wheres the warmth gone

the first 2 Years I was here, there was a lot of warmth and compassion shown to others here and a lot of that seems to have gone amiss since I returned after a breakaway from the site, This might just be me but even the few still here that was when I was before, seem cool and have no contact any more I am not aware I have done anything to cause people to totally cold shoulder me, I think it’s not just myself either when in chat its not as it once was.

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  1. Well I am a new guy on the block. Everyone I have met, so far, has been really nice. Perhaps some of those you liked are no longer on the site. I am no judge, because I have not really been on chat sites to gain the rapport. Hope it comes up to what you recall over the next few weeks.

  2. It’s nothing you have done or said Woodsie. You are right…the site is not what it used to be. Rob made some changes hoping to bring some harmony to the site and I thought it was a good idea. Apparently it didn’t work as he had hoped.

  3. well now Marionp I have no idea’s then but dose not answer why people that use to share some time to chat with me now not even a hello ?

  4. i have been away from the site for a month Woodsie , but the welcome I recieved from the chatters was overwhelming, i love the chatters to pieces and i think they are the same as always ,,, i find the more love one gives the more one recieves …. have a wonderful day …xx

    1. Lain I was away best part of a year and most I knew have gone and those left seem to be different, as U say the welcomes are there but not the warmth that I was once feeling.

  5. Woodsie, I took a break away from chat in here for a while and have found that it is different since I came back, but I will keep persevering. I hope things improve for you

  6. Woodsie, You were gone for a year and you will need to rebuild friendships. I guess the people you knew have formed new attachments during your absence. We all need to stay positive and be a friend more than having a friend. It isn’t easy.

    1. Rose Thank U for writing and I understand what U say. I am not good at making conversation and small talk almost never, with the situation I live, online is almost the only contact I have with others so staying positive is most Difficult

  7. Hey Steve. Where’s the bird? I’ve been off site for a while to. Only been back a few weeks. I havn’t seen you in the chat rooms when I’ve been on. I remember you were the first person I spoke to when I first started.
    Hope everything is ok with your wife.
    I thought the rooms had changed when I first got back. But after a few nights when there are people from the “old days” in there was a great atmosphere like the old days. Keep persevering mate. xxx

    1. Hello Blinker nice to see U here I do get into chat but not often as things are more demanding now here with my wife’s needs.
      As for the friendship in the room I think it’s easier for females unless one is an outstanding character well really I have no idea just thinking out loud and not making any sense as ever .
      Hope to catch U there some time XXX

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