For as long as I can remember, my aunt had stained glass in her window.She had pieces from all over the world. Each one crafted by a stained glass artist.

She loved them all, but there was one piece that hung in her kitchen window and she often reffered to it as her 'Motivational Stained Glass.' She told me that she hung this particular piece in her kitchen window where she would see it every day.

The stained glass piece, which she was reffering to, was a rainbow.And on the rainbow someone had written the saying,' To make rainbows you need sun and rain.'

The Motivational stained glass piece was one of the smaller pieces of her wonderful collection,and was not particularly well done.I asked her why she kept it there.She said it gave her motivation on days when life presented challenges.It reminded her that we need to have some bad times to appreciate the good times, and on the days when life was good,it always reminded her that life doesn't get any better than this.

I was at our local farmers market and found a stained glass rainbow similar to the one my aunt had hanging in her window.The one I bought did not have the saying on it, but every time I look at it I can remember my aunt's words and saying.....

' To make rainbows you need sun and rain.'


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  1. Beautiful story tania. We in Australia have never appreciated rain so much as we do now. Rain is predicted from today for a few days, and hopefully will give relief to our hero firefighters who have been fighting fires here for months. Also it will, hopefully, help the drought-stricken farmers. Rain for us now is pure gold!

    1. Thank you FEY, yes you certainly need some rain, we have had lots of it this past couple of weeks, even a small tornado hit Ulverston, tearing trees down in the cemetery, also chimneys and roof tiles were brought down.I have been remembering Australia in my Prayers, Keep Safe.

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