Where are you on your path of life.

Where are you on your path of life.

The Path of Life

Wrote this when I first started writing on here .reread it today thought I would repost it,as some of you might like to think about it.

One day as I walked along the corridors of this chatters site I came to a cold and windy area,...My mind started thinking over my life how as a kid I thought it would be...,as we in the later part of our lives often do ..I moved around the corner and sat on a seat. My legs not being what they once were....Had my life turned out as I had wanted it to be?...was I happy in the things that I had done ......were there things I would do differently .....are there things I am still going to do?......all these ran through my mind.

My imagination had given me a different life when I was young.... handsome man ,marriage kids and love ....happy ever after......Oh everything was going to be good. Alas things don”t turn out like that my Mum used to say.....“Man proposes and God dispossess.....how true.Yes I had my share of the good as well as the bad......never really thought I shouldn’t get bad as well as others.

Along cane a happy soul sat on the seat beside me ,he started chatting about the weather as we do,then started to ask me questions,...... were I came from things about myself I started to answer,.. he then asked me if I was happy here on this cold seat. Of course why wouldn’t I be happy here? he just said well there is a warm spot over in that place ,pointing into the distance.......then got off and walked away.

I started to think of the unjusticeses in life......I though of all those girls that had had babies back in the sixties .....and the orphanage where I worked ,the many girls who never got to see their babies ,because they were taken away as soon as they were born. as they believed it was the right thing to do. ,who believed that girls shouldn’t keep them if not married.I wondered if I should have been more caring and thoughtful towards them.Let more of them see the baby that was going up for adoption,but at 18 or so I was not as good as I am now at bucking the system if I thought it was wrong .I did go to pick them up from the hospital and let them nurse the baby if they wanted,against strong orders not to let them see the baby,now I tell; you in a taxi with the mother how could you not let her see the baby.I let her carry it .

While sitting thinking a couple of ladies sat down chatting away telling me of their shopping, the things they bought and the bargains they got.......invited me to come for coffee over in that other direction, as it was to cold on this seat .They ambled off as I said i was content here thanks . A gentleman sat down heaved a sigh and lit a smoke.I asked wasn’t he worried about smoking now ,he looked at me and said,
“At our age don”t you think we can do as we want.” Then got up and walked off.
I wondered why can”t we do as we want, we have spent our lives doing as others wanted ,......yes too right we can do as we want.

So we cant really do as we like as others live in this world and rely on us all the time, if we get to involved in our own wishers others get hurt, so its part of the way we have to live ,,,,,,think of others .A man came along told me he was unhappy his wife didn't understand him,he was very afraid he was going to do something he wouldn't be proud of.You want to come have a drink with me over there ,.....pointing to the place in the distance.....After saying no not a good idea he went off in that direction.

I sat thinking where in my life I thought I was along the lines of the one I had imagined it would be .Had I gone down the right paths or had I drifted off to the place that was over there in the distance .....I hoped I was here doing things that made my life worthwhile .I hoped I hadn’t hurt people by my going down the path I followed.

There were many times I was tempted and went the wrong way ,but hope I am back on the right path now.

Where are you on this path?????

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  1. tania

    I love this blog mac…I think most of us have strayed off the path at one time or another, but hopefully now I am on the right path. You have to live to learn these things in life….Thank you x

  2. starlette

    Lots of thoughts have gone into this blog, reflections of the past…….I cannot remember when I was younger having any hard and fast plans for my future, just followed the norm I guess……school, dating, marriage family, never expected to be widowed at 35…….but who knows what fate has in store for us, continued working, had no choice on that one, raised my two kids alone, not so easy at times, changed work direction to earn a better income, had a successful career which I worked hard at, two special relationships in my life, one ended after a number of years as they sometimes do, still in the present one, have no wish to remarry or live with anyone…….none of this was planned, life happens…….. try and take each day as it comes…..only plans I make are travel ones……..choices we make in life determine the path we travel, good choices made, bad ones too………but at the end of the day I am a great believer in fate, and nothing I do can change that……we can do as we want to a degree……but we have to live with the consequences………so have to make pretty damned sure that we can…….

    1. KayBee

      I am glad to know some of your life story Star. Wow, some tough times. I can tell you are a strong lady and I get a lot from the wisdom and humor you share.

  3. KayBee

    Mac, your blog is so good and really makes me think about my life. Several difficult things happened in the last few years, and I allowed myself to become disillusioned and depressed. I’m doing a lot better now, but still re-evaluating some of my beliefs that I’d always had. The good news is, I can honestly say that I still consider myself an optimist! I also truly believe that times of questioning can be very good, can help us grow into better people.
    Thanks very much for sharing,

    1. macathy Post author

      Thanks for reading it Kay ,sorry things have been little tough lately Kay,stay true to yourself and I am sure you well grow hugs .

  4. soundflyer

    Hi Mac, Interesting thoughts and philosophy, I enjoyed reading. Especially interesting with all this stuff going on about ‘free speech’ around the world at the moment. What I’ve realised on my mazy path through life, a little late, probably :-), is that freedom of speech and freedom of action is much more of a responsibility than most realise. It’s something we have to negotiate slowly and sympathetically to make sure our freedoms aren’t impinging on anyone else’s. If it’s a right, it’s one that has to be earned not demanded. Great stuff, thank you. S

  5. macathy Post author

    Hi sound thanks for reading and your comments.Yes I am always telling the kids here that “it’s a fee country but,make sure you don’t hurt others when you live in it.Watch how and what you say to people around you “.

  6. lani36

    Mac great blog and food for thought , i had no control an arranged marriage at 16 ,married at 17 , abusive hubby for 20 nyears ,nothing one could do about that at that time , as the times were different and i had nofamily in this country and was never allowed to have friends ….my life as you have heard in the past , my early life in past stories ….
    after i was on th emend and hubby was placed in a nursing home for his mental instability, he died in a race fall at age 37 , leaving me a young widow alone at age 32 with 5 children ,as you have heard without going into details, over again…..
    We muddled through with me working 3 jobs to give my kiddies the best I could and they have all done me proud …
    It is amazing what the human spirit can endure…..
    I remarried again about age 42 and mt second huby was killed ina motoring accident in Italy, he was comin gback to the Airport after seeing his Mother into a nursing home over in Ascoli piceno italy . so that was that ..
    We go forward, as we do , and try tolive the life we are handed and it is through Taoism that I found peace and tranquility, I guess I blamed God for all my worry for some time and walked away from my …..Catholsism…..
    I am in a great place now .. I will never marry again ,too risky for me ,becasue I have always felt like i was a jinx…..Deep down I know I am not …… before that I had lost my Mother at 17 and my Father at age 29 and my brother younger one ,at 14 y.o.a. and my older dearest friend and Brother 2 years ago, ..
    All alone from my birth family , we are handed these problems in life to make us stronger , I guess i am in a very good place now , writing , which I love ….
    A good family,Mother and Grandmother , … and life is good ….xxx

    1. KayBee

      Lani, I’m glad I read your story, it’s inspiring (as you are). There are many very strong , wonderful people here on SC, who have endured such hardship. I have learned a lot and have been encouraged.

      1. lani36

        ty kaybee much apreciated , yes there are many wonderful people in our world and here in Chatters that have had many obstacles in their path and the human spirit never ceases to amaze me .xxxx.

  7. starlette

    Wow Lani, such a tragic life…….gosh the human spirit and mind must be strong to cope with what life throws at us at times………i see now why you have empathy and kind words for others……..you sure have been there and done that…..xx

  8. lani36

    yes but so have many others Star and now I do count my many blessings but i must admit why was I saved to live this life there must be a reason , so far I dont question it but i sometimes wonder why …. xxx