Alternative Medicine or Curing Myself

I just recently made a decision to "Cure Myself" by turning to Alternative Medicine as the term is used in the USA. Alternative medicine is anything that is not used by the doctors, or not done the way the doctors do it. Here in the USA, doctors are good at SURGERY and Diseases that need a Pill or Medicine that needs THEIR prescription. I just had more issues than doctors had solutions and their solutions were expensive, did not work or caused more problems than it solved.

A perfect example, I was told to take an aspirin, 81 mils a day. I told the doctor the aspirin bothered my stomach too much to tolerate. End of discussion, no treatment. After deciding to take fish oil which also thins the blood, I got an epiphany and decided to " TREAT MYSELF" for other issues..  I ordered Mayo Clinic's book on ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. I decided what else can I cure with the remedies that doctors won't use???  Mayo clinic may be the Best hospital in the world and it is at least one of the best. I have been reading and using my book and am happy with my results. During my annual visit to my general doctor, she did tell me the fish oil that she prefers, so you might get some help with that type of thing. Just a word of caution; you do want to try to be careful and get products from a reputable place. 

 Since we have to list all meds and all supplements every time we go to any doctor, the doctors may advise  about them or they may just say nothing. I guess some think for themselves more and others do what the GUIDELINES say. It is considered MALPRACTICE if doctors do not use the accepted protocols used in their area, so doctors have to be careful not to improvise. Most doctors are practising the way they have learned or are pressured to practice.  I am told in the book that Mayo Clinic will use alternative treatments. I don't think Mayo Clinic gets challenged by their treatments and they use a team of doctors and specialists approach. There is a section on managing stress in various ways and treating pain with acupuncture and hypnosis.  I am now very curious about how medicine is practised in other countries.

 The USA is supposed to have the best hospitals and they spend the most money but we have are about 37th down the list on countries with the best Healthy care results. . That is one reason I had the audacity to decline most of the treatments offered and seek treatments not offered.

I have been diagnosed with allergies, asthma and given inhalers of various types. None worked. I tried a supplement and so far, I am greatly improved. I hesitate to mention the specific remedy except the two I mentioned, because the mentioned ones are widely known and used. I will say that you need to be very conservative and don't just swallow something and forget about it; you need to monitor your results and try to take one new thing at a time and don't go overboard and take too many. I only take three supplements and one is a multiple vitamin.I take no long term   doctor prescribed meds. I also use my Mayo Clinic book on Alternative Medicine and only take the supplements that are given a green light which is their best and least risky endorsement.

I feel happy and less scared about things now that I know I can find some help for ailments that doctors don't choose to treat or treat ineffectively, like fatigue, sleep issues, allergy symptoms, aches and pains etc. I also am happier not taking their "Cures" that causes more problems than they solve. I am very sceptical of our Pharmaceutical Industry and know that making money is driving the way a lot of us are treated by doctors. I do not want to deplete the government budget for healthcare which is another issue. Some people just worry about what comes out of their pocket, but I worry about all the money that is spent in our country that evidently does not make our people healthier than other countries that spend a lot less for health care. 

Maybe, there are other people out there who can enlighten the rest of us with how or if they CURE themselves. Most of us take aspirin or now the array of similar pain medicines so a lot us try to cure our self some of the time. If we have fever, and a lot of pain or unusual pain, we may need to get to the doctor or the hospital but for all the other problems that doctors don't bother with or the the treatment takes a lot of time and money and is not cured, we may need an ALTERNATIVE cure.


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  1. waylander

    I’m all for keeping the quacks as far away as possible. Oh, and just because they tell you you should or shouldn’t do something, indulge or not in something else doesn’t mean you actually have to obey them.

  2. starlette

    I agree with Way…….a friend of mine was recently prescribed what I consider horrendous tablets for pain in his back, doctor decided it was from his nerve damaged leg when what he should have done was sent him for a xray or scan to get a proper diagnosis, on my advice he didn’t take any and two practising professionals told him the same as I did, he was being fobbed off….the tablets he was prescribed were also to treat epilepsy and were to be increased daily over 7 days, by the end of the week on the full dose it was strongly advised not to drive….quicker and easier for some doctors to turn you into a zombie…….don’t always take what the docs say as gospel…..rationalise it for yourselves……..

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Waylander, Hopefully your doctors are not quacks but in our country and maybe in yours, pills are handed out too liberally and surgeries are done when not needed,

      1. LoneRogue

        As Waylander has suggested, We, as patients, have the ability and right to judge for ourselves if following any doctors suggested treatment is something we want to follow. Many and perhaps most prescribe treatments and drugs that are not in our best interest. A large part of why this is done is because if the doctor does not prescribe treatment as commonly prescribed he or she takes a big risk of being sued if something goes wrong.

      2. len1932

        When I was 79 the prostate docs wanted to take a biopsy as the prostate was in all the men of my family. My g grandfather died in 1907, and every one since has had prostate cancer. So I did the biopsy and they found it to have cancer 4 out of 12 sites. They said they will send it out for review in Sacramento CA. It came back I was stage 4 and they gave me booklets on what I must do right away. I paid for my funeral and casket. They scheduled radiation and hormone treatments to start right away. I went home and prayed for three days, Matt 21:22 ” Whatsoever ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive” The Lord told me that he would take my burden and heal me. I believe what the Lord tells us so told my wife. We went back to docs and cancelled all treatments. The docs were very unhappy and said not to come see them again. I called the AF Hospital that sent me to them and Doc Wallace said she would take me under her care, Over the years many tests have been run and no prostate cancer is active. I am now 85 years young so for 6 years the Lord has protected me. I had a younger brother that took radiation hormone treats and he died at age 78 as things did not workout, a brother 10 years younger had his prostate removed and now a cancer has returned, still called prostate cancer. I praise the Lord every day and pray 5 times a day as I try to serve him

  3. Drummer

    Nice to see your words of encouragement and a good deal of wisdom. I too believe that you are often your own best doctor.
    Take care and enjoy what I hope will be an enjoyable summer and ever improving health.
    Kind regards

  4. Suzan1957

    Anything and everything we need for good health comes from the earth in some form or another. I totally believe that the medical field (doctors, hospitals, etc.) are more interested in filling their pockets than treating the patient properly. I too am determined to not be on any prescription drugs.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Suzan, I missed your comment until now, but I appreciate hearing what you had to say and I believe you are right; we should very skeptical of DRUGS of any kind. The medical treatment in the USA has become big business. Some of the competition is making hospitals compete and give better care, but some are enriching themselves by selling unneeded treatments and drugs. I just read of a big case of it in california. Forty million in unneeded medications and treatments were sold. It needs a big improvement and reading and finding alternative products that are cheaper and safer is one way. I am feeling so much better since I dispensed with my prescriptions.

  5. idigdirt

    When my son was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and the drugs were making him worse…depression along with the disease….I knew I had to find an alternative measure. He looked like a walking skeleton. I researched and researched some more. I got him on medical marijuana which changed his life. His doctor couldn’t believe it when he was scoped after 3 months. Of course he wasn’t privy to what we did. The potential blockages reversed and there was no inflammation in his body.

    I take lots of supplements and am going to start whittling those down. I do take a few drugs for thyroid and depression. That I’m not messing with. Too dangerous for me.

    I am all for natural remedies for the most part. But if I need surgery…knock me out with whatever it’ll take!

  6. bathchairdave

    Interesting blog Rose
    Correct, as were all the comments! I had a doctor in the UK He was a Lord – difficult knowing if one should call him Lord, Dr. Lord, or Lord Dr. he had an idea about cystitis – he treated it with lemon barley water. Lots of ladies suffer from cystitis, few however in our small town! Many years on, after he was long gone I read an article in a medical journal that lemon barley water does in fact cure cystitis generally, it is also the most superb of all summer drinks.

    1. roseinbloom Post author

      Dave and Starlette. Dave that is very interesting about the lemon barley water and Star letter the cranberry juice is good and used a lot here. The antibiotics that have been given has caused a lot of dreadful side effects and a law suit is going on here. Surgery and antibiotics are not as safe as some of us have believed.
      The doctors never tell you not to drink coffee, tea, and soda or other things that aggravate the urinary tract, or to drink more water.
      Doctors have their place but we are on our own for a lot of problems whether we accept the responsibility or not.

  7. erniebuddy

    Hi roseinbloom ?,wanted your take on this idea,there are some people who use bee sting therapy ,for multiple sclerosis,do you think it would benefit ,healthy people ,just as extra imune boost ,? Thanks

  8. roseinbloom Post author

    erniebuddy, I appreciate your suggestion. I think the medical people need to do more research funded by the governmment instead of drug companies only looking to make money.

  9. LoneRogue

    After reading these comments about doctors and their treatments I wish to say that without exception I agree that we all would be better off *questioning* treatments and medications prescribed by doctors. I also feel that in general folks seek the advice of doctors for many minor aches and pains, etc. that could be delayed a short while to see how our own bodies work to correct minor problems. Insurance or government programs perhaps bring people to seek medical advice to rapidly.

    However I would personally not adhere to the feeling that all companies are just after profit. It is necessary to a company of course but much has been done of a very positive nature by companies on shear speculation that never comes to a saleable product.

  10. roseinbloom Post author

    Loneranger, Here in th US the drug companies are making huge profits and increasing costs by 100% to a 1000%. The government also funds a lot of research.
    I know of no nonprofit drug companies though are a few nonprofit hospitals left. One of our most famous and best hospital is a nonprofit. Communities sickness should not be a money making enterprise.

    1. LoneRogue

      How would a “non profit” drug company be able to spend millions researching and investigating new products?

  11. roseinbloom Post author

    Loneranger, just like the mayo clinic runs a non-profit hospital. They pay expenses and salaries and do not pay stockholders. They also don’t pay taxes and are considered a charity. Most hospitals were non-profit until recent years.
    as I said the government spends a lot of money on research, but never make any money back.
    A’s I said. US companies are making outrageous profits. I was told I needed Vitamin D as were many others. The prescription Vitamin D cost $80. I take a multiple Vitamin that cost about $10 for 100 and it has 100% of the daily need for Vitamin. People are being ripped-off here.

  12. LoneRogue

    From the things you have said it appears that profit and stockholder dividends are your main complaint. I was a business man and know that without profit my employees would have no job. Stockholders invest to hopefully increase the value of the stock they paid for. Is that not a reasonable expectation or hope?

    Cost of drugs is so greatly effected by the enormous cost of original research, costs to comply with government regulations and controls and bookeeping (I know from personal experience with Food and Drug regulations) AND perhaps the greater cost is product liability insurance because of law suits.

    The cost of materials that go into drugs is a minimal part of cost to bring a product to patients.

  13. roseinbloom Post author

    Loneranger. You ignore the fact that drug companies are making outrageous profits and that medication is essential to all. I am talking about the US. Most countries have better prices than the US.

  14. LoneRogue

    I would not argue against that simple statement.

    You and I come to this discussion from obviously different perspectives. I have been a businessman with the reprehensibility of making the payroll each payday and know very well the huge concern of making that happen without having to go in debt to do so. You from what, I believe I’ve read here, are very socialistic and government friendly.

    Government has enormous regulations requiring All companies and particularly Drug producers to comply and submit in great detail their activities and finances and the IRS examines their books, you can be assured, very carefully each and every year.

    If you have information that these companies have or are still doing things outside the laws and regulations it is your obligation to detail that here, since you have vilified the drug industry quite significantly in your posts.

    Here’s is a statistic that might make your jaw drop: In 2013, biopharmaceutical companies led all other industries in corporate giving by donating 19.4% of pre-tax profits to charitable organizations.

    This is from an article by Keith Speights
    (TMFFishBiz) Jul 31, 2016 at 2:04PM