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  1. Although I’ve only been a member for 4 months, it has seemed to me that a lot of the site’s platforms are under utilised. Posts such as yours tend to confirm that this is the case. Whilst not pretending to know either the reason or the answer I hope that it is a temporary aberration. I’ve found it necessary to focus upon one or two chatters who I get to catch up with on a regular basis (generally via ShoutBox, give it a try if you haven’t previously) or by private chats. Whilst this is proving adequate it would be great to be also able to pow wow with a dynamic group of chatters coming and going as they wish in one of the many platforms available. If it is a case of many would be chatters finding the platonic culture too restrictive and would prefer a more engaging environment in which to chat I, for one, totally disagree. There are plenty of other sites that will cater for their needs without soiling this one and I would oppose, to the point where I was the only left in the chat room, any change to the existing status quo. We are all adult human beings, surely having the ability to interact with each other without complications.

  2. Hello Westcost

    Interesting question you pose, only Rob can change either the rules or terms and conditions of the site. Would he do this to satisfy a few? I doubt it. Senior Chatters is advertised as a Safe Clean site. Most rules and terms and conditions revolve around this.

    Lots of members log on everyday, they play the quiz and games and contribute to the activity feed. Senior Chatters is a community not just a chat site.

    Some migrated to another site (lots are on more than one site) We know most Admin on most sites. Admin on that site “set lots free” as they put it because of their terms and conditions.

    Only one member has been deleted from this site in the last 6 months because of the rules.

    Some people advertise on the activity feed with a time they will be in the chat rooms, maybe this is a option for you.

    1. Thanks for your reply. I agree that this should be kept as a Clean Site…but I used to come here in the evenings to find lots of people to chat with. I guess it appears that I am in my own time zone now. I like to come here in the evenings and not during the day when I have lots to do. Cheers.

  3. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  4. It’s a shame it’s not subscription free with revenue being raised by advertising. Also, I see people on here that aren’t in rooms, so they are presumably in private chat. I will have to decide soon if I’m going to subscribe or not. Based on the present numbers chatting, I don’t see how it would be worth my while to join.

    1. Thanks for your reply Marchman. Yes there is a fee and it used to be worth it as I chatted with lots of others from all over. Lately when I come on, the place is empty. I do not have time to come on during the day as I do not want to just sit on my butt at the computer. But miss the evenings chatting with others.

  5. Hello westcoast,

    I have to agree senior chatters feels like a ghost town at times. But I’m just as bad as anyone else who seldom logs on. I go through fazes where I log on and visit my favourite group area I.e Photo Group where I enjoy seeing other people’s contributions.
    And when I can I add some pictures myself. In all I enjoy senior chatters and work around its oddities .

  6. When I joined SC some years ago the chat rooms always had members chatting 24/7. I used to pop in and out at various times during this period and there was always somebody to strike up a conversation with. Unfortunately , this is no longer the case and , for the life of me , I don’t understand why as this is , in my humble opinion , one if not the best site of it’s kind. I’m a lifelong member and I thoroughly enjoy the groups I am in but if they did not exist and I had to pay any further fees , sadly I do not think I would renew my membership as the chatting part of this site seems to have mainly disappeared. Occasionally , I know folks converse in one of the rooms but for months now whenever I’ve looked all the chat room have been empty. I login every day but I’ve not chatted for a very long time which is disappointing , to say the least , as we have some lovely members In SC.

    1. That is exactly how I am finding things now. I have no idea what has happened and am disappointed. I think that I am also giving up as I usually come here every evening and there is nobody else here. Thanks for your reply and TC.

  7. I agree that this site has to remain an engaging environment and there were occasions that were not that way. But I come here to chat and the place is always empty when I am here. There used to be so many more. Yes, I guess I am in the wrong time zone…but this did not used to be a problem. Thank for your reply

  8. Weird situation here compared to not so long ago. I’d have thought it would be crammed with people since nobody was going out and about quite like they used to. But oddly, even now that things have eased up, that’s totally not the case. Maybe things will pick up again as more time passes and the regular flow of things is re-established.

    1. Nice to hear from you tessa. Glad to see it is just not me. It has been very disappointing for quite a while now. I rarely chat to anybody. I use to look forward to an evening of meeting and chatting to many. But that rarely is the case any longer. Thanks for you note.

  9. I agree with all the comments previous to mine and wondered if the social media is taking people away from this site, just to state another possibility. Some google mandates were imposed like the blogs had to be original and there may have been others. A chat site needs chatting otherwise it is not a chat site, to state the obvious.

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