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My wife died very suddenly a few weeks ago.
Although my reason for living has been taken from me I need to go on for the sake of a lovely daughter, son and two grandchildren, otherwise I should have cheerfully ended it all the morning Kate took her last breath.
However, I have taken stock of my position and decided to make the best of a bewildering and horrendous situation by travelling, not just aimlessly but to sporting events both here and abroad. But, here's the rub, I do not fancy the notion of travelling on my own. Not at all. So I am seeking a travel companion.
I cannot, at this stage, possibly contemplate forming a relationship with a member of the (infinitely) fairer sex so I should like to meet a (very) straight guy who would be interested in becoming a travel companion. It's a big ask, I know, but well worth an appeal on these pages.
Me: Overweight but physically active, playing table tennis at club level three times a week. I have an RAF background, am a lapsed Mensan, a MIAM, and am currently CEO of an aviation society. I am solvent and can afford to travel up to ten times a year across the UK and mainland Europe, mostly by car. I enjoy classical music, films, play chess, and love animals, particulalry cats and dogs.
Companion: Fit(tish), sports nut, particularly cricket, footie, golf, and (table) tennis. Must be solvent (share expenses on the trips, inc hotel single rooms, etc), articulate, but most of all, must be 'up for a laugh'. As I say, it's a big ask.
I live in north Norfolk but anyone within a 100 mile radius would be within range. Hope there is someone out there that fits the bill. Sorry to anyone I may have bored.

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  1. pollie

    You didnt bore me hun and it was nice to read about you..sad but nice. I do so hope you find someone to travel with you 🙂

    1. bondyboy

      What a nice comment, what a great soh! Many thanks indeed for taking the trouble to follow up.

      Kind regards


  2. tizzy

    I am truly sorry for your loss, I lost my partner a while back. he was only 58 years old, so I know how you feel. The future can look grim, but you have adopted the right attitude, life does go on. I wish you success in finding a friend to travel with and I hope your travels help to ease the pain.
    with best wishes

  3. bondyboy

    Hi, Tizzy

    Kate was 71 so not far off average age, but your loss must have been particularly hard to bear at such a comparatively young age.

    Thank you for your kind response.

    Best wishes