What’s Cluttering Up Your Life?

Clutter, which could be defined as almost anything that takes up too much physical or mental space, has a way of creeping into our lives and impeding them. With each new acquisition we lose a bit more space, a bit more breathing room, and a bit more freedom. What clutters up your life, and what can you do to lessen its impact?

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  1. patak

    Gael, if I could only empty my garage I would would feel so liberated. Oh well a job for the spring. Pat

  2. starlette

    Well over the last year i have been having a mega clear out………not because i am a hoarder or have a cluttered home, i do not………….i just like a change, and i am guilty of changing curtains, cushion covers glassware, bedcovers to fit in with new colour schemes………i love design, but i do not have the room to store so much stuff anymore, what i cannot sell the charity shops benefit………feel a lot more relaxed as i free up space…….same goes for people, they can clutter your life one way or another, some drain you with their complaints and moans, you get nothing of any benefit from them, no laughs, no intelligent conversation, not interested in anything you have to say………… some people are damned hard work………clear the clutter….that’s what i say…….

      1. Gael

        ~Ty Rose for replying. And maybe this thread will be a motivator for you. It all just keeps piling up and then you wind up on the tv show “Obsessive Compulsive Hoarders”. haaaa!

        1. laurie

          These programs about hoarders which epitomize the notion of “Mental Illness as Entertainment” are only amusing to those who do not suffer from this terrible affliction every day and whose lives have not been devastated by it.

          1. Gael

            Thanks, Laurie for raising our consciousness concerning that. I don’t watch it as I find it so distressing to be honest and I shouldn’t have mentioned it so lightly.

    1. roseinbloom

      Starlette, you sound like one smart lady and a good homemaker. We need to change what gets old and worn sometimes, or we need a change to brighten things up. Nothing wrong with that and a good use of a few extra coins, if you can afford it.

    2. Gael

      I could not have stated it better, Star. I’m very similar to you concerning decorating and the storage issue.

      The local charity shop loves me!

      As a cleanaholic I have to keep things clean and tidy. Clutter makes that difficult so I do try to periodically clean things out and give them to the charity shops.

      I am the type that also has a problem keeping my cupboards and closets (they call them wardrobes in the UK) in order. I arrange them neatly and then inevitably mess them up again. But everything outside you see with the eye is perfect..Just dont’ go poking about too closely!

      People who need to be removed are and have been all my life. I do not keep those that do not belong in my life around. Many have fallen through the trap door.

  3. lo1234

    I am guilty of buying books. Hard covered books. I try to buy on my kindle to save room, but I still love to hold a book in my hands. So, now I have a rule, if I buy a book or two or three, then the same amount, I either give away to someone or the local library. Unfortunately, there are just some books I can’t part with under any circumstances. I re-read them over and over.

    As for the rest of the house, I’m fairly minimalistic. I don’t like clutter. Closets are color coordinated. Of course I have a ton of black clothes so it’s not that hard. LOL

    1. Gael

      I don’t know, lol1234. That doesn’t sound so bad to me. People have personal libraries do they not? The issue is how are they stored; neatly in bookcases or overtaking the rooms?

  4. lani36

    Clutter can,t stand clutter, always shaking the cushions , putting out yesterdays newspaper the following day , cant stand dirty coffee cups have to wash them immediately and put them away … love to change the furniture around and change the linen colours .. My late hubby used to say be careful where you sit when you come home because where that chair was yesterday wont be in the same place today , he he … lovetochange cushions and decor to suit the seasons warm berries inwinter and cool shades of rose and soft greens in summer and change that scene …. lol
    yes charity shops here are the beneficiaries as well ha ha , go girls

  5. roseinbloom

    A local charity called this morning and I will keep filling boxes for them till next Wednesday. I hope I can get a lot out for them by then. I have a good start already.

    1. Gael

      Rose, if you intend on filling those charity bound boxes for several days it sounds like you have had a problem with clutter and are addressing it.

      1. roseinbloom

        Gael, I moved and have been renovating and still not quite finished. Sometimes life hands us more changes than we bargained for, and I am sorting through things and relationships. This conversation has been helpful. I am sure if about three of you ladies lived close, I would get it all sorted in a much shorter time.

        1. Gael

          Rose, sounds like you’re getting the job done. And we’re with you in spirit, if not in the flesh..haaa!

  6. Suzan1957

    I’m a clean freak also and am constantly cleaning out and reorganizing things to simplify. Each month I donate a box of items to those in need. As I get older, I have come to realize that negativity (whether it be people or situations) require too much time, energy and space in my life. Precious time that can be spent with those that inspire and have a positive effect on me. Learning to say “NO” has been a life saver. Trying to be all things to all people isn’t worth it. Those that are worth taking up my space and time are those that keep life worth living. Life is like a garden. If you don’t pull out and discard the weeds they eventually smother and overtake the beautiful flowers. Thanks Gael for a thought provoking blog. It caused me to stop, take a look at my garden and see if there were any weeds.

  7. Gael

    And thank you Suz for an inspiring post. You have got the handle on all this for sure. Good job!!