Yep, this is how I feel

I have always liked my people a bit damaged. A bit rough around the edges. A bit difficult to stereotype. A bit stranger than the normal crowd. I like people whose eyes tell stories and whose smiles have fought through wars. If you are perfect, chances are we aren't going to get on. If you are one of the cool kids, chances are you won't like me. You see, what I want is authentic. What I want to see is your purity. I want to see the way you wear your scars. I want to see how brave you are with your vulnerability, how emotionally naked do you let the world see you. Your damage may not be beautiful, but it has made you exquisite. It makes you original, different and one of my kind of people because people like you are the most incredible things about this world.

I have adopted this article that was anonymous. I wish I could say I wrote that, because it is exactly how I feel.

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  1. drummer

    Your adopted article is quite brilliant, I will await with great interest to see the response – it may be the start of something special – or as I know from experience responses will be somewhat limited and may be guarded.

  2. Scorpio

    I think we might just get on gypsygal as I’m one of the most imperfect people I know. I’ve been around for 72 years and spent much of that time trying to please others. Well , not anymore I don’t give a rats behind of anyone’s opinion of me any longer. I wear all my emotional scars on my sleeve , of which there are many , and let the world in general pick them over. I’m happy in my own skin even though one think I’m a tad exccentric , to say the least , but the few people I love love me back so all is just fine in my world.😆 I think you’re right drummer this blog of gypsygal’s might get interesting ! 😊

  3. roseinbloom

    Most of us have been through the “wringers” or the “mill” and is said. I may be cast as a perfect person. I keep myself pouffed and powdered and I am extremely well educated and almost never use profanity or speak too loud. I have inspired jealousy and envy by some. I just thought I was normal and did not realize the impact I was having. I didn’t deserve it. I was born poor in way down a road with no town near. I did well in school and totally supported byself through many year of higher learning. I think I am as honest as any and more honest than most. Most people accept me as a good and honest and authentic person because that is what I am. I just studied everything that I needed to know. giving a party, gourmet cooking, home buying, and decorating and many more. I don’t feel scarred, and I may cover some, but like most people, I have had my share. I read and my books were highly censored, so my role models were highly noble and grand people and I had few other people around, but why not reach for grander things and more noble character. I have studied religion and philosophy a lot and Confusius and Buddha also amongst others but I usually never speak of them but I carry it all with me . I was born curious and I still am. I learned and I changed and I try to change for the better. In High School, I was an Honor Student but not popular. Most people were busy having fun, but I rode a bus 20 miles way back to my country home. I am now just trying to get out with people and keep my head out of books. I like people and love meeting honest, authentic people and do not judge them by outward appearances. I just like honest people who can value me and trust me enough to share their battles in life.

  4. gypsygal Post author

    Hi Roseinbloom,

    Did you write that? It sounds like you’ve had everything life has to offer a person on one side and then, on the other side poverty in the country robbed you from having any fun growing up. Lovely to meet you Roseinbloom and may you have many friends in this place.