UK Votes to LEAVE the EU

Soooo, the votes are cast, and the majority say let's get out of the EU.

I think the truth is ... No One had any idea which vote was best for Britian's interest, BUT, they were fed up with the controls being slowly imposed by faceless bureaucrats working in Brussels, and wanted to stop it.

The most obvious contention is the imigration issue. We simply cannot go on allowing more and more people to live here in the UK.

We do not have the accommodation for them.
In our towns there is massive corruption going on in the house rental market.
Landlords and councils are conspiring to let properties unsuitable for multiple occupation to too many tenants.
The laws regarding this are ineffective. Councils can do what they like.
There is no government or other body controlling what councils are doing in this regard. There is supposed to be, but its about as effective as a wet rag trying to mop up oil.
Landlords are making a fortune, and, I suspect many council housing employees are doing very well out of it too.
Neighbours of these overcrowded properties are often subjected to noise and abuse resulting in stress and a dreadful sense of powerlessness.
I am hoping that this will slow down now, that the number of people coming into the country will be greatly reduced, and, that less and less people will be forced to live these torturous lives.
I do the lottery hoping I might win enough money to challenge my local council in court to force them to change their corrupt behaviour, or, at the very least expose this in the media.

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  1. starlette

    Hi thatman, that’s a terrible situation to be in, but nuisance neighbours can come in any colour and creed…….there are things that can be done to make the landlords tow the line………it takes time and effort to gather the incriminating evidence, and then to present it to the appropriate people, not necessarily the council if they are ignoring, there is always some one higher somewhere who they are answerable too…….try the local media…..

  2. vonMichael

    The die is cast! Mr. B. Johnson will know what it means and what his ( future government ) will be asked to do, as I hope.

    I don’t know if I’m right but people living in the the British colonies are bearer of the English passport and so far entitled to live on the British island where and when ever they want to?
    If that’s true GB could be importing people that are actually not been liked and local problems could rise as I guess?

    1. ThatManViv Post author

      yes, there are millions in india alone with the right to move to uk and europe … fortunately, most cant afford the visa and air fare

  3. charles1

    Commonwealth citizens do not have an automatic right to live in the UK. Depends if they have some family relationship with the UK such as a parent/grandparent.

  4. vonMichael

    Look I’ve found this morning;

    The Government lies,
    The Banks steals and
    The rich laughs!

    I think thats explains the situation in every country.

  5. goldengirl1224

    I think you have expressed the reality of life – as stated above – no matter what country you live in, Von Michael – The more I am hearing this morning here in UK it makes no matter what you voted – IN or OUT – there is a terrible mess to untangle – and the question is – have our current government thought outside the box and are they prepared for the demands that seem to be coming out with regard to time frames for the ‘exit’ — rough waters ahead it seems for us all!

  6. keeper of dreams

    My guess is sadly,as with many of these life changing, most important of life issues……. the people at the helm have been too busy counting what it would mean for them ………..if and when………..that no real thought or contingency plans have been made for the fact so many Tom,Dick and Jerry`s have stood tall,voted and made their voices heard… the way they did not concieve possible………..After all, we seem to have been surpressed or kept down for so long, it was NOT estimated that this time we would come together, declaring ……..
    enough is enough.So with no real contingency plans,with the EU already peeved and demanding an early removal………..yes, we are in for along and extremely bumpy ride.Some of us are of an age we will not see the aftermath……………but we can but hope and pray that the same people remain strong,and assist in getting this most awful tangle unravelled……………….so that at the very least……….the future will be bright and better for the youngsters of today…………There is a long and heavy burden to shoulder ahead though…….

  7. starlette

    Sure we will survive, sit tight and ride it out, will all come together in the end…one has to ask ones self why other countries are so upset because we wanted out…ermm…..could it be they love our company so much……I don’t think so somehow……maybe something to do with the money we have been throwing at them at the expense of ourselves, and now the feed tube as been cut……nah……that’s just me being cynical…..cough cough…….

  8. Judeee

    It’s a pity birth control is not mandatory, I am sure it would solve much of the overcrowding in many country’s. Just my opinion………..