When is time wasted……..

Was recently reading a agony aunt column, there was a letter to the agony aunt from a women whose friends made her feel guilty because she wasn't interested in joining all the classes out there.......art classes, computer classes, keep fit classes, card making classes, needlework classes, the list is endless.....she was quite happy reading, watching TV programmes pottering around, doing her garden, going out in the afternoons for coffee, should she be told she was wasting her life when she was doing something she enjoyed.....and one from me personally, why the heck do I feel guilty if I sit and watch a daytime tv programme............have I been conditioned in my head that the daytime hours are for cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing.......oooops I am here writing a blog and its still daylight...... shame on me........should I feel guilty...lol......

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  1. starlette Post author

    Hi Dave………well maybe the people who we think wasted our time also taught us a valuable lesson…… a positive in most things somewhere, hopefully anyway…..I happen to think time is never wasted, unless its spent worrying and fretting about things that have gone and cannot be changed….or on things that may never happen…..

  2. darkfarmowl

    I have the opinion that if you are happy and relaxed in how you are spending your time then it isn’t wasted. Sometimes a day spent pottering or watching daytime TV is just what you need to take time out, recharge your batteries and find your inner calm. I potter aimlessly for days on end and never feel bad about it because I know it’s doing my soul some good. There should always be room for other pursuits of course, and it’s good to keep mind and body active and stimulated, but as you have said Starlette; the only true waste of time is worrying over things that you cannot change, or fretting about the past.

    1. starlette Post author

      Hi darkfarmowl, you are of course correct in what you say……… a bit like having a duvet day or spending the day in your PJs, two things that I would feel incredibly guilty about doing…………I can be out and about for the day and no worries, just seems when I’m at home I feel I should be doing something constructive, although what’s constructive about robbing a spider of its home I have no idea……..pottering I can do, its movement after all……..

  3. vonMichael

    Hello Star, hello Dave,

    todays possibilities of wasting time in life are tremendously high. One reason for me to choose personal contacts very carefully. Until today I was very lucky with all the person here on SC I share a friendship with.

    It is in my ambitions that friends can say after we were in contact to eachother it was worth sharing my time with him, with Michael.xxxM

    1. starlette Post author

      Hello Michael, agreed on every count, choose friends who’s company we enjoy………keeping anyone around who we can take no pleasure from is indeed a waste of our time, that sounds a bit wrong somehow lol but you know what I mean…….I have no doubt that friends will say that of you, that they enjoyed your company, sharing of our daily lives with good friends and family is a wonderful thing to do xxx

  4. goldengirl1224

    Who are these ‘busy bodies’ who think they have the right to dictate what a person does – or does not do – in their life? If you enjoy watching t.v. programes, reading, knitting, taking courses or just sitting on the porch in your rocking chair — ITS YOUR LIFE — YOUR CHOICE. So go for what you want to do — life is too short to listen to the ‘know alls’ !

      1. foreveryoung2

        Me too – old age is for doing what YOU want not what others dictate you should do. Tell them to “sod off” – that was in a book I just read LOL 🙂

    1. starlette Post author

      Hi goldengirl, I think the media have a lot to answer for, we are always being plagued with gadgets and devices to make sure we do three million steps a day, well maybe not that many lol……always some celeb or other promoting a new fitness vid……have it rammed down out throats we should be out walking daily come rain or shine, …….yes I know we have to move around and keep the old grey matter ticking over………but perleasssssse, no more pressuring of people who are quite content in their own little world, time is never wasted doing what you enjoy…..

  5. keeper of dreams

    If everyone chose to live life how it suited them and them alone,just getting down to whatever makes them “tick” then we might have a peaceful world……….We are all individuals and we all have our own view points, as well as a penchant for doing whatever the heart dictates.We do not need fingers pointed telling us what we must do …………that was in the past.
    One man`s meat maybe another man`s poison as the saying goes, but personally I think it is up to each one of us to pass each day the way our heart dictates,presuming we are not forced into employment ……….the beauty of retirement being we can rise when ever we like,we can have our P.J days and enjoy them watching Daytime T.V (Perish the thought!) reading the rather sad state of the countries affairs ……even writing a blog!………..whilst outside gardening,walking,a spot of yoga…………..indeed the world is YOUR oyster………..make darn certain you do not miss a moment of living life to the full…………..but……………. YOUR way!
    Dictated to or wasting time is not an option.

  6. starlette Post author

    Hello K.O.D……….well it certainly is no one else’s business, why people want to get others involved in their own hobbies and pursuits I have no idea…..maybe they want to show us how full and rewarding our life can be if we take up Origami……………..nowt wrong with a bit of effin and blindin on the Jeremy Kyle show to liven the morning up……what more stimulation could you want…

  7. sunsip

    Look why be told how to spend your life! if you are happy being a homebody then its noones elses business! We are not all holidaying/sports type people. If you are happy in your life thats all that matters. Anyway cant stop Tipping Point and The chase is about to start, giving me time inbetween to cook dinner before me soaps. 🙂

    1. starlette Post author

      Haaaaa…….way to go Sun…….will be looking in myself…….that bitch Tracy Barlow…….and Leanne back on the game…tut tut……..

  8. sylvestercat

    well wrote stars,our minutes,hours and days are all relative,no matter how try it`ll elapse just as quick as anothers,So enjoy your minutes,hours and days as you feel comfortable with and enjoy those little “this is good” times.Somethings can`t easily be shared and time to ourselves is one of them when needed.

    1. starlette Post author

      Hi sylvestercat……..well everyone needs a bit of me time……just so unfortunate that some people get far to much, then I would say the time drags for them, especially when they can no longer get out and about……..but yes, we should relish the moment, regardless of what we choose to do…..

  9. vonMichael

    Good Morning Star,

    two time-eaters appear to my mind;

    1. standing in a queue waiting until a person find its coins,
    2. standing in a queue on the motorway and nothing moves on,

    ( 3. ) don’t tell others please, when we were younger the time my wife needed to get dressed up for going out. That rocked my neervs, really.

    One friend asked me on day why I’m not writting blogs anymore. I told him, ask Star, she is always faster with the same idea. Have a good w-end,xxxM

    1. starlette Post author

      And a very good morning to you Michael ,queuing at the tills in the supermarkets while someone is sorting hundreds of money off coupons out, and packing everything neatly into their bags…….for gawds sake women, throw them into the trolley, sort them later…..don’t you know we all have a day to get on with….lol…….well a women getting ready, your choice, take her out looking untidy or smart, no brainer really………now then Mr Von Michael, far be it from me to steal your thunder re the blogs……..its just that some days things crop up that irk me , so I write a blog, guess its a way of getting things off my mind, could call it a form of counselling reading the replies………….I don’t deliberately sit and think one up, when I am out and about I am observant, see the funny and the sad, read my magazines, note the articles and the stories, all in the day of a Blogger……and may you have a good weekend too Michael….xxx

      1. natani

        Hi Starlette – I agree with you on the ‘packing your shopping’ – I like to pack my shopping bags carefully, so at the checkout I just put everything back into the trolley/basket, then find a place to pack it into my own shopping trolley / bags. It’s much quicker and also saves having the assistants chucking everything in any old way. 🙂

        1. starlette Post author

          Hi Natani, well at least you are aware of not holding the queue up by faffing around meticulously packing your shopping, unlike many who don’t give a damn who they keep waiting, and at times the people that are kept waiting are maybe finding it hard to stand for any length of time………

          1. cappuccino

            In this part of the world,the checkout chicks pack your goodies into shopping bags,either the bags you supply,or plastic….I thought this was the norm everywhere…… How silly of me !

  10. keeper of dreams

    Trust Mr Von Michael to steal my John`s thunder too………….he does the shopping out of necessity and is forever grouching about standing in the queue whilst others seemingly sort out their whole life package!!!…………another is blocking the narrow aisles with their trolleys, whilst they hold a morning tete a tete with whomever they have met!!
    However, back to the point in question Starlette………. although quite frankly I think we have all moved on…………….I had a senior moment there hearing you mention Jeremy Kyle and members of Corrie…………..and I like the stimulation you bring here Star……….and for my money`s worth keep `em rolling and Michael……………..I will say the same to you…………..we never can have too much of a good thing…….. so keep the blogs rolling!!
    Whilst wishing you a jolly good weekend and perhaps even some sunshine!

  11. starlette Post author

    Well Sun and downpours here today, hope its sunnier tomorrow, its our Carnival….and that will certainly not be time wasted……..and after this afternoons experience, out for the first time in my friends classic car, and the attention we attracted Wow !!…..well could be a whole new blog after it has been paraded in the Carnival tomorrow………what is it with men and cars……..stroking its smooth body, admiring the sleek lines, commenting on its gentle purring……..ever felt redundant……… jealous muchly….lol

    1. starlette Post author

      Well grandma and capps, if we don’t take our own bags we have to buy the plastic ones at the counter…….in all fairness the cashier in some supermarkets will ask if you need any help with packing, I don’t, but I asked one of the girls what if I did, who would do it, she just smiled and said I don’t really know, me I suppose, needless to say that would really be slow passing through the checkout if she had to scan the goods and then pack them……..so do it yourself or hold the queue up even longer….

  12. grandmaj

    Oh ok Starlette. Its only the one shop here and normally people just put it all straight in their trolley and then move out the way to go over to a long bench and pack it in their own bags there. I’ve only ever been to that shop once. Didnt take any bags so just had groceries rolling around in the back of my car all the way home lol but at all the other grocery stores you can have your own bags if you want and the shop assistant packs them in or you can use their plastic bags.

    1. starlette Post author

      So true ozzie…….. all to easy to wear our self out when were determined not to waste time, perchance to dream……..lots of good ideas and inspirations come to us when daydreaming…..

  13. Linda

    Time is not wasted if you enjoyed what you did. We could all worry about things we didn’t do. As we get older, we can be peaceful and move to our own beat, not worrying if we have followed some schedule dictated by others. We did that when we worked. I suppose all we need to do is enjoy our life, move around enough to get some exercise, pick when we take a nap or when we try to move mountains. You can learn in a class or by watching a documentary, or laugh at a tv show or call a friend. Do it your way. And don’t apologize.

  14. starlette Post author

    Hi Linda, once I shake off the guilty feeling of reading a book, or watching daytime TV sometimes I will be fine, working on it though……

  15. Drummer

    I have only just spotted this particular blog – I must have been wasting my time looking at other things – on SC of course. But to be serious I have to admit that there are times that I should be doing something! But my 87 year old frame does weaken from time to time. Gardening unfortunately is completely out and a walk of more than about half a mile is beyond me – but I do have things that do occupy me in a pleasurable fashion – I play an aging electric Piano(very badly) from time to time – usually the music of the 50-60’s – Chatters is always of interest, and every afternoon I have a CD music session, and then low and behold it is time to get the evening meal ready – always have done for the last 30 years – I enjoy it! So really I don’t feel that I waste time!
    Have a happy day. Drummer

  16. starlette Post author

    Hi Drummer, I wouldn’t say you are wasting your time at all, I would say you well deserve your leisure time, and your using it keeping your mind occupied, remembering the notes to play on the Piano is no mean feat and keeps the brain sharp….and keeping your hand in with your culinary skills……..plenty there to keep you busy…….

    1. Drummer

      Hi Starlette
      Maybe that’s what they mean when they say you have to keep your hand in?
      Kind regards Drummer

  17. charles1

    Time cannot be wasted only spent. However one can say, ‘I have wasted time in relation to something I want to do’ This is a relative statement of self criticism. What other’s say regarding how my time is spent has no relevance unless I agree with the observation. Any such agreement would be for future reference and not that I had ‘wasted time’

  18. starlette Post author

    Hi Charles, yes I suppose spending time doing something we enjoy is never going to be seen as time wasted….doing boring things we have to do we may see as a waste of time, but your right, its actually time spent,….just going to have to get ecstatic about doing the chores……