1. skippy

    so true tess lol,my nearly 92 year old mother said to me this week how can you be nearly 67 lol. Life has been fantastic, especially the last 40 years, have done what i wanted and enjoy every day and remember loved ones gone so really they are still here, so aches etc are a pain in the butt, so what we are still here, able to spread some joy around and enjoy the simple things of life watching the sun come up, birds singing being a mentor to others, feeling like we contribute to society every day through work or just being here as the people we are. Yes it does go fast all the more reason to spread some cheer i think.

  2. merver

    Very nice blog, Tessa. I really enjoyed the read and agree with so much of what’s written there. Thanking you for posting. merver

  3. starlette

    Well my grandson must have a old head on his shoulder’s , he’s only 20 and at uni, these are is sentiments exactly, he does bar work to fund his activities and boy does he get the most out of his life, wish i would have had the hindsite he does. Lovely and very thought provoking blog Tessa.

  4. goldengirl1224

    Very true and poignant sentiments, Tessa. Its something that we all come to at some point – if we are lucky – and most of us never expect it to come to us.

    Can relate to the ‘nap’ periods and falling asleep with the TV – very maddening when I miss the last 10 minutes of some really gripping drama I have been watching. Thank goodness for iPlayer!

    And….thank you for sharing this.

  5. lani36

    tessa, what a wonderful insight, we do have to live our lives to the full, only last week a friend said to me how can you travel all the way to England and make a new life at your age, my answer was, well as I was so busy up until now being a wife, a Mother A carer, A student, and now a Grandmother, now is the only time I have, and each day I live its going to be an adventure. until my time is up, its not a challenge, its a gift I have been given to have stayed well enough, long enough to take on this marvelous new life and i,m going to enjoy it to the full, as long as theres trees to hug and flowers and rainbows, sunshine rain and yes snow, I will be happy.

  6. foreveryoung2

    Wonderful blog tessa. The strange thing about growing old is that the body is old but the mind is still young – the mind says go, but the body says no LOL xoxox

  7. Diana

    Lovely blog , and so true…i often ponder where did the time go?? and, it seems like a life-time ago that i was young..truly enjoyed this, thank you for posting Tessa