What’s your comfort food?

Everyone has some food that speaks to them, conveying security, exultation and fullness of spirit (pun definitely intended). Many giants of gastronomy actually yearn for relatively simple fare when they escape their kitchens and eat out. What is your comfort food? Do you prefer food that’s simple, or elaborate?

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  1. vonMichael

    I hope you get many answer to that very interesting topic Gael. The best way for me getting to know what my friend in the world like to cook and to eat?

    Specially for me I prefer the good old German cuisine which is to the taste of others a bit to fatty and to heavy?? I never use tin food nor pre cooked food and in addition to that I buy vegetables in the season of the year. To find in our supermarkets here are potatoes from Egypt, beans from Kenya, fruits come from South America etc. which I don’t shop. All of it means that our meals are reduced in the winter month but the vitamins and other ingredients match more our continental bodies. I know I’m quite fussy as it concerns food but in no other business of our time so much money is been made with product counterfeiting like with food. I hope that explains it a bit. Michael

    1. Gael

      I tell you Michael, I do love Weiner Schnitzel. I think it’s the carbs in the noodles. That would work for me alright!

  2. starlette

    I don’t think I have a comfort Gael……………but if ever I feel a bit off colour i always want egg and chips……….strange really cos I never cook chips, but i just cannot face the meat and veg, or the soups………maybe it stems from childhood, I don’t know…………emotional eater, well if I am upset I don’t eat full stop, bored, I nibble if watching TV………….xx

    1. Gael

      Then you’re better off, Star. For we all know how some who are upset will gorge to release those good old endorphins. Only to get more upset when the weight piles on!!

  3. PamfromTX

    Comfort foods are usually ‘creamy’ soups during the winter months or month 😆 , cold pasta salads, baked potatoes with plenty of sour cream and chives, spaghetti with meatballs. Can’t think of any others right now. 😆 😳

    1. Gael

      Those cream soups would contain the fat that gives us comfort. Let’s face it, fat and sugar do though they are hardly our friends.

      For me it’s pasta. Probably the carbs. Having lived in the northeast US surrounded by Italian Americans I enjoyed some excellent Italian food. Not what passes for Italain cuisine here in N Ireland, but the real deal.

  4. PamfromTX

    I forgot to add that I don’t eat all that much during the 11 summer months we have in South Texas (valley)… but love comfort foods during the time it is actually cooler/cold.

  5. KayBee

    Good topic Gael. Sweets have always been my weakness, especially chocolate. Usually, I want a cup of java and some chocolate cake. Or ice cream. Or cobbler.
    My favorite dessert ever though isn’t chocolate. It’s Tiramisu (Italian). Ooohh yessss! 🙂 I usually get it for my birthday every year at our Olive Garden restaurant. Must be accompanied by black strong coffee (even though it has espresso in it). Heavenly!
    Gee, I wonder why I can’t lose these stubborn 10 lbs ??!