Today is a sad day

Some time ago the wonderful lockdown started.

Stay in, except for exercise (and a few other excuses), keep at least 2 metres apart (why couldn’t they have made it 4?), companies and shops shut down (except for essential services), aircraft effectively grounded.

Oh the peace!. The usual background hum from traffic and the scream of jet engines glorious by their absence.

Now the easing of restrictions has allowed this intrusive cacophony of background babble to begin it’s return.

The traffic noise was bad enough, but today, the last straw. I heard jet engines again.

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  1. And will we have learnt Diddlysquat from the lockdown…… re purer air……no time wasting at A&E       appreciating the quiet so we can hear the birds whistle again…..I would like to think so but I fear not…..just hope the family units will remain close as in walks and other family activities…..stuff that was discovered that cost nothing…

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