“Ugly Christmas Sweaters”

I have noticed how over the past couple of years that Christmas sweaters have changed from how I remember them from years past. We were recently shopping in women’s apparel, and this lady steps out from behind a sweater rack was holding up a sweater neatly placed on a hanger in each hand. Her question to us was… “which of these two sweaters do you think is the ugliest?  A little hesitant we picked one. The lady was pleased with our choice and said she had another ugly sweater party to go to, and with that, she was off to check out.

Now I guess I have been out of the social loop too long, I didn’t know they had ‘ugly sweater parties` Wasn’t there already enough reasons to have a Holiday party without dragging ugly sweaters into it, and put more money into big business’ pockets? If ugly sweaters are the only reason you can think of for a holiday party,   for Pete’s sake give it up!!! Of course, I’m speaking for the USA, I have no idea if this virus has spread to other countries. Maybe we will find out?

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  1. roseinbloom

    I know what you mean by ugly sweaters. Had one and I think I gave it to a charity. Your blog reminds me that I have time to buy or make another one. I am trying to we clutter and collecting a lot of holiday clutter is not a good idea, so I may have to stick to wearing some red and green and making it work. Yesterday, I went to a holiday lunch and I found a close that was read and green and got compliments. He top is pretty and works all year and is washable.
    If people have found good fun with ugly sweater, I think it is a good idea.

    1. missyu Post author

      Hi Starlette, I should have gotten some pic’s of the ugly sweater rage. They are far from nice and twinkly… these are down right ‘fugly’…lol… thanks for your reply….*miles of smiles*… missyu

    2. missyu Post author

      Roseinbloom, red and green are always in fashion to fall back on. and with scarves and jewelry, the possibilities are endless… Good luck, hope you are shiny, and bright. Merry Christmas…*miles of smiles*…missyu

  2. starlette

    Hi Missyu………never heard of the ugly sweater parties over here in the UK yet, but whatever trends in the States usually reaches us………I love looking at the Christmas sweaters, they are so pretty and twinkly……..I think it would be hard for me to find a ugly one….love them all…..

  3. Ms. K.

    Hi, Miss. I made a cute holiday sweater for my daughter’s work party and she held it up Sunday and said, ” Mom it’s not ugly, but I like it.” lol

  4. Tommy H

    Well Iv been looking for one of those Christmas ties that play music. Had one ages ago it used to hide my big belly when I wore a shirt and played Merry Christmas but cant find them anywhere. Let me know if you have one at the back of your wardrobe I can have xx

    1. missyu Post author

      Well Tommy a tie that played Merry Christmas, certainly wouldn’t get your big belly any attention…… hahaha …*miles of smiles*…missyu

  5. Rockflower

    Hey let us face it, a lot of Christmas stuff is over the top even a bit cheesy. Who cares, it is all for a sense of fun and occasion . If it is a bit silly …..Good! who cares people should loosen up, relax and enjoy. So you don’t like over decorated sweaters???? Come on join in the fun.

    1. missyu Post author

      Rockflower thank you for contributing an opinion on this blog…Ya know, I didn’t even think of the sweaters as being over decorated…. hahaha, all I could see was ugly… that’s a sure sign of being old….ya just don’t like change. when I was younger, I was always one to join the latest fad. I think mostly to hear my parents object to it… hahaha…but the Ugly Sweater rave I just can’t get a handle on. oh well season is almost over then we won’t d see them for a while….yeeeeehaaaa. hahahaha…but you know fads are just hanging in designers rooms just waiting for positive or negative opinions from the general public. but mostly for the teeny boppers, who will wear anything….and granted, it is not all bad!!!…*miles of smiles*…missyu

  6. Rockflower

    I know Missyu……..I would not choose to wear one and I would not buy one because well, who needs a sweater you can only wear for one week per year LOL! I have never heard of an ugly sweater party???? but who cares. How ever as one who looks through Ebay, I have noted that the trend is to describe any fair isle or patterned sweater as an ugly sweater, which is a bit harsh. It is just fashion and knitted pattern is just not in fashion now so it is deemed ugly. I’m old enough to tread my own path clothes wise, if I like something I like it.I happen to think that a lot of “fashion” these days is downright ugly to tell the truth. I aspire to an elegant look, I’m not saying I get there LOL! I look at ‘red carpet’ dresses for instance and think most are vulgar and almost pornograhic but that is just me. I looked at photos this week of Prince Harry and his chosen girl who I approve of bye the way. In this photo she is wearing a dress by Ralph and Russo, it cost 58.000 pounds so double that for dollars! She is beautiful does a dress have to cost so much and here I am tut tutting, so I look up Ralph and Russo and learn that some of their gowns can take 3000 man hours to embroider and make….so there are 60,000 pounds right there, basing it on 10 pounds per hour. Well I guess after you have worn it, you frame it LOL!

  7. vonMichael

    I’ll have to disappoint you in this matter ** missyu ** Miles of tears are on may way to
    you! I have to contradict Rock in the point that a sweater of this kind can only be worn
    on this special occasion?
    No, no, no! Here in Germany circus directors wear this kind of red very often. Just get
    the material ( very important to know for Tommy H to solve his worries in size ) Once
    the basic material is found everyone can his individual design to. Let the colour green
    dominate for spring time, yellow for summer, orange for autumn and spring for winter. Scandinavian animals like elks will match with the theme but any other nice looking
    motive can be taken ( Stars tec.) For an suitable ugly look the time of Dinosaurs deliver
    phantasmic looking motives. Just few of my ideas, Michael

  8. missyu Post author

    vonMichael, thank you for your contribution to this blog, but I think you are straying a bit away from the original idea of the blog which was Ugly Christmas Sweaters, and Ugly Christmas Sweater parties, which have a short lived life from about November 1st to January 1st. people say lighten up and have some fun it’s Christmas Time…Then you hear other folks say, Christmas isn’t what it use to be, it has lost it’s meaning. It’s to commercialized. It seemed to me going madly shopping for the ugliest Christmas Sweater they could find, was pushing the envelope right off the edge. I’m not an unreasonable person, I believe every one has their pro’s and con’s on this, and this blog gave them a place to express their views. I think you were more unhappy with me than my blog! As far as shedding a mile of tears over your poorly thought put post, I think you can kiss that idea goodbye, it isn’t gonna happen. If you try to quote me it goes like this…*Miles of Smiles*…missyu Really quite simple!

  9. vonMichael

    Hello missyu…
    and good morning to you. Now after you’ve explained to me what the sense of
    Christmas Sweater is I’ll have to admit; YES I was very rong with my ideas of
    what it could mean. Sorry for my mistake.
    After I’ve asked Mr. Google I have to say; give the Americans a reason and they
    create an event out of it.
    What do you think of that: the most ugly sweater has become a competition
    already why shouldn’t we create the ** nicest Christmas Sweater**
    competition of the year?? Kind regards Michael

  10. missyu Post author

    Your apology accepted, and because it is Christmas Eve, I will have no more to say about it. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season…*miles of smiles*…missyu