Yesterday was a day to remember

Yesterday 1st March 2021 was a day to remember. Our youngest was 50 years old, boyy did that make me feel my age. The second event was a funeral with a difference. David wanted a simple burial in a place that is remote and will eventually become a wood. David was a marvellous may  who I had only know  for three years through our Men’s Shed. Living opposite a pub David enjoyed a beer and another tale of a rich and diverse life would be forthcoming  David was 85 years young and a real shedder. He made the prototype wooden engine and coach we made for the Children’s Hospice at Ipswich. Ten units were built. David made the prototype using his wife’s rolling pin for the boiler and wheels from a garden fork handle sliced. Another project David led on was building an Art Deco style bar for a not for profit organisation that has a residential home for dementia patients. The idea it would bring back memories of yesteryear. Built without any plans the bar was magnificent, they even papered the corridor leading to the day room with brick paper to give residents a feel of walking down a a lane to their bar. 

Returning to the funeral, open air, middle of nowhere, cold and muddy. 30 of us stood round the grave while a very moving and no  religious funeral was conducted by a gentleman with a rich voice that related David’s life  interspersed with family members giving memories. Love and laughter came over in this dank field that will have a small wooden plague giving his name and year he arrived and departed this earth. He was lowered into the ground with his red beret from days in the parachute regiment.

The whole service was very moving but left me thinking this is too remote and not for me. On returning home I told Jane that on no account was I to be left in a cold remote field when I’m gone.

Fortunately a positive outlook on life leaves me with a glass half full and the privilege of having know David.

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  1. An excellent post, congratulations for your youngest son’s 50th birthday, it may make you feel your age but always remember that age in years is an arbitrary thing. Age of your physical and mental being is what counts and I have no doubts you are well on top of that. Like you, I would not regard the loneliness of a remote location as my preferred place of rest. But, thankfully, we are not all of the same opinion of things and if that was David’s wish, so be it. He was obviously a much appreciated colleague amongst the shedders. Your devotion to assisting the Children’s Hospice and the home for dementia patients is to be applauded. Shedding with a purpose, particularly of the kind your group is involved with is a worthy cause indeed. Catch up soon!

  2. Oh Squabble, giving you a big hug. We are all feeling our age and when our beloved friends and / or acquaintances say ‘goodbye’ it leaves a void and a feeling of our own mortality. The years fly by and before we know it we are called onward to another adventure.

    I don’t want to be buried anywhere. My ashes to be scattered in my beloved Hogsback mountains where life was different.

    I have a lot of woodworking tools (manual and electric) and used to love making things, but only for own use. I admire the charity work you and your group do. Nowadays my grand ideas require my son’s assistance, but sadly he does not like doing any woodwork. Tsk, tsk.

    You and your colleagues of the Men’s Shed remind me of the WWII land girls! Out in the sticks doing what is needed and doing it with a belief that it makes a difference. Yes, it does make a difference. In Afrikaans there is a saying: ‘On kan self.’ Translated: ‘We can do it ourselves’.

    Writing blogs is a really meaningful way of communicating and sharing of one’s ideas. Please keep up with the blogging. And please give me a heads-up each time you add a new post.

    Take care friend and well done!

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