What Makes You Go A-A-A-a-a-a-ah, Keep It Clean

What makes you go a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ah? After I thought a minute, I had to add keep it clean. What makes you spontaneously go A-A-A-a-a-a-ah with delight. If you were a cat you would purr, that is what I mean.

I first thought of my morning coffee when I get it just right. I also thought of a favorite alcoholic beverage, Grand Marnier. I then remembered clean sheets and being tired. I then thought of getting a lavish and well deserved compliment. I probably could think of more but my mind wants to wander off in the wrong direction.

So, what is your favorite a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ah experience? It is good to remember them and brighten up your days with the things that give you real, genuine, deep down pleasure. We are older, but not to old for a lot of good things.

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  1. waylander

    Silence. No people.
    Just the sound of birds, insects and the occasional bumbling rabbit during the day.
    At night, stars on a clear night, the light of a moon from half to full, hearing a grumpy old badger wander past.

  2. Rockflower

    Ahhhaaaa…….. a lot of country things, the sound of the ice melting in the Spring and the sea moving pebbles on the beach. Safe in a warm house as an angry wind swirls trying to suck us out in the cold. The soft patter of gentle rain on leaves.
    The dawn chorus and bird song generally as I work in the garden. Hearing the call of the Loon early in the morning and late evening. For Brit’s the Curlew would have the same quality, a kind of punctuation of wild lonely country.
    The first brave crocus, daffodils. Incredibly over the top luscious peonies. Lupins standing tall after rain with drops of water, bright as a diamond in the centre of each leaf. Taffeta and velvet iris in sophisticated colour combinations. White flowers in general. Buff coloured tea roses, heavy many petaled deep red velvet roses, elegant simple single roses.
    Watching a large dog eat up the ground running. Puppies any kind and nice old dogs nodding away their later years. Race horse in perfect motion. Ducklings following their mother.
    My not too old sheepskin slippers, my sheepskin glove imprinted with my hands.
    My electrically blanket warmed bed on a cold night, this gets an ahhaa, every time I slip into it.
    Smell of Christmas trees, log fires, Bread baking, coffee brewing. Little children’s faces full of Christmas wonder.
    Then there are the things that are fleeting …..like seeing someone do a kindness for someone, people helping others. Someone doing something perfectly.The cello being sweet and mournful, Nigel Kennedy playing Bach or Fritz Kriesler, Opera.The old musicals………… Ella, Louis, Doris Day, Chuck Berry and old rockers, old French sings et al.
    My favourite paint brushes, the smell of paint, my old fountain pen and a sheet of expensive paper. or starting a new note book. A new sketch pad, A pile of books to read.
    Old friends and family, my doggy friends….well these are a few of my favourite things all precious. I think I could keep going because although this world is very troubled there are a lot of wonderful things , you just have to notice them. As Bob Hope used to sign off…..Thanks for the memories…….. Roseinbloom…………………….

  3. roseinbloom Post author

    Rockflower, thank you for making a long list of wonderful things to delight. I think you are from Canada, and the colder the winter the more we can delight in spring, which is like life. We need to delight in feeling good, after the pain is gone; the darker the night, the more delight in the dawn. I didn’t make a long list because I wanted others to make lists of their own and also, because I may have forgotten to remember the sights and sounds of nature because I live in a large city. I want us all to remember the delights still available to us. Thank you again.

  4. lo1234

    I agree with Waylander. The very early morning silence with just my cup of coffee and the sounds of nature make me go ahhhhhhh!

  5. roseinbloom Post author

    Just my morning coffee and peace and quiet will do it for me. I am usually the only person awake when I have my coffee. I did mention that, but a very good cup is even better. I will try the coffee on the deck and see what that is like.

  6. rose1943

    Getting up early enough to watch the sun slowly come upon us. The colors are just so beautiful! A sunset in the west can be very awesome. Some of nature’s best….and pretty much all of what Rockflower said. She nailed it.

  7. roseinbloom Post author

    Ponky, especially after having a bath after getting hot and dirty. The sheets are better if dried outside. Dryer sheets are just not the same. Thanks for your comment.

  8. dj

    My answer this week is possibly different to what it may have been previously, but it actually is an alcoholic beverage which I’ve already posted about on my wall. It was a Belgian beer which tasted so incredibly delicious that I found myself saying “ahhhhhh” after each mouthful. It was unbelievably good.