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Hi Chatters,

The design contest for the new SC logo is reaching the end; just a few hours to go. We have had an incredible response, with over 102 entries from 22 graphic designers from all over the world. I have to be honest though, out all the entries I do have a favourite.

I’ll be asking for your feedback soon enough…

To give you some insight, I like the idea of having an owl as our logo. Why an owl? I’m looking for something that is brandable and obviously relates to our target audience. An owl symbolises wisdom, and seniority, and the logo I like plays very well on this; while clearly reflecting that we’re a chat community.

However, I’m struggling to come up with a catchy tagline that gels everything together, and hope you can help?

Currently we use the strapline of ‘Genuine Worldwide Friendship’, which personally I think works really well. It’s simple and says exactly what SC is all about in as few words as possible.

What I’d like to do if possible is to include the word ‘Wisdom’ or ‘Wise’ so that logo and tagline clearly relate.

Your brief:

Write a new SC stapline in under 6 words (the shorter the better) that includes the word ‘Wisdom/Wise’ and Friends/Friendship.

For example – Senior Chatters:

  • The Wiser Choice For Friendship.
  • Wise People. True Friendship.
  • The Wisdom of Friendship.

Please write your ideas of a tagline, that is short and catchy, in the comments below.

As always, I value your feedback

All the best

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  1. Thank you for asking. I suggest:
    Sharing wisdom, becoming friends.

    This may also encourage some to consider the wisdom of what they share.

    ai have faith that you and your team will make a good decision.

  2. I hope its kept for all age 50 and above and world wide
    and every one is required to state date of birth , thats where a lot of trouble starts when there isnt one , also many slip up when trying to get in under age, to us its important to know DOB FOR REFERENCE

    1. Pat, it’s just the logo and strapline. It’ll always be a site for the over 50’s. We’re not changing any of the functionality of the site just hoping to improve the branding.

  3. Thanks to everybody who has either emailed me directly or posted here with your ideas. I’ve made a decision and will go with…. Drum roll please…. ready…. are you sure….

    ‘The Wiser Way to Friendship’

    Hope you like it – Rob

    1. Lo, it seems already much too late at this point.
      Hope this is legal/allowed here, but my research at wikipedia.org, due to your comment, blew me away!
      The article covers the symbolism, mythology, and beliefs held throughout various regions.
      There are few references to the owl as anything, but harbingers of death, illness, terror … and just plain evil.

  4. Well that may all be true, but it’s doubtful many are aware of the negative connotations. What I found and I think is more relevant to us and hopefully something to focus on is this:
    Wiki Answers:
    Ancient Athenians made the owl an emblem of wisdom and even emblazed the image of the owl on their coinage. To the ancient Greeks, the owl is a symbol of Athene who is goddess of foresight & knowledge.

    Taking symbolism from the owl directly, it is noteworthy that it is a creature of the night. Nocturnal creatures are symbolic of inner-knowing, psychic ability, and intuition – so too is the owl. If an owl has visited you, an incredible gift has been bestowed.
    Hope this helps a little.

    1. I should have, and will now, speak to my personal knowledge of deeply held beliefs. What ‘blew me away’, was that it was not specific to a region, nor to a particular culture.
      Having grown up and lived in northwestern Wisconsin, I was raised in an environment with a large population of Ojibwe’s, also known as the lost tribe. In my later years, I was not only honored, but had the great privilege of working for them. Working for them is one thing, being accepting is quite another. It means one is trusted to have their years of wisdom passed on, being invited to a sweat lodge, a sacred tradition.
      It was in those years, I learned of the owl, and all I have said above.
      I also learned that the Bald Eagle, the National Bird of the United States, is sacred. When someone dies, the eagle is sure to be seen. It is carrying the spirit of the deceased, and I have witnessed it on more than occasion.

  5. Listen, I believe in God and no other symbol. It really doesn’t matter to me if it a bird, plane or whatever. I just thought it was an interesting fact about the owl. Each to his own and to their own belief. But if the site goes down…don’t say I didn’t warn you. LOL xxxxx

  6. Hey…You forgot Superman. hahaha
    All fun, and not-so-fun aside, I do stand in support of the site, and the choice and voice of the majority. xxx

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