Time to farewell Sc

I have been a member on this site for about 6 years and when I first joined, it was a great site and I met some great people got to know a lot about them and still chat to them....in other places because they have either been banned or have left for whatever reason. Im at a loss to understand how a site that was such fun and full of people discussing all sorts of things got to where it is now...empty most of the time...and people afraid to state their opinion for fear of being banned....its ridiculous....we are supposedly adults who should be able to hear each others opinions without reporting things to admin because someone upset you...grow up...anyway....I read Ways blog about how people have disappeared and we never know where they went....just letting anyone who cares know where I have gone....

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    1. TopCat1948

      Well I will certainly keep going and hopefully will meet some lovely people. I always like to think of myself as positive and look on the bright side of things, something which sometimes can be hard in this crazy world of ours. Anyway folks if there are any people out there in Computer land who would like a chat and maybe share some stories, it would be great. Life is short isn’t it? and I’m determined to make the most of ‘dare I say’ SENIOR years lol. Happy New Year to you all and looking for 2017 and whatever it brings.

    2. Cloudless13

      No don’t go yet, I have also only just joined, I am fussy darling and can say this looks a good place… So don’t let negativity spoil your experience. If things are not so good maybe time to help bring on some happy vibes.

      1. Drummer

        Hi There!
        I was just wondering if you were aware of the new policy from management where they split your blog into 2 or 3 pieces and insert ADVERTS
        in the spaces created.
        Like I say .. just wondering.
        Hope you are well, Kind regards Drummer

    3. Peggyebritton

      I have been here about six years now , I love it , we used to have a lot of fun a couple of years ago When Linda Made up some very funny Things for us all to join in , l miss all the dressing up we used to do , but very pleased to say she is back , so look out for some good laughs , I’m sure all my friends agree on here what a laugh it used to be , Peggy

  1. catalpa

    I’m sorry to hear that Ozzie…. but do understand and share your thoughts about the impact of changes. Best wishes to you always.

  2. Sansoar

    I have just joined, too and am hoping that the concerns expressed can be improved upon. With new members checking SC out each day, maybe we can all strive to support and promote an open, inclusive and welcoming online community. I am committed to trying !

    1. Cloudless13

      Yaaaaaaa way to go, you have just the right ideas,,,,,life is to short, we need to be talking, laughing and singing from the keyboards….. asking each other questions and learning from each other, and supporting those who need a bit of support,,,,,,,

  3. starlette

    Very rarely do I go into the chat room ozzie, but I have heard so much feed back from those who do, heard it being likened to a concentration camp with over zealous monitors/admins, power gone to their heads apparently……..yes I too remember when more or less anything went, just silly risqué chat but most enjoyed it, innuendos were rife, but where was the harm…….it is a site for the after 50s after all, not a children’s crèche………..more rooms were introduced offering a choice for the more serious chatter and the jokey ones, but even that was condemned for creating a them and us situation…….but on a site we are all them and us….we are all different, and some chatters have more in common with some than others, that’s natural, its the way of the world………and so the world turns…..

  4. roseinbloom

    Ozzie, I am sorry to see you go, and hang around and it may change for the better,
    At least check back and stay in touch.
    I like the attitude of the new member in Making a commitment to make changes ourselves, but I do feel that yt admin needs to make some staff changes.
    When the most like and interesting people go, what do we have left? I am a lifetime member and I am not here much and I was in chat about two days ago and all of a sudden I had no access right after a particular admin arrived. I had only said hello and mentioned my pneumonia shot which should have not “provoked anyone”. That sort of things has happened several times and I just thought it was a computer malfunction.

  5. sugrnspice

    Sorry to see you go Ozzie, I agree with what Way has said.
    At least we all know why you are leaving and you haven’t just vanished.
    Look at the time you have been here as a chapter in your life, hope the next chapter is just as good or better.

  6. Sansoar

    Earlier I talked about my commitment to SC as a new member so I decided to make it more measurable and perhaps others may feel inspired to be a bit more active.
    I am planning to contribute in three ways 4-5 times a week:
    1. offer 2 comments in group areas
    2. write 2 private messages;
    3. request 2 new friends.

    I will strive to do this for 3 weeks and see how it goes!

    1. ohcarol62

      Oh my word ! How organised are you ? 🙂 Great Stuff and hope it goes fab for you ..
      Unfortunately I am very chaotic and get by on a wing and a prayer I quite like like the element of surprise 🙂

  7. Faye

    On S/C Monitors or Admin. dont create the content in the chatroom……the chatters do. We just oversee it to make sure there is no cussing, insulting or other nasty stuff that shouldn’t be in a clean chatroom. After all isnt it because its classed as a clean chat site that most people joined. If they didnt want such a site there are plenty of others out there where they can break as many of S/C rules as they like….it doesn’t affect this site. As someone mentioned elsewhere recently there was a time when ‘waxing’ chatters become a common thing to do in chat and it was fun with lots of laughter. I don’t recall anyone being banned for that discussion although there were some that weren’t so happy with it….they would leave and return when chat was more to their liking.
    As adults you don’t like rules…sorry to tell you this but there are rules everywhere….in the workplace, in the schools, on public transport and the list could go on and on. Even in your own homes you probably have rules….( eg…control your littlies when they visit. Ive worked years to get nice things and this is not tornado alley)….that kind of thing.
    So wake up…….YOU determine what the subject line is and if it is boring and not to your liking you either leave the room or you make a new subject…remembering of course that there may be 2 or 3 subjects going at any one time and you arent expected to agree or join in with them all.

      1. Faye

        vonMichael..Site rules plus common sense and decency. We work within the instructions given to us by site owner

    1. ozzie59 Post author

      Yes Faye…we are adults…we realise there are rules everywhere. I just wonder what sort of rules justify banning life members and members who were admin from this site? And from what I have heard, no correspondence will be entered into!…Once youre banned, apparently you have no come back…even if other members object to these bans, nobody listens. Where is the fairness in that?

      1. Faye

        So, if i understand it correctly, if youre a Lifetime Member or an ex Admin. you should be exempt from the rules of the site. Right? That is how I read your comment. Is that fair to everyone else?

        1. ozzie59 Post author

          No faye…thats not what I said…I wonder why there is no consideration given to anyone who is banned even though many object to the bans….and as for your comments about members choosing topics to discuss…fine…but when private conversations are not so private….why have peoples private conversations been listened to???

          1. Faye

            Ozzie you seem to have considerable misinformation. Such a shame people don’t check out these things with the right people before saying these things. Those with an ‘axe to grind’ will tell the gullible almost anything.

    2. sassy

      Yes faye, I recall the waxing sessions … they were fun indeed! I preferred to handle the body piercings… I tried to be gentle, but there was more pain involved, depending on where the stud was being placed… lol

  8. catalpa

    Your description of the functional workings of the chat room are somewhat optimistic, Faye, with all respect. The roles and value of the administrative staff are appreciated in the roles that you mention, agreed. Nobody questions their necessity in their intended purpose. It was kind of Ozzie to say farewell, and possibly felt accountable to indicate a reason, which is her right.

    1. Faye

      I agree re, Ozzie. My comments were directed more to the newbys who, it appears, may be getting less than positive commentary on content of chat. We are all sorry to see Ozzie leave but it is her choice to do so and maybe one day she will return.

      1. ozzie59 Post author

        Im sorry that I cant give more positive commentary to the newbies…but I tell it like I see it. I thought the admin were there to weed out intruders etc…not to ban people for comments made…and especially life members!! Its insane!

  9. foreveryoung2

    Hi ozzie, I too remember great times in chat, but I don’t go into chat as, with my group posts, I don’t have time to chat unless it’s one on one. If you are a premium lifetime member just have a break DON’T LEAVE. I had a lengthy break a couple of years ago for personal reasons and came back as I missed SC. I have made some wonderful friendships here, and yes some of my old friends have gone for one reason or another, and I miss them, but life goes on. You don’t have to chat, there are plenty of Groups to get involved with, or you can create your own. If you are unhappy with a chat – leave – and come in another time. We are SENIOR chatters. To the Newbies don’t get discouraged – SC is a great site – we only know each other through cyber space so how can we get ourselves so upset that we want to leave when really we don’t know each other at all. Stay positive, and if chat upsets you, leave and come in another time.

  10. cefnrider

    As a long time member who can now take it or leave it and mostly leaving it,I am sorry ozzie is leaving because we had some good old ding dongs in our day but still came back next day for more lolol If you cant take it dont give it but it appears some ppl like to give it but cant take it and report other members which is tragic for trust on the site.
    Take care Ozzie and sit back and relax

  11. sassy

    Ozzie, as our time differences allowed, we didn’t chat often, however your presence in the room is always a welcoming, warm and joyous spirit. Sorry to see you go. Something to think about before you leave is, if you are a lifetime member, sit on the sidelines for a while, then revisit from time to time, perhaps the dynamics and atmosphere will change to suit you better. I certain that you will be missed by several members.

  12. Scorpio

    Wow. This all has opened a real can of worms. I don’t have any new points to make except I tend to agree with all the points raised. I really will miss you ozzie and wish you all the very best for the future.

  13. jw1953

    Ozzie I respect your decision as being correct for you. Wish you all the best in life and perhaps we’ll meet again

  14. bathchairdave

    We always had fun. I came to know you well. Your leaving saddens ol dave.
    Take a long break like I did for a year. When I came back the site was a ruin, all the funny ikons had been fired – there is nobody in the community room, but there is always a glimmer of hope. I for one would always love to see yer ragged arse come back and visit from time to time xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx an you know I never do x’s

    1. ozzie59 Post author

      Dave…we sure had fun!! I am taking a break only because it just got so bloody ridiculous in the chat room…people reporting others and blah blah….people getting banned for saying whatever they wanted….I miss your sense of humour…and lots of xxxxxxx”s right back at you…and oh I feel so special…hahahaha….