This Damned virus……

Hello peeps…….i am sure by now we are all so fed up with living with Coronavirus…….its been dictating to us for months now…….how we can travel……where we can go, or not go as is the case…..who we can mix with…….butttt there have been some positives and changing of habits………for myself i no longer have a interest in browsing the shops for clothes, was no places open to wear them so seemed pointless…….thats a habit i wont resume again because i have more than enough even after having donated loads to the charity shops………food…..used to amble around the supermarkets most afternoons and of course buying the ” bargains “…..freezer always full, enough to last for weeks which did actually come in handy initially when shopping was a nightmare, made worse by greedy shoppers causing shortages…….now i use what i have in store and waste very little compared to before……i did find people became more helpful and friendly…….communities were pulling together….think that has slipped somewhat….all the traffic back on the roads and already being said air pollution up again………what have you learnt or changed because of the virus ……..

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  1. The main thing that has changed is Only shopping for food once a week. We used to go shopping on Saturday and fill the car and cupboards up with food. But as the bread never lasted past Wednesday and there was always something that the boys would want in the week. I tended to pop into M&S or Supervalu to get extra things. It would be after school, so youngest would end up asking for treats and other bit. We are saving an absolute fortune. I had not realised how it all adds up over the week and then the month.  🙂

    1. Hello Dominic……great name by the way…….my grandsons name too…….quite agree on the shopping …….how often do we go to the shops for a couple of items and leave with a basket full, we are sooooo easily tempted to buy stuff we dont really need…….well hopefully the money you have saved will buy you a nice holiday or some luxuries you would never have treated yourself to

      1. Thank you, I would like to take credit, but it was my mums choice, lol. Its fantastic that your son or daughter picked the name. When I went to school in the early 70’s there were loads of Dominic’s. Now its becoming pretty rare, So it is always nice to see it still get picked from time to time 🙂
        Exactly, It has also meant that I am not as fussy as I was. I had really become fixed to the big brand labels. Because the shops were running out of a lot of the items. It meant that we were trying different brands and different things from our usual shop. A lot of the non branded items are actually better than or as good as the big names. So another good thing to come out of the covid 19 lockdown 🙂

  2. Virus? what virus? 😉
    Sad this takes a wee micro bug to get people to come together. I wish everyone good health and stay safe. As did our grandparents during the war times, so will we overcome these hardships.

    1. Hello Nightflyer….,.well i do kinda get what you are saying…. what Virus…….as time has gone on since the full lockdown i am now thinking was it necessary to do that………was it necessary to all become petrified by the gloom and doom merchants, but the way i see it now is that the powers that be didnt know how to react or what to do at the time………i feel annoyed and sad that all the loss of jobs and business could have been avoided…….i am no expert on pandemics by any means, but i feel that the rise in infections is because people are now getting tested so we now have actual numbers …….admittance to hospitals and deaths are practically zero which can only be a good thing………its a huge shame that the community spirit has very quickly disappeared…….but Hey Ho thats the way of the world……but actually thats not quite true……in many other countries where they have very little, they lend a hand and share their last bit off food with strangers……

      1. Make no mistake Star the virus is very hard and real people have died. But the governments have been using this as an excuse for their own agendas, America, for example. It is logical to me that if all the governments would just say hey let us stop all the bickering and use all our experience, tech, and resources to fix this bug that is killing people now and later we can always come back and play patty cake like kiddies.
        I am curious, how many officials making all these rules and this and that, have had to take out a fast loan at 30% interest just to pay the bills and put food on the table because of the lack of work? Shops are shut down etc… Sound like I am mad? Damn Right I am and others should be too.

        1. Hi Nightflyer…..and yet again today more muddled dos and donts…… we keep easing off restrictions when relevant numbers are down, then close down when we have a spike….that can go on forever……until there is a vaccine i am afraid that is the future….

  3. In a nutshell, nothing.
    New Brunswick Canada:
    population in the province 761,000
    192 total confirmed cases as of September 6th, 2020
    187 total recovered
    3 total active
    2 deaths, an 84 year old back in June 4th, 2020 and another elderly man with underlying conditions, in the 80-89 year range who died by June 13th, 2020. Both in the same nursing home.
    It’s such a dangerous disease that you have to be tested to see if you have it.
    In our community, mothers are gathering today and protesting this afternoon about the measures used for back to school for children. If I still had kids in school, I’d attend. The mothers know that something doesn’t add up and it’s traumatizing the children.
    Time for the frogs to wake up and get out of the pot while the water is still only warm.

    1. Hello David….well the figures speak for themselves………i look around and most people are wearing masks, lots are not, whats the point unless everyone wears one…..because i have been somewhat brainwashed and frightened to death way back in March i still keep my distance and will wear a mask in the supermarket……will i ever feel safe again around people who knows……will i forget the art of making conversation with strangers when out and about…….will i become so accustomed to my own company that i dont feel the need to go out except for essential shopping…… many more people will take their own lives because the prospect of not getting out and about to take their minds off worries tipped them over the top…….i am just thinking we have to get back to normality as soon as possible and take what comes………anyway we have Brexit rearing its head again to focus on, so the virus takes a back seat for now….

    2. I really don’t understand any of it anymore I just want a normal life but why does no one do the maths world wide nearly one million deaths and know I’m not making light of that no one wants to loose a love one but unfortunately no one lives for ever but there are 7.7 billion people in the world to one million deaths

  4. Well I saved a lot my garden looking good and all my drawers wardrobe are all half full as I’ve had good sort Decided I will only buy more if I can tell myself I honestly need it but on the other side I put the mask I don’t know why but I just change and I really don’t feel like me. Guess that why I’m saving I only go food shopping and only buy what I need

    1. Hello Alemap…….i said exactly the same ……,had a massive clear out but since bought some more new clothes…….why…….i have no idea cos i dont need them, far from it, and where am i going, nowhere like everyone else… a little Twixmas break booked, will it happen, who knows…..seems we are now moving back to square one…….just have a uneasy feeling this time around, dont think people will be frightened into following the new restrictions………

      1. My husband was trying to tell me Christmas will be cancelled told him straight santa works alone so no problem he be at all the grandkids oh well looks like I might be spending what I saved lol

  5. Now there are more restrictions imposed we are in virtual lock down again in all but name and they won’t be eased for some considerable time, where I live none essential travel on public transport isn’t encouraged or should I say discouraged I am at a loos for what do do or even think about the future.

    1. Hello phillmanc, i hear what you say…….i was not paranoid first time around but did stay indoors, ordered my shopping off line, to be fair i had recently had a ankle opp so didn’t have much choice…..this time i will still comply with the restrictions but refuse to become a prisoner in my home again…….going to take my chances going into shops and cafes, masked and distance obeying of course……what will be will be is now my take on the whole damned virus…….