As many of you know a big part of the Membership here are also Members on Facebook. While it is not everyones "cup of tea" it can lead to some interesting conversations concerning S/C in postings that some people make. I got involved in one of those conversations just a short time ago which was amongst mostly, if not all, Lifetime Members. These are the people who have been on S/C for the longest time and have helped in making this one of the best sites around. These same people are now saying the site is certainly not what it used to, spontanious, caring, supportive and most of all a place where they want to spend a lot of their leisure time...instead they now spend lots of time on Social Sites such as Facebook. Everyone says it has changed and not for the better especially in the chatroom. It is no longer a place for friendly banter, relating funny things that happen to us, a little teasing about something that has happened to us and other things that can lead to a little light hearted conversations. It has become very staid and serious and conversations have become stilted and, at times, boring; that is if there is any conversation at all. I was in the chatroom with 8 people not long ago and it seems they were all whispering, talking on Skype, dealing with games on Facebook and whatever else they do to multi task, while in there and any conversation going on was left to the 2 people who were left there. Why go into the chatroom if there is something else you would prefer to be doing? Those who post the more serious conversations have got it right in my opinion by putting it into Blogs where everyone can take the time to think about a suitable reply and a way to help them if it is needed or asked for. We have a lot of "Agony Aunts" (and Uncles) on Chatters and if they all try and help at once in the chatroom it doesnt help an awful lot and the conversation can get quite boring to those who don't want to join in. Has no-one ever wondered what has happened to all the "older" Chatters who have been here since the sites inception...well almost that long...yet we don't see them any more, or very seldom have the pleasure of their company? I know I have often thought about this and when I come across a conversation on Facebook started by one of these Members I joined it...mostly because I could relate to what was being said having been here myself since the site began. You know was like being here on S/C about a few years ago and we had a fantastic time chatting and fooling around, kidding someone over something said, and enjoying each others company. Someone suggested we come onto S/C and "raid" the chatroom so that is what we did...en masse. There were a few people in there chatting and maybe we did interrupt another serious conversation but we also had a few in there who joined in with the light heartness of our own chat. With us we even bought a lady who I have never, ever seen using the chatroom (preferring the slower pace of Blogs etc) and she enjoyed herself for the short time we were all there and has said she will come back with the Lifers next time. There were some who left the chatroom at that time maybe due to other things they had to do, or maybe because they didnt like the fun we were having...I don't know as it did get quite "noisy". We didnt stay long but it did give some in there an insight to what the chatroom could and should be like....interesting, full of chatter with no long gaps in the conversation, fun and funny etc. I even told them to forget I was Admin and just go for it.....and they did....but there was nothing said or done that would require intervention. So for those who go into the chatroom enjoy your time there, listen to what others have to say, join in as much as you can, keep the conversation lively and light, don't go on about your big toe getting stuck in the plug unless you are ready for a bit of teasing about it and have a little bit of fun. Just because we are an aging community doesnt mean we can't have a good time. You have a chance to act like a slightly more immature adult again without some parent or grand parent telling you to act your age... that privelege now falls on our own children who will tut tut us and send us to our rooms.
By the way....the Lifetime Members that came in will return en masse again one day soon. Be ready for them...LOL

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  1. lani36

    Faye, I have been waiting for such a long time to hear this, I love chatters and chattering as you prolly know by now ha ha been here over 2 yrs now and the only grief I have is a group from one country who incesstantly chatter about there country where they live, places the rest have never heard off , therefore canott enter the conversation ,so just click off and leave, afternoons Aussy time is the worst , used to be great , now it,s mainly those members who come from that particular country that go in , because the rest of us don,t know what they are talking about,and left there in silence . I do miss the older members , we used to have such fun bantering , so I guess I am one of the guilty f/b chat members now who browse and answer most of our older chatters on there, I still go into chat at nights Aussy time but that,s now being overtaken by mostly the same people , I,ts great to love one,s country we all do, I honor that, but it is so nice to include in conversation everyone that is present. come on back all nations and talk about mutual interests and have some fun !!!! fun!!!

  2. PollyPie

    I don’t understand when you say, “ACT like a slightly more immature adult ”
    No acting here… LOL

    I think we are in such a ‘politically correct’ phase in the world, that we are gradually turning into a society where we are afraid of what we say, in fear of ‘offending’ someone.

    I also think that sites like S/C are a place of purpose. We all have our own reason for being here, and to me it can be the equivalent of a therapy group. And when we come to the end of therapy, its time to move on.

    Great blog Faye

  3. Lexann

    I don’t know about others, but being from the USA, I usually go into chat around 8-9 pm. Anytime I have been in there, everyone is having a ball and getting along. New people are greeted and welcomed and conversations turn into great belly laughs. I have never seen anyone get into a fight, maybe a few scuffles that always smooth out, so I’m wondering what time of day all of what you are saying is occurring? lx

    1. Faye

      Lex it happens in all time zones. Gaps in conversation where someone will ask if the chatroom has frozen….someone playing games on Facebook while logged into chat….on Skype talking…maybe even preparing a 3 course meal for all I know…and all done while logged into the chatroom. The Lifers I refer to didnt seem to do these things and it made for continuous chatting and everyone joining in. The Lifers who “raided” the chatroom were from all over not just the one country and all expressed concern about S/C and how much they missed it and the conversations we all had in chat. Some funny, some a little more serious, trading insults that were taken in the way intended, and yes even some totally stupid. And remember if these people hadnt been here when the site began and continued to come here maybe the site wouldnt have survived. Changes to the workings of the site are inevitable but surely chatting cant have changed so much that people from a few yrs ago find they can no longer enjoy themselves there.

  4. Blush

    Loved your blog Faye!!!! I was in on the “Raid”……. hehehehehehehe!!!!!!! Had a great time. We went into the chat room with one purpose, to liven it up with old timers and share a laugh or two. I didn’t care what time of day, what the nationality of the room was, or who I might offend. It’s a chat room!!!! Gosh almighty, Laugh!!!! Give Support, Share news. Or just sit back, enjoy a drink at the bar. When we do the “raid” again, short notice will be given, but anyone can join. The only requirement is a smile!!!!!! πŸ™‚ Cheers!!!!

    1. Faye

      Exactly Blush. It was noisy to say the least if you can refer to a chatroom as noisy…LOL…but a lot of fun.

  5. vonMichael

    All of those sentences are like coins with two sides. The best way for me is to take others like they are. I see it like Blush sees it. Michael

  6. Postman73

    I’ve lived through this exact experience Faye from my previous site that i was a long term member of. Every night, there was laughter bouncing off the walls, members couldn’t wait to log in, hardly ever any upset, but when there was, it was dealt with, but you get that anyway, that’s life. Every night, without fail, there would be a minimum of 20-25 members in, true, not many from a cast of thousands, but it seemed like a lot in there. I, and many others, were addicted. Then, one dark day, along came Facebook, and slowly, one by one, over the years, these regulars, who’d always been the ‘life and soul’ of the party, drifted over to it, to ‘play their games’. So, the numbers dwindled. So, as you see, this is not just a one off, but people can’t expect to abandon sites for some ‘greener grass’, then return many days later, and expect things to remain the same. People change, sites change, new members come in, old members move on, like i say, that’s life.

    1. Faye

      Can certainly understand that Postie. But for people to go there in the first place there must have been something missing for them on the site you were in. Unfortunately it is hard to go back to what once was but many think it is worth a try. The lifers I think have a loyalty to this site as for many of them it is where their chat life began and for some it was there first experience of the internet.

  7. Postman73

    So the same must be in this case Faye, would you not agree ?. For these ‘lifetime members’, to abandon S.C, and go over to Facebook, there to, must have been something missing for them on this site. Maybe just a case for some, of looking back at things through rose-tinted glasses. Were those days really that good, and if so, why have they gone over to Facebook ?.

  8. blinker1

    I am a fairly new member but enjoy the chatroom very much. We laugh a lot.Some members i guess are on other sites or whispering at the same time, but whatever floats there boat. Maybe it’s just me, but having the same conversation with 13/14 people is impossible. By the time you get your say the conversation has changed, This chat site has grown so maybe the older members went to facebook because it got too full. Last night a conversation started that I knew nothing about. Once i’d said this they changed it. The people i have met on here are 99% great. And fun has never been out since i’ve been in. I love it.

  9. roxyanne

    I have been on s/c for about 6 yrs now and remember all the great times we had on it i miss lots of the older ones I used to spend hours on it but found out now there are lots of gaps and it is mostly filled with hello and goodbyes so I dont tend to spend long on now but I do when older ones there get a laugh again xx thanks for your blog

  10. passaggio

    Faye, this is nothing new. We all have talked about this topic for almost 2 years now. Everyone seems to have their own theory as to why, and I agree with what everyone has stated so far. Can we blame it on the social media? The fact there is so much more out there now then there use to be? Can we blame it on personalities? I know there was a discussion awhile ago, about certain monitors that were policing the chat rooms soooo much, that all the fun was lost. There were certain monitors in the past, that censored the room. They felt they had the power to change the chat room to the way they wanted it to be. What was the end result? People LEFT! People left and did not ever come back! Do you blame them?They got tired of it all, and so they moved on another site or two. No one at “our” mature age wants to be lectured all the time on what you can say .You then lose the spontaneity of the chat room!
    I have been on the site for almost 4 years now. I for one say, Yes, it has changed, but for me, it changed quite awhile ago.

    1. helensophie

      Completely agree Passy! I am a lifer, I have chose to stay away for awhile because I miss the fun of the past chat room. I do enjoy chat from time to time now but I have seldom laughed to crying in the last 18 months, as I had been 4-5 times a week before. Sense of humor required, absolutely. I saw many people who didn’t seem to have one, find theirs. They changed a little when they did, IMHO for the better – there seemed happier. Is it meant for everyone, maybe not, but what is? Will there ever be a chat room 100% issue/problem free – NO. Will the chat room always have something going on that appeals to every person in the room at that moment – don’t be absurd – impossible. Should chatters choose to either stay and listen, or leave by choice, or start another conversation – Yes. Isnt that the dynamic of a chat room. An observance – I have seen unbelievable things in the chat room. I have attended several memorial/funeral services – for loved ones, for pets, for something lost from a person’s life. The love and support cannot be described in words. I have witnessed loving support to a chatter in depression/trouble; I have also seen chatters go with a chatter to a private room so as to allow the chat room to continue in their conversations. The original lifers are part of the foundation of SC – that cant be changed, it is what it is. Generally speaking, we liked the relaxed rules it allowed us to be ourselves. I am too old to be lectured or stifled! LOL In the “old’en” days, chatters dealt with the issues – people had a spat, sometimes they made up, sometimes not – part of life on and off chat rooms; chatters stated their offense, it was usually discussed in the room, they either made up or somebody left usually to return later or another day; WHAT DID NOT OCCUR was people going to another social media to discuss what happened on SC. I find this OFFENSIVE and cowardly. I, like Way, would love to be present for the next “RAID” [sidebar – choice of word has negative connotations yet people complain about the negativity???] – I do not know who was present, if you are the chatter(s) who chooses to go somewhere else to complain/criticize SC versus caring enough to be part of SC then you should keep your dirty laundry in our own house! I seriously fear, and have been told by other chatters, this scenario is true. SC is no different from anything else in life – things change, but as witnessed lately in quite a few blogs, we as senior chatters miss and feel the world is not necessarily a better place because of the changes – the “old” chatroom was awesome and I would love to be able to share that with the non -lifers, premiums, newbies and any future chatters!

  11. PollyPie

    Faye, it is unrealistic to think s/c can stay the same. Of course the original group “are saying the site is certainly not what it used to be”, because it isn’t, and never will be.

    Years ago when s/c was a small group, everyone knew each other, therefore could be more familiar with events in each others lives. But when some of the ‘oldies’ come back for a visit, they expect to see the same original faces who know them. but instead, they don’t know anyone, and rather than staying to get to know the new chatters, they leave.

    Its all about acceptance, and those who can not accept change and others opinions shouldn’t be here anyway.

    Now we are a new group of new faces, new characters with new events.

    Instead of promoting how the site was years ago, and trying to change it back, it would be far better to promote new beginnings, and how to be non judgemental of all the chatters.

  12. Rob

    Interesting Blog, Faye.

    I’m just thinking aloud here, but how about another chat room? We’re almost finished with the latest updates to the new room anyway, so it would be a perfect time to introduce it as a test. The idea would be to run the existing room and the new one, side-by-side…

    The new room wouldn’t have any montiors, BUT would be restricted to paying premium members only. That way only members who truly want to be here get to benefit, and it should automatically stop spam members and kids from entering, therefore not needing anybody to police it…

    Thoughts people please?


    1. Faye

      Some great ideas coming out and now glad the Blog was done as was very doubtful about anything being able to be solved with it. More work for Rob but then he’s been lolling about for far too long anyway…:-)

    2. Linda

      No site will continue to be the same as it grows. Change is going to happen. Instead of fighting, find resolutions. Rob, agree about adding other chat rooms. You can ask for ideas of what to call them from members so they know what they would like to see. One size does not fit all. It does not matter if someone became a member years ago or just the othe day, there should be no prejudice. Members…old and new… give Rob a positive suggestion of what you would like the new chats to be. Then you will have chats to meet your needs. Maybe: Young at Heat? Old Farts? Flirts R Us? Aussie? USA? Europe? Let me show you mine (Photos)? Date Night? Fresh Gossip? More ideas? lol

      1. Faye

        OMG Linda that reminded me of a room we once had….The Flirt Room. Everyone was for it.. the problem …most (not all) wouldnt use it because they would get a reputation as a Flirt….LOL It bought about quite a few comments and laughter.

        1. Linda

          What if you already have a reputation as a flirt? So I guess it wouldn’t go over if you called it, SC Motel? Wonder If Rob could figure out how to Block your name or change it if you went in. Maybe we could call it “SC Friends with Benefits”. Just joking….. but some of my room names could be interesting. Many would not go into the Old Farts chat… for the same reason. lol

  13. waylander

    1) Damned good idea Rob
    2) In the absence of (1) coming to fruition, Faye, let me know when the next raid is planned and I’ll be there

  14. katelin

    I think that’s worth a try, Rob. Since there are more new members that come to the site every day, I’m thinking that could be a contributing factor to an extent, as far as how the chat rooms have changed for some of the long-term members. …This idea of yours, may be a great solution to allowing the established members to once again, enjoy the casual and fun socializing that they seem to be missing at times.

  15. Lexann

    If you create a room for members only then the new people deciding to sign up may be at a disadvantage because it’s the members that welcome them, engage them and show them that this is a great site to join. Just my opinion, but what about a room for lifetime members only?

    1. Rob

      That had crossed my mind, @Lexann – good points. Maybe just Lifetime members then… Everybody still has the opportunity of becoming a Lifetime member, so that may work…

      1. PollyPie

        Personally Im keen on the idea. It would put a wall up between ‘us’ and ‘them’. There is already that attitude in the chat room, which is the cause of much of the problem.
        This segregation would make matters worse imo.

    2. katelin

      You have a point, Lexann.. and the possibility that newbies may be the majority in their separate room did occur to me, also. …But, knowing how many wonderful, friendly members we have here, old and new, I am quite sure that the room for newer members will also be frequented by some of the established members. As Rob said, it would be a test run, anyway. I’m hopeful this will work out well for everyone. πŸ™‚

      1. Lexann

        It would also stop members from going in and out of the rooms, back and forth as much. I know that the entering and leaving bell can be muted but it would still show on the screen and disturb whatever current conversations going on. I think this would be a gift so to say, to the lifers who have been loyal and something the premium members have to reach.

  16. Roseanne

    If a new Chat Room is created without the monitoring of the old one I would certainly go back to chatting, but now I see it will be for Lifetime members only! Some of us may not want to become Lifetime members but would like the benefits of the site that has been paid for. This site needs another chatroom but if it restricted then why bother?

    1. Faye

      So what you are saying Roseanne is that it is the Monitors you have the problem with despite keeping you and your chat mates safe? Yes the new room would have no monitoring, as they did in the early days. We didnt have any need for them as the site was small and fairly new…and it is that style of chatting the new room would be made for.

  17. Postman73

    Has it occured to anyone, that just because this ‘new room’ for lifetime members will have no monitor, that the members in there will automatically behave ?, or will they be given a free ticket for all hell to break loose ?. Surely, you must have some ‘guidelines’, or somebody, or bodies, to report any regular troublecausers. Just because certain members are lifetime members, and have been for some time, doesn’t automatically go hand in hand that they will behave like adults now does it ?. Personally, i think it’s a good thing, for ‘older members’ to mix with the newbies, and show them the ropes, rather than go off in their own little cliques. Not setting out to offend, just my own personal opinion.

    1. Faye

      Yes Postie. Because they have been here for so long one would hope they can return to what they are looking for….the old style of chatting. There wasnt a lot of untowards stuff going on when the site was fairly new….it was ‘understood’ that they had to keep it relatively clean. They also reported their own problems if there were any. Not all Lifers will use it but the ones who want to would find it available to them.

    2. Faye

      Postie its all a lot of trial and error. As with all the rooms if it doesnt work it can be simply removed. Abuse of the usual rulings will result in this happening. As someone said early chatting changes over time….these ones don’;t like what it has become. Stuck in the past? Maybe, but if it makes for happy chatters, why not….LOL

  18. Carol1962

    Great Blog Faye ………. sorry I haven’t read everyones comments ……..soooo much reading so little time but in response to Fayes posting I have one thing to say……..


  19. cappuccino

    Gotta agree with Postie…we have enough specialized chat rooms already…another one for “long time/paid up “members may swiftly come to be seen as a “Clique”.

    1. Faye

      Because we have much the same people using any room at any one time does it become a clique. Omitting the newbys that come in from time to time we could call the Lobby a clique also as it is mostly the same chatters as always….LOL

      1. Faye

        haha….at the time of writing that comment they are all regulars in the Lobby….no newbys…LOL

  20. charles1

    Very thoughtful statement Faye and a good analysis.

    I believe that we remember good times more easily than bad. I don’t think the Chatting was as continiously good as implied. As we become more familiar the novelty wears a little. Mostly I enjoy the chat and yes, there is still much banter however on occasions the subjects being discused have little interest. This I regard as normal, others have the right to exercise their preferences. One point I must make is that all comment on the safe and clean environment we have. No foul language. Monitors work well and if they should get on a high horse they are told.

    Using the other social media such as F/B whilst in the room is a personal choice and seldom interferes with the chat – how can it when the member is absent on F/B?. Yes some can be rude and personal but I note they don’t stay long after being tols to behave.

    Why do I go into the Chat Room? I attend because of the instant communication which is fun and relaxing at the day’s end. Meeting people from other countries is educational. Many other things I could do but non have the live personal exchange and humour. reading – read all day – had enough. Watch TV? can do later after the hour of tapping.

    Oh yes, ‘Have I froze?’ is mostly because one’s screen does freeze and not because the conversation has stopped. This does happen time to time when the numbers in the Room are few.

    Can I add that if someone comes into Chat and has a serious problem I am pleased they are finding some comfort in voicing their pain.

    Nothing stays the same and neither is the site – Rob is continually looking for ways to accommodate members views – not always with success. I remember the Cam Room which collapsed because of people talking all at once lol. Lifer’s Only Room – why not give a shot? Thinking that those why look to F/B will continue to do so simply because that is what they want at present. My experience says they will get fed up in time and want a change – back to Chat perhaps?.

    One request – can we please stop the negative comments in the Chat Room – not helpful to whinge and certainly off putting to new people.

    People leave for a whole host of reasons however the large numbers visiting the site will ensure its continuation and success. Long may this be true – we have a gem so let it shine.

  21. Carol1962

    Time for a song …………..

    Unanswered questions
    Would be the only thing to stop them now
    He was the poet, while she was the muse
    She had a pen that she knew how to use
    A touch of redemption, a hint of elation
    A recipe for disaster

    Go back to the place we knew before
    Retrace our steps to the basement door
    I’ll ask you if the rain still makes you smile
    Like so much time that we spent in the fall
    Put color in our cheeks while the air turned cold
    Preceding what became our bitter end

    Let this be a lesson to us all

    Round in circles – let’s start over
    Round in circles – let’s start over

    Round in circles
    Round in circles
    Round in circles
    Round in circles


  22. Blush

    Spontaneity!!!!!! Last night was just that, acting at the spur of the moment. And it was FUN!!!!! Change is a good thing. Trying a new idea ie: ” A lifer chat room” would be/could be a great idea. But if we never try to improve on the options that we have now, how boring SC would become. Why not offer something to the people that are at the foundation of SC in the first place. The lifetime members. Maybe it would give a little incentive for the newbies to become lifers too. I like the idea. OK….. you can start bashing me now…. hehehehehe!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  23. yorkshirerose

    wish someone would bring back sense of humour,there is too much political correctness i understand that we all come from diff parts of the world I dont care that the aussies call us from England poms i was called more than that at school so i’m sure i can take a little banter now i’m older( did you notice i said a little older lol)so come on chatters learne a bit of banter, but dont call me a Britt I’m English, get out of facebook and back in Chatters xx

    1. Faye

      Rose you may have just hit the nail on the head. Sense of humour seems to have deserted and in place is far too much PC. Yes I call people from England Poms as well but there are those who take offense at that yet it is something that is generally used…and I dont use it in the chatroom unless its on one of the Aussie/Poms and he will know who I mean…LOL At one time we could trade friendly insults but try it now and more likely to get questioned or chastized. It seems people suddenly have stopped seeing the difference between a little teasing and being serious.

  24. macathy

    Seems to me there are plenty of spare rooms on the site now if they wanted to chat….think they have left for a bigger reason then is stated,just my thoughts.the new ones need guidance ,but they want to be included in the chat not see others just chatting to themselves and not including them .There are some on the site that never think of others in chat room but won’t use the other rooms to do it In ..maybe we should encouraging the use of the rooms we have now….like the music room,people come think there is music in there ,spent lots of time explaining that’s its just a room …sorry I see all these things as issues that may help the site.

    1. Carol1962

      I once sat in the music room singing all to myself!!!

      and I didn’t offend anyone – not once πŸ™‚

  25. padraig1

    great blog faye i miss the fun we used to have but there r still certain people in there who told a pack of lies about me during that time i had the trouble in sc guys coming in and having ago its why i stay away now i do go in very late when the aussies and yanks r in i get along fine with them i do enjoy us oldies in facebook its been brilliant i was rescued lolol only last week i went in to the chat room when i saw a new lady in i have known for years in paltalk the two folk who had been giving me grief were in but i decided i’d go in and say hi to my long time friend who had joined the lady in question doesnt keep too well i had just typed omg what a surprise seeing u here when one of the two made a nasty comment about me i just up and left this new member to here came chasing after me in paltalk asking what was all that about i said just ignore them cause they dont have a clue on how to treat folk i told her while i was ill a while back the same one had a go at my wife anyway this new lady said Paddy i saw it but i had all ready sussed them out as trouble i didnt name names but she knew whom i was talking about so it seems we still have the “Problem”

    1. millie

      Paddy, I personally don’t think it’s helpful for you to keep bringing up Paltalk or any other site. That’s one of the problems – members going to other sites and talking about what’s wrong here. Try focusing here and discussing it or stay over there if it’s so wonderful. I’m frankly tired of hearing about it. No one’s forcing anyone to be at this site, but if you choose that then try to be a part of the solution. Jmo…Faye, I’m interesting in the next ‘Raid’ too. Please keep me informed.. πŸ™‚

  26. Faye

    Cat, Lifetime Members are those who paid a large membership fee some time ago that doesnt run out. They are mostly original members and they have found that the chatroom and the chatters have altered so much there is nothing here for them now in regards to chatting. They find that the chatting style now is more stilted, less fun filled and people are tending to take offense rather easily. amongst other things….is it a new chat generation? Through the world of the internet a new room can allow them to go “back in time” to try and find what kept them here in the first place. It is not compulsory for Lifetime members to use it but it is an option for them

    1. Roseanne

      Faye that is the sort of chat I hoped for when I found this site, so again is it fair that only Lifers get that option? I also spend time on FB because there I can chat and laugh, so if the idea is to pull people back from FB why is it only the Lifers?

      1. Faye

        I understand what you are saying Roseanne and have always said a chatoom is only as good as the chatters make it. This new room will be a trial in an attempt to entice wayward chatters back “Home”. Maybe it wont work…no-one can tell. If this, as an unmonitored room, does work with no problems whatsoever perhaps it could be opened up to others eventually. That will be Robs decision. This was tried before by the regular membership and the privelge was abused so more care is being taken this time in having restrictions.

    2. Catraoine

      What if someone who is not a lifetime member is looking for that very thing? If I am right there is no ‘lifetime’ membership available now is there?

  27. lani36

    may I just add a little something, segregation is never a good thing,newbies need to mix with the oldies to learn about the site, it can become a clique very quickly and others can feel very left out , as it is open now ,some are great nights I,m talking Ausie time ZONES, some days are good some are not ,some movies we go to see are good ,some are not, but we don’t hire a special theatre just to see the one movie, but one has the right to leave if they are not enjoying the moment , and come back later or another day, I think f/b is just another social media that people are enjoying since it was joined in with chatters and the members will return, they do come in and out now , and I love to play arround with all . some can take bantering and some cant , so they leave and return another time .but I personally do not like segregation of any kind, just my opinion for what its worth, all life time members are lifers because they pay a special fee, not because they were lifers ,I feel premium members are just as important they are paying more to use the site over the years paying annually , because fees were fixed way back when ,I am lead to believe , please correct me if I am wrong..I feel it,s a good mix having all together and when the ones are on f.b mostly they will drift back eventually, I either use f/b/ or chat but never the two together , maybe because of my lack of concentration ha ha .

    1. Faye

      I messed that one up Try again. Lani we have a Music Room, a UTube Room, a Games Room and a Quiz Room…is it segregation if people prefer to use these rooms? This will be just another room to be trialed by members who have been here for the longest time and they will have the choice to use this room if they prefer it to the Lobby or any of the other rooms. Rob is trying to cater for everyone and this is part of that. During my time here I have seen quite a few rooms created for those who have asked for them only to see them fail. Maybe this one will be short lived to, who knows, but if it isnt we will have some happy members who wouldnt have been here except for this room. Never know, some of their gaiety may spill over into the Lobby…LOL

  28. passaggio

    I find it so interesting that so many people have used the word “clique”. So I looked up the definition
    A clique:
    :a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.

    I have to say, I have never felt like I was not invited to join in with the banter in the chat room. Just because chatters do not stop their conversations because someone comes into the room, doesn’t mean they are excluding anyone. I have been in at all time zones, and I have never seen a so called “clique” intentionally exclude anyone. If you don’t enjoy the people in the chat room when you log in, then come back later when you do. Cheers πŸ™‚

  29. cath

    Have to agree with pass ..the only problem i have in chat, is when a person gets nasty and the room isn’t monitored 24/7 so it spoils it when these people come in, don’t understand why people can’t get on at this time in there lives,ridiculous for all the bickering that goes on sometimes,so im not suprised when people leave,personaly i like all the newbies that have come in to chat since i joined, a lot of fun people have joined and its great to welcome them, just my opinion ……….x

    1. Faye

      Cath unfortunately the Lobby cant be monitored 24/7 but if there is a problem with someone leave a message for a Monitor or Admin and if available Im sure they would come in…and I say it again and again.,..copy and paste the conversation.I have been called into the Lobby quite a few times by someone saying there was a problem there yet when I have got there everyone clams up. We cant help you unless you help us in that situation.

      1. cath

        Yes i understand that faye, i don’t expect it to be monitored 24/7 and i appreciate all what the admins and monitors do …i wouldn’t clam up if something happened, i was just stating what happens in chat at times….lol just an opinion ……this blog is going on and on and on lolol

  30. helensophie

    Oh my God, I must be daft. Are we in kindergarten? What happens when people get into in-person conversations? Who monitors them 24/7? I know everyone’s definition of nasty is different – I have on a rare conversation been offended, said so, and left the chat room abruptly but said good night. Isnt that what an adult does? I have on many occasion witnessed chatters resolving their differences, isn’t this when and how people grow? It may not be pretty, but itsnt the final result a good thing? I thought so. It also gives other chatters the opportunity to become a peace coordinator – so to speak. [Cant wait for the reply on that. LOL] IMO, it is ridiculous to believe there will not be any controversial conversations in chat – it is a possibility in every and any type of communication. We are from around the world. Isnt that the point? Should we not expect differences? Can we not celebrate them? I don’t want my life to be without things that make me stop and think, even things that shock the hell of me – I don’t want to ONLY talk about weather, recipes, illness, and pictures. Do I want those included – ABSOLUTELY! But not exclusively. I want somebody to make me look at myself! It helps me to possibly change and grow OR confirm nope, I am good. If this stops, I am done, done living. I am not. Are you?

  31. helensophie

    Sorry Cath, was meant specifically for you. I do and would fight for everyone’s right to their opinion, and read them all accordingly! What little fine hair I have, I keep…LMAO!

  32. Carol1962

    And my right to sing!!!!

    Senior Chatters, keep talking happy talk,
    Talk about things they like to do,
    You gotta have a laugh, if you don’t have a laugh,
    Then we would all be miserable it’s true!

    Talk about a dream silly as can be talking animals eating coffee cake
    Talk about our pets all the things they do and all of our embarrassing mistakes
    Happy talk, keep talking’ happy talk,Talk about things you’d like to do,
    You gotta have asome fun, if you don’t have some fun ,Then I think life would be boring don’t you?

    Sing a song for Star for Cathy and jpe sing a song for welshchrisie too and dont for get our cef postie and scorpion coz she will shulrey sting you if you do
    Talk about an old girl, talk about an old boy,discussing what they’re gonna have for tea
    Happy talk, keep talking happy talk,
    Talk about things you’d like to do
    You gotta do what you enjoy, if you don’t do what you enjoy,then life won’t be a lot of fun for you

    Talk about the old boy saying to de old girl: “Golly, baby, I’m a lucky cuss!”
    Talk about the old girl saying to de old boy: “You an’ me is lucky to be us!”
    Happy talk, keep talking’ happy talk,Talk about things you’d like to do,
    In senior chatters you talk about your dreams,but then your dreams just won’t come true
    but thats a bit of a relief for me how about you?

  33. PollyPie

    So let me get this straight.
    The proposed change is for those members who have been here some time, (aka ‘Lifers’) can access every part of S/C, plus they have their own private chat room.
    But the members who PAY annually do NOT have access to every part.
    Im pretty annoyed about this suggestion.
    If we PAY, then we should have complete access.

    1. PollyPie

      If you go ahead with a chat room just for ‘lifers’ where annual members and visitors are banned, then the ‘lifers’ should be banned from the annual members and visitors chat room! Are you okay with that idea?

      1. Faye

        Polly i feel that is getting a little silly now. Let me ask you a question…would you also like access to the Admin room and the Monitors Group….it is part of the site. Rob often calls for ideas and this one is something that has come up and he would like to try. This is his option and his way to try and run a successful site. No-one has come up with any other ideas to try and entice back the members who have voiced disatisfaction. Do you or anyone else have any better ideas?

    1. Faye

      haha…it is fairly contraversial though Kate. Not intended but it happens. Rob does a great job of trying to cater for everyone but its the old adage…”can please some of the people all of the time but not all of the people some of the time”,,,well I think its something like that anyway….LOL I do enjoy hearing others opinions though.

  34. Postman73

    Can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time Faye.
    Yes, i know, too clever by half !, hahahaa

  35. Faye

    Peoples there has been so many comments about another room for the Lifetime Members. You will notice that in my orignal Blog I never once asked for that….the blame for that one goes to Rob….as a possible solution. What I did say is that some of the older members were finding it very dull and boring in the chatroom now. If the result of my Blog is to wake a few out of their reverie so be it and long may it continue. On a more personal note I used to “live” in the chatroom and did so for quite a few years. The webs were gathering around me. It is no longer a comfort zone to me so I seldom go in there and on the occasions that I do it is after I have checked to see which chatters are there. It leaves me wondering how many others on here do the same thing. Not a good admission from an Admin but I find my preference now is to do what Im entrusted to do from the Home Page.

    1. Blush

      Faye, Yes your blog said nothing about a new chat room. I too am of the same opinion as you have now explained….. again. But, I still enjoy the site on many other levels and will continue to enjoy SC for a very long time. xx

    2. PollyPie

      Faye, its a great admission. Being open is the best way to know where people are coming from.
      I admit I do the same sometimes, but who is in there is really irrelevant to me. Getting to know new chatters is what the chat room is all about.
      A couple of notes of what you say though. The room may not be your comfort zone any more, but to the rest of us who use the room, it is our comfort zone just like it was for you. When ever I have been in there, it has been friendly banter, and very enjoyable.
      Also, by checking who is in the chat room and not joining in because you don’t know anyone, how are going to get to know the new chatters? I think this is an issue that many have, and maybe contribute to the problem you have with the room.

      1. Faye

        Oh Polly I dont go in because I dont know anyone…much the opposite. In my time zone there are quite a few who will log in there then go do something else..I used to say heading off to do the shopping as there would be no comments apart from the dots for about 10-15 mins. I may be “old school” but I was taught that if I was talking to someone I gave them my attention.l understand interruptions from phone calls…happens to me….but see no need to not log out of chat if they don’t plan on being there to actually do some chatting to those in the room.

  36. PamfromTX

    Chatting has not been part of my comfort zone for many years; it’s just not the same for me as it was… say, 10 years ago when I would stay up all night to chat during the good old days of MSN. I was an MSN Host for a few years until MSN chat rooms were closed down. My not participating in the chat room is my decision and has nothing to do with any of the other chatters.

    Now ~ while chatting… I found myself falling asleep; I AM OLDER and I confess… the fun is gone (for me). I may pop in sometime soon to surprise Laura. lol

    If we don’t make the newbies feel welcome… how will this site prosper? Why is it so important to differentiate ‘lifers’ from ‘newbies’. If the so called lifers don’t get the same thrill in the chat rooms as they once did… then, it is not due to the chat room; but due to their expectations or lack of. It is very apparent that the thrill is lost for many of the lifers. I can relate.

    I belong to another site/group in Aimoo; it is almost ‘dead’ due to loss of interest and the discovery of other sites as Facebook. I, too miss my old friends but was thrilled to discover Senior Chatters when I did. I do what I enjoy ~ post. As Skippy once referred to me… I am the pic lady.

    Just my two cents. Don’t shoot me down. I still have a lot of living to do! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

    I’ve tried Facebook and am no longer a member there due to family drama.

    My chatting days are long gone… sadly. I find no interest in it.

  37. padraig1

    wow Faye u beat one of my blogs i got as far as 86 more power to ur elbow faye Millie having a go at me again lololololol wouldnt be sc without someone having a crack at paddy lolol a lot of folk talk about facebook i dont see them being critisized but then i like to read about othere folks experiences elsewheres cause as far as am aware freedom of speech etc. mmmmmm but i still like u MIllie

    1. Faye

      Pad getting so many replies was certainly not the idea of the Blog. In fact Im really surprised. I do notice though that the majority of them are not “originals”…in other wordfs not from the previous 2 chat sites….LOL

  38. jsmile

    I read the replies to Fay’s blog. Very interesting and informative to say the least. We all have opinions as how to improve SC. I have mine as well. I think the new room would be a good idea personally. One thing is for certain, no matter what Rob does to shuffle ideas, there’s going to be some that will not be satisfied. That’s just people. Chat or no chat SC is was and still is a great site.
    I agree with Millie in that we should focus here and leave out the gossip and promotion of other sites. What does it gain doing that? Nothing! There is no way humanly possible to please everyone here. Let’s offer the best for everyone and if they can’t be satisfied with what is offered let them hit the chat door. Those who are easily offended should address their priorities in life. My take on here is simple, enjoy the good and ignore the rest. Just my 2cents “J”

  39. annemarie

    Faye , I loved reading all the reply’s on your blog. I have only gone into the chat room when I first joined back in May of 2010 and there was always to many and couldn’t keep up with the conversation so haven’t gone into the chatroom sinc. I enjoy reading all the blogs and also the groups and the shoutbox which is alot of fun . Well hope everyone will enjoy senior chatters and like Jsmile said ignore the rest. πŸ™‚

    1. belfastlady

      anne marie i agree with you i went on and wasgreeted well but just couldn,t keep up but i enjoyed the comadrie so i sometimes still like to listen and put an odd word in i enjoy the shout box too though i don,t feel a part of it as they all seem to know one another

  40. krazykatlady

    faye,i,too,find no comfort in the chat room ..and i do look at who’s in and if i either don’t know them or maybe i know them too well i won’t go in…but main reason i’ve been AWOL is it’s just not any fun .. and it’s too much work to be happy happy happy…and, by the lack of messages, it appears i’m not missed here anyways…if i’m gone for more than 4 or 5 hours from facebook i get concerned messages from my that’s my address for now…but you can never tell…the party in the party room may lure me back..never say never…lol

    (wonder what number i am now?)

  41. Vtsnep

    I dont go on facebook or never on a chat room. I never get a response. Maybe I am not using it right πŸ™‚

  42. skippy

    Well I like chat, like meeting the newbies and love seeing old friends, think it is like in a restaurant, hubby and i might be the only people there and where do the newcomers sit, right beside us lol we like to flock together, think chat is great as it is. xxx

  43. PamfromTX

    I guess I got burnt out in chats. I just can’t find any interest. I’m much older now and have experienced enough chatting to last me a lifetime. I started chatting when I was 39 years old and am now 54.

    Happy chatting everyone!

  44. flowersun me has lost it’s sparkle,I still come on ,but not like I used to,I find it boring,it needs some life blown back into it,some of us want a laugh,fun,banter ,I find it to serious,(my opinion)!!!!!!!!!!