The Thoughts of Chairman Waylander

Groups I don’t join much. Forums I have little interest in and the Blogs seem to be being policed for correctness and appropriateness of the entries made there by both ”The Management” (as is their right I suppose) and self appointed members of the SCPCP (Senior Chatters Political Correctness Police), so that just leaves the wall.

I have set my wall privacy levels so that only those who have been kind enough to request me as a friend and those who have taken the enormous leap of either faith, or perhaps lunacy, to accept my request for friendship, can see my musings.

From time to time I will post things on my wall that either interest me or have meaning to me and yes sometimes the things that anger me.

While my intent will never be to shock, disgust or offend individuals I am aware enough of my personality and my writing style to know that sooner or later I will. So I apologise in advance to those I will without doubt offend at some time and remind them that they are free to either respond or press the ”cancel friendship” button at any time.

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  1. mari4478

    Well said Way!!! Mutters to herself must behave myself when around Way, will just sit in a corner quietly then he wont notice me. lol

  2. grandmaj

    Sorry mispelling, I meant Ditto. A few things I say about Waylander and why I like him as a friend is.
    He says what he thinks, tells it like it is. Doesnt beat around the bush(actually those three things all mean the same thing) But anyway. He will tell you if you say somthing he doesnt like, not complain behind your back. He is upfront and you know where you stand. Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth lol

    1. skippy

      I so agree gran, I love upfront people like way and yourself, hate the games some people play, like everything out in the open. Excellent blog way, thank you xxx

  3. patricia

    way i look upon you as a gent, your honest in your words and your always straight to the point , no messing, //// pay me later joking , known you from day one and i remember it very well , at least we got a laugh from it when you realised i was joking around lol dave has retired poor dave

  4. debz

    Yes way, I do ‘get’ you real person real people, that’s what I like!!!!, excellent post!!!!…. I just hope you don’t defriend me!!!!…..


  5. Catraoine

    I have enjoyed what I have seen of your ‘musings’, and yes If I don’t like something, I will stop reading and move along…called free will I believe…I hope to see more from you…:)

  6. lani36

    way, love it when you frown, lol a man who only speaks when he has something intelligent to say agree or disagree worth the read whatever you write, must look and see if we are friends ha ha way to go way. xxxx.

  7. PollyPie

    Like Cat, Its all about free will. There are so many people on SC and you cant expect to please everyone. Now and again we will all say something that will be taken the wrong way, or misunderstood and different opinions. As long as its a persons ‘opinion’ we are all allowed that.
    Hats off to you Way. 😉 🙂

  8. georgia

    Way, came upon this old post as I was making not so PC comments on other blogs. I am not here to win a popularity contest, much like you. I rarely comment on blogs, but when I do, I become known as a dissenter. That is okay by me. I try to live my life best on truth, and nothing but. Excellent post!