Why I Am Not an Author

Some of you have stated that I could, or should, write a book. When I was younger that was my one desire. I love putting my thoughts to paper. The idea of my ruminations crossing time and space and reaching untold readers was appealing. Am intelligent enough to realize that not everyone would like or agree with me. That was okay. I've disagreed with many authors, and disliked even more. All of that was before I learned my limitations.

To be a successful author it is imperative that one's books be readable. Makes sense. This is where my dreams faltered, crashed, and burned. My mind races! It does not jog, walk fast, or even stroll at a leisurely pace. It runs...as fast as it can. My hands, however, crawl. Often being overtaken by snails and sloths. While my hands are labouring on writing down one thought, my mind has rushed ahead and met up with ideas a mile on down the road. Not to be undone my hands jump to the mind's current position. Everything that existed between the two fall to the wayside. The result is a disjointed, jumbled MESS.

Blogging, or letter writing, allows me to go through a certain process. I write it out on paper, fill in the blanks, rehash and then start typing. Still my blog isn't exactly what I had planned as I manage to continue editing until I hit "publish." Not perfect, but definitely better than attempting the same process with a book.

Love, Jackie xxxx

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  1. Linda

    I believe the anwser to your situation is a software program called Dragon. Not completely sure of name. It is a program that allows you to talk as your words are transcriped onto the page. The program gets to know your tone, your style and the more you use it, the more it adapts.

    This would free you up to talk as fast as you can think and write as fast as you can talk. For me I would hope that it would also spell check and correct grammar.

    When I first heard of a software program that would type your words as you talked, that allowed you to give it commands to edit as you talked. My fear was that my writing would go something like this.
    I am going to town. Stop. oops, no backspace, erase oops, town…shit..oops..darn..backspace erase darn, erase oops, erase shit, type I am going to bound, no town …give me a break…backspace…keep break..no keep backspacing. etc… will someone type this for me?

    Wish you luck. If all else fails record your thoughts and pay someone to type it later.


    1. jackiestone

      Instead of an author wouldn’t that make me a speaker? Thanks for your comment, Linda. Love, Kackie xxxx

  2. buddy

    I have the program you are reffering to, I never use it.
    It is not a program to use with background noise or music
    Nor when you are a bit tired
    Or maybe had a bit to much to drink
    And never on open chats and forums.
    As It doesn’t always type what you think you said.LOL

    1. jackiestone

      Remind me to tell you about a letter I once wrote when I was tired, had been drinking, and prone to rambling. Let’s just say it was a disaster! Love, Jackie xxxx

  3. leafofgold

    After receiving 2 Honors writing awards I still can’t slow the picture show in my mind. My awards were both comparative essays. One in Literature, and one in History. To truly write an author must have a voice. And since my voice is not in sync with my thoughts writing is moot. I hear you girl. I totally identify with you, Jackie.