Until I came down with cataracts vision imparement was something I considered as an abstract. Something suffered by others. To be taken account of, but not really worried about.

I have always had good vision, which I have used to good, or bad, purpose depending on your political opinion.

Recently (January 2015) I had need to address sight loss myself. I began to have trouble seeing this site and others. I began having trouble seeing my emails. I could no longer drive safely.

Did it scare me? Damned right it did.

Having had an operation on one eye now and awaiting a date for the op on the other eye, i can come back here. I can see the site again.

How does that make me feel? Pretty good. The loss of this mad mob. Not being able to access my favourite chat site was a hell of a wrench.

I have always been pretty much a loner and never cared if there was no-one there, but this was different.

Previously isolation was my choice. This was enforced. I had no control.

OK. let's be practical. What can be done to help people with my affliction?

I found that glare is a problem, so a darker background assists greatly. I managed to stay on Skype throughout my problems purely because i was able to create a black background to that site which reduced glare and meant i could (just about) see what was being said.

No! this is not a winging monologue. At least that's not the intent.

I got through this because I had a few friends who managed to stay in touch. I was not isolated.

There is another chat site where changing of the background colour on the chat rooms is a standard feature.

Rob. I urge you to consider that option here for the benefit, not of me. I'm in recovery, but of any other sight impaired members who use this sight as a lifeline.


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  1. grandmaj

    Glad you are a lot better Way. That is an excellent idea you have put forward about the background etc. Have you turned down the brightness of your screen?

  2. Maize

    So glad that you’re well enough to join us again,Way.You’ve been greatly missed and its great to know you feel well enough to contribute once more.
    You’ve raised an important issue about how to improve things onsite for friends who are visually impaired.Lets hope this can be taken on board for the future.
    Ive recently been told by my optician that I have the beginning of a cataract…….some time in the future, but the idea scares me.I need to drive in the place I live…I’m a voracious reader and can’t imagine life without books….I write a lot and can’t imagine not being able to do that.Yes, this is in the future,but something I have to face and its scarey.So thanks Way for flagging up this problem.

    1. derek1

      Maize don’t worry I have had both my eyes done but but was lucky that I had a good eye while the the first got very bad, then after had the first eye done 2year’s later the other eye needed doing but that got very bad because waiting time due to NHS cut back’s but once it’s done you have eyes as good as when you were a. teenager for distance but need glasses for reading, the operation take no more than 15 to 20 mins just numb the eye at most just feel a tiny prick,
      Leave it covered until the next day if done on the afternoon, then the next morning you take the cover off and you have almost clear vision then after 2 day at most you then see absolutely clear all colours etc are so sharp clean sharp edges. Everything is beautiful again.
      It’s a painless operation so don’t worry about it.

  3. starlette

    Hi Way, pleased to hear your on the mend, our sight is something we very much take for granted, a bit like our hearing, your advice is practical and helpful, yes we glance at health adverts and topics, but they are always meant for others not for ourselves………one of the biggest services we can do for ourselves is to have regular eye checks, these can throw up all kinds of potential problems, not just associated with the eyes, and many are treatable once detected…….

  4. roseinbloom

    Waylander, I thank you for detailing your experience with cataracts. I know people who had surgery, but I had never heard their experience. Many things can isolate seniors and vision is certainly one. Good luck with the other eye.

  5. cappuccino

    I had cataract surgery on both eyes, 3 or 4 yrs ago Rose.
    The surgery itself is nothing to be afraid of…its painless,but a bit scary,knowing what they are doing to you…You dont need full anesthesia and are fully wake all the time.
    I opted to pay extra for the super dooper lenses,and am glad I did,after having to wear glasses for the past 20 odd years,what a relief to be able to read the finest print on pill bottles etc.
    There is a downside of course…Glare is a problem,not only on the screens,but day driving ,demands a good pair of sunnys…No $20 el cheapos mind,Ray Bans at least,and at night the yellow or brown tinted ones to take care of oncoming headlights.
    Daytime glare may be more of a problem here in the tropics,than in northern temparate countrys,and I find I do get sore eyes after a full day in the sun,and after watching a cpl of hours telly…There are drops available to ease this problem of course.
    Even so,Im glad i had my eyes fixed,,the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
    Welcome to the land of eagle eyes Way 🙂

    1. roseinbloom

      Thank you cappuccino. I do appreciate your taking the time to explain all this. Almost no one really tells what it is all about and the doctors don’t either. My eyes are still good and I don’t and won’t be in the sun much.. Tank you.

  6. annemarie

    Waylander, Good to see you back on S.C. I had cataract ‘s and had they removed and now I have glaucoma but can still see and use eye drops for the glaucoma. The catarac surgery was nothing and could see so much better after I had them removed. Do hope you will not have any more problems seeing once the other one is removed. Good luck with the surgery. 🙂

  7. sylvestercat

    Glad your on the mend Way,have you tried wearing mild sunnies when your doing stuff on the screen?,I`m sure they would help with any uncomfortable glare.

  8. jenna

    Glad to see you back Way and things are looking all positive for you now.
    We tend to take our eyesight for granted, it is such a precious thing.
    It’s nice to be able to reach out to friends and have that support after what you have been through.

  9. shadow

    Good to see you back Way. Interesting blog and one to take very seriously. All the very best with your remaining eye 😀 How is the terrorist!!. 🙂

      1. Maize

        So sorry to hear the news about the Terrorist,you’ll miss her a lot.Sometimes you have to do something very hard for you to do,but it’s kinder to do it than not to……

      2. roseinbloom

        Waylander. I missed you and I am sure others did also. I am sorry about the loss of your dog. You got a double whammy. I hope you find happiness with another doggie, if that is your choice.

  10. lani36

    HI Waylander, I did miss you wondered where you were,, so pleased your eye surgery was succesful, do take care now of your good eyes,,, i too have had eye surgery but unlike your success mylaser eye surgery was only partly successful,it wasn.t cataracts all though i have the beginnings of one innthe right eye, however my left eye has los tthe periphral visio, as Iam a writer i am finding it very difficult to see what i am typing now , being very weak in overall vision….. with the left eye..drops are helping a little now that Glaucoma has set in as well, my eye problem was a former injury that affected the optic nerve on that side of the eyes, so I empathise with anyone that has a vision problem , so pleased yours could be sorted ,Talking abaout scared when one is told one’s eyesight is failing , i panicked last June when the eye specialist told me , so I do understand where you are coming from, our sight is one of the most precious things we have …. I am having trouble sorting some letters on keyboard but i will keep trying ….all the best Lani .xxxx

  11. tania

    Good to see you back Way, hubby had cataract surgery on both eyes at around this time last year…. I hope your eyesight gets much more improved when you get the other eye done… Best wishes and you were missed ….Tania