Chronic Pain, Grin and Bear, or Curse and Complain

Chronic Pain, Grin and Bear, or Curse and Complain

There is a story about an old woman who had many men in her life. The story goes on and on but she goes to bed with Author Itis, and Gets up with Ben Gay, and she is expecting Riga Mortis. Ben Gay is a cream for sore and aching muscles. Maybe, I need to add that to my shopping list, darn. The older years for many are filled with chronic pain of one sort or another. How many, I am not sure because you have got the grin and bear it and not saying a word group, and you have the cursers and complainers, or any combination of the two.

What do you choose to do? What do you do? I, myself believe in sharing and learning and supporting together. There is a time and place for grinning and bearing it and there is a time to curse, complain, whine etc, and hope someone offers a little sympathy or has some remedy.

If someone had a remedy, they could make a fortune. There are hundreds of different kinds of arthritis, which only means sore joints. There are other reasons for chronic pain, but the joints and muscles is the universal one. If we live long enough, the body just wears out. You cannot possibly try all the remedies out there, though I do like the one of soaking some raisins in gin and eating them. I don't like gin, and I keep wondering if vodka or bourbon, or brandy would work. So far, I avoid most medications and stick to healthy living and rational choices.

Some go on a regular basis for their steroid shots, then they go for replacement surgery,and others have the systemic type that affects the whole body. . If you still have none of these issues, you are blessed or still too young.

I think everybody gets some of these, even though I know a woman at 90 who still buzzed around the church like a person half her age. She definitely would grin and bear it if anyone would, she fled Germany to escape the Holocaust. I know another woman who taught dance until she was in her 90's, but I only saw her do a mild hula. Many of us keep up appearances, and do the most that we can, but some find it less painful to just slow down. In either case, there is pain and loss and suffering from BOTH.

So, I try to deal with the chronic pain, as I do with all life issues, with as much honesty and wisdom as possible. I do believe that sharing and supporting each other is good, but there is a time to put on the red slippers and trip the light fantastic, and grin and bare it. A drink or two may help in this and it is may be less dangerous than what the doctor may give you. I also must warn you that the drinking and all the medicines can be worse than the disease and I have sympathy and understanding for all who make their choice and who live with Chronic pain.

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  1. starlette

    Hello Rose, well be one hell of a lucky person not to develop some aches and pains in later life………well you can moan all you like, who is really interested, no one, so you might as well do what you have to do to keep mobile and relatively pain free, then grin and bear it…… a lot can be mind over matter anyway, just get on with living……..but some people just glorify in wallowing in self pity and taking the woe is me attitude, they positively enjoy it, so be it…….xx

  2. roseinbloom Post author

    Starlette, you and I are saying and doing about the same thing, but a small reminder, we never feel another’s pain and nor do we know their life history so it may always be open to understanding and sympathy.

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    Starlette, I agree, but I know I want to be sympathetic the moaners and groaner need something, and it is hard to know what they really need or how to deal with them. I had them in my own family.

  4. lani36

    May I just add something here, no-one ever knows another’s pain and different people have different levels of pain, some can bare more than others……
    There are atention seekers however , what is or has gone on in their lives might have made them that way, I take the softer aproach and have realised for a long time , that most of those complainers just need someone to hug them and tell them it’s all going to be o.k.
    Heaps pf patience, love understanding and hugs knowing soneone understands can make a world of difference to the complainin g types and their conversations of complaint can be turned around with kind words and a listening patient ear, being non judgmental is a cure in itself in a lot of cases….xxxx

  5. vonMichael

    Life can be very easy if we humans would notice and realize the realities of it.
    When we are young we can do the limbo under a very low limbo bar. As older we get as higher the limbo bar has to hang up cos we are not limber enough to go under it.
    And that is the whole secrete of many daily things in our life, we are not limber enough. Michael