writing an art I never had

I read here and often have tears streaming down my face for what reason I know not,
I do wish I could write with the feelings I feel and not read back and think U R one very sad Bastard Steve.
To be my age and look back and have so little to think of as OK times,
Well the song has the lines look on the bright side of life
But also look on the bright side of death, …. Hello Angels U R my dream now.
This is all just thinking out loud when writing it down I can see ! what i do not know now but tomorrow might regret but it matters not for my confessor is me and the only warmth to come is in the fires !

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    1. thank U Powderpuff Yes I do need a friend, But have learnt that a list of names is worse than nothing it makes one feel more lonely so called friends and in the cold with no one to help or give U a brake,

  1. Any one can be lonely if they don’t make the effort to find people to chat to go out just for a walk or something. I know for some people it is difficult to get out but you have plenty of good things to think about like your interests, when you first met your wife, your first car and job, just think of all the good positive things that have happend to you.
    Not sure if your wife is still with you or not, if she isn’t your free from doing your caring and its time to think of you.

    1. Hello Sugrnspice. Thank U for writing although I feel the words R easy ones of the tongue, My situation allows me so little spare time if any .
      The advice U give would be good and there were some positive parts to the past but afraid the negative wins hands down I ashamed to say .

    2. Sugrnspice you are right about being lonely my family see me nearly everyday but for 14hours a day I am myself I know I should stop moping about the house and get on with my life

  2. woodsie, you sound like you may need professional help or resources for care givers. I am in the USA but people in UK can tell you about accessing help that may be available. You are right, that a chat website cannot change your situation, but talking through the situation is good and together you may get more help or see things differently.

  3. Thank You. Rose, Thing is whom wants to talk to someone with nothing happening to talk about, ? I live in the negative which makes positive thinking difficult.

  4. Woodsie, I have a friend who suffers from deep depression like you. She doesn’t like to talk with anyone because she doesn’t know what to say….
    TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL tell them you have nothing to talk about because nothing is happening because of your depression.
    Have you looked into anti depressants? It might take a few tries to get them right but please, I beg of you, check it out. I am on anti depressants and most likely will be the rest of my life. But I am ok with that…beats the alternative.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET HELP! Just put one foot in front of the other…one day at a time

  5. CSweet51. thank U for your caring comments I too have been on anti-depressants for many years and in the earlier days I did get times of feeling great but as the progression of my wife’s illness got more demanding and total time consuming with no outlook, no forward things to dream of any more the depression gets a helping hand.

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