Does anybody in the UK watch the programme “Wildlife S.O.S.”? About the animal rescue/hospital known as Wildlife Aid run by Simon Cowell ? (no not THAT Simon Cowell, this one does some good)

This outfit carries out rescues, hospitalisation, treatment and re-releasing of wild animals injured under almost any circumstance. It is based in Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey.

They are called out by the police and fire brigades, in addition to local people, whenever a wild animal is, say, involved in a road accident. They receive no government funding and do NOT charge when called out by the authorities.

You will appreciate that running an animal hospital requires access to the premises 24/7/365.

The Olympic Committee/Transport for London/Surrey County Council have announced the route of the 2012 Olympic road cycle race. This will necessitate, they tell us, the closing of the only road access to this animal hospital on 14th August 2011 (for a trial race) to test the route and on 28th AND 29th of July 2012 for the real racing.

Now there are a multitude of routes they could have chosen and they have, I presume, taken care not to block access to normal hospitals i.e. those for people. I say assume, but knowing how things get screwed up in this country, can we be sure?

Anyway, to the point. The closure of this road puts at risk the lives and safety of countless animals housed at the hospital and it is my hope that the route can be changed.

I have managed to establish some email addresses for complaints about the routing are:-
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected] (this is NOT a private email address it’s an official one)

The Surrey County website is www.surreycc.gov.uk

l will be sending a complaint about the route as will several hundred other supporters of this hospital.

Can I ask that anyone else who cares about wild animal welfare, especially in the UK and more especially if you are in a location which will be affected by this or other Olympic events join me and take a few minutes to send an email of complaint about the Randalls Road closure to each of the above email addresses.

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  1. illgner

    I will be banging one out and sending it to all after this. I am sick of how this whole Olympic business has been allowed to interfere so much with mainly working Londoners lives.Problem is, this Committee is so damn arrogant, they will rough ride over anyone or anything in the name of “successful” Olympics. This is a step too far. I am sure there is an alternative. I have joined you in this one.

  2. kingfisher

    Will also send email, have watched this programme for ages and they do a fantastic job. Agree with comments re how arrogant committee is and this comes from the top Lord Coe!

  3. shadow

    I will try and help Way, although i dont watch this program. I am a animal lover ( not just cats!) and i absolutely agree with illgner. I am already fed up with hearing about The Olympic Committee and the harm it is already doing to the wild life. you have my vote..and i note the addesses.
    I have watched this program a few times..but not regularly..its just come to me!

  4. illgner

    This is a reply that I received from Surrey Council..

    Thank you for your enquiry, I am respondiong on behalf of Surrey County Council, and I have copied in the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games for their information.

    Can I assure you that the welfare of wildlife is extremely important to us. The event organisers have done a great deal of work to protect the environment and areas such as Box Hill, which has important rare species. Similarly, we have worked with vet’s practices, livery yards, livestock farmers, dog homes, and catteries, to ensure that animals are cared for during the race.

    Surrey County Council and partners have also been working with the Wildlife Aid Foundation to bring about a satisfactory solution to the access issues that exist. On the day of the London-Surrey Cycle Classic, a community bus is being provided to allow volunteers to keep the hospital running, and passes are being issued to allow WAF ambulances, which will give them access onto the actual race route. Surrey County Council is also working hard with a neighbouring business, to obtain access for any other vehicles that need access.

    We will be talkling to Simon Cowell and the team at Wildlife Aid Foundation after the event, to understand how we can work togetther for next year, when the Olympics take place. I am confident that through cooperation, we will be able to reach a suitable solution that ensures the continued welfare of animals in Surrey.


    Surriya Subramaniam | Business Development Manager |
    Surrey County Council
    Room 157, County Hall, Penrhyn road, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2DN |