, we launched a new chat room - thanks in part to the feedback that this post generated. The new room is called the 'Party Room' and will run alongside the regular chat rooms, thereby giving paying members a choice as to which room they wish to use.

The Party Room will not be actively monitored, and so will only be available to paying premium members. My thinking is that the members who use this room will therefore already be proven chatters, so monitors will not be necessary.

The downside of course, is that no trial/free member will have access to the Party Room. Therefore, it is still important that members continue to use the Lobby and welcome newbies just like now.

Another reason for introducing the 'Party Room' is as a test...

Basically, the new room has been completely rewritten for better performance. The framework has X4 the capacity of the existing Lobby and provide much better performance moving forward. However, this all needs testing with lots of people. There's bound to be a few bugs that need addressing, that being said, early indications look very good...

I understand all those members who say "Why change it..." or "If it aint broke don't try and fix it..." but I have always tried to provide the best service possible, utilising the latest in web technologies so that Senior Chatters remains fresh and up to date. I don't see any reason to stop that now and so will continue developing SC as I've always done.

Will all of this be a success? Honestly, I have no idea, but I am prepared to give it a try and see what happens... If it doesn't work, no worries, it's only my time that's been wasted. Nothing is set in stone.

Moving Forward...


Senior Chatters will become fully responsive and will automatically optimize for the device you are using to access the site. For example, it will work just as great on a iPad as it does on a Laptop or Smart Phone.

Live Help:

Realtime, live help will be made available again. So you'll be able to chat directly to me if you have any questions or queries. This was trialled a few weeks back and worked really well. It will be reintroduced again very soon...


A new Blog interface is planned as well. Members will be able to post Blogs directly from their profiles making it more intuitive and simpler to write Blog entries

With lots more planned there's never been a better time to be a Senior Chatter. As always I value your feedback.

All the best

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  1. grandmaj

    Thank you Rob for all your hard work you do for the site. Although I have been asking for a coke machine in the lobby for a few years now lol

  2. nmod

    I’ve just tried if I could chat in the new room on my iPad , but it’s not possible . I have no problem using my iPad for everything else ,but cant make it work in the chat room /s … Just a passing comment , it doesn’t really bother me that much , because I hardly use the chat room anyway .
    I’m very happy with the site ! Thank you Rob 🙂

  3. helensophie

    Coke machine??? I was thinking margarita machine, ice cold beer machine, dual wine – red or white machine, champagne fountain…..and as not to leave out those who do not partake….a juice & smoothie dispenser too! Just sayin’ Rob…lol. Thank you for the new chatroom, very glad to see it.

  4. blinker1

    Oh dear now i’m panicking. You just learn to use something and some bugger changes it. Good job I have lots of lovely friends out there dying to help me. Hellooooooo! Where did they all go.

  5. cefnrider

    i reserve judgement because in my experience of chat sites pervs and foul mouthed ppl are quite happy to pay for the privelege of being just that, so giving them a room where carte blanche can be said or done strikes me as the first steps to an adult sex chat site
    If this is so i think all new members should be warned that in future rules and regulations will not be used so they are not fulled into believing this is a safe well regulated and monitored site
    Only time will tell if i am right or wrong

    1. Rob Post author

      That will never happen @cefnrider. Although, yes, the new room isn’t going to be actively monitored there are still rules, that each and every one of you agrees to (see t&c’s) by using the Website.

      Simply put, I will not allow the integrity of the site to slip into what you are describing, period!

    1. Blush

      Rob, We need a bathroom!!!!
      Silly ladies with their drink machines…. hahahaha!!!!

      A bathroom would be wonderful…… 🙂

      Looking forward to the new

  6. Lina

    Drink machines, bathrooms, whatever next??? Guess we might try a nice snack bar to keep us fueled while we chat?? We could borrow some of the nice Firemen from Shout to serve the ladies – just a…Thanks Rob – we appreciate your work – hopefully the new chat room will hep with some of the problems some have experienced in the past…………..Lina xx

  7. lani36

    hi rob, thanks for improving the site i,m sure it is much appreciated, went to party room last night there were quite a few there but when i fell off i found i could not get back in without having to log out before i could get back, so I went back , to the lobby, dropped out there after awhile and had to reboot there as well, sure there just teething problems , i found going from one to the other was not easy. but i daresay we will all get used to it in the finish., it,s novel anyway. i am having probs becasue of severe storms as well so could have been the storms and the high winds we have been experiencing ? Lani xxx.